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What is an ecommerce app? How can ecommerce apps improve your online business? Read this article to learn about the 21 top ecommerce applications and their capabilities.

An ecommerce app is a software that assists online businesses. It provides features like payment processing, inventory management, marketing automation, and customer support. These apps make online sales easier and simplify digital operations.

It offers improved inventory management, smooth payment processing, personalized marketing, better customer interaction, and data-driven decision-making. It helps you scale, expand, and increase your online income.

Internet shopping is a viable option. It has the potential to expand your internet market and increase sales. If you own an internet business, you can use the advice in this article to make it more successful.

Boost Sales with the 21 Best Ecommerce Apps Available Today

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Your website, stock, and relationships with clients can all benefit from these instruments. It’s simpler than ever to sell online. Let’s look at some fantastic ecommerce apps that can boost your company.


The WooCommerce plugin for WordPress is widely used because it facilitates online storefronts. It’s fully compatible with WordPress, so opening and managing an online shop is a breeze.

Various extensions can be installed to expand its capabilities. For companies using WordPress-based websites, this is an excellent option. Using the WooCommerce plugin, your WordPress site may become a fully functional ecommerce site.


By integrating with major markets, like Amazon and eBay, and providing robust SEO capabilities, BigCommerce ensures businesses get the most out of their online presence. It’s an excellent option for expanding firms that anticipate the need for additional capabilities.


With Magento, you can make changes that fit your wants. It sticks out because it can handle multiple stores, languages, and currencies. This makes it an excellent choice for businesses with customers from all over the world.

Remember that using Magento requires either technical proficiency or access to development tools. To get the most out of it, you need to be familiar with web development or have access to the appropriate tools.

Wix Stores

A website builder that is all-in-one and has ecommerce features. It has visually-appealing templates and a drag-and-drop editor that make it easy to make an online store that looks professional.

Wix Stores works well with other Wix apps, making it easier to manage inventory and process orders. It’s simple to use and works well for small enterprises or individual users. Creating a gorgeous online shop is as easy as dragging and dropping elements. Great for businesses that focus on visuals.

Square Online

Square Online is a place to do business online that works with Square’s payment handling system. It makes it easy for people to start online shops and keep them running.

You can handle your inventory on Square Online, choose from different themes, and easily connect to Square’s POS system. It’s an excellent option for retailers who conduct in-person transactions via Square. Square’s unified platform makes it simple to accept payments in-store and online.


The platform’s various advantages may facilitate increased online product sales. You may customize its appearance, accept payments securely, monitor inventory, and promote with its help. One of its best features is that it is straightforward to operate, making it suitable for usage by novices.

It provides optimization solutions that can boost your site’s position in SERPs. In addition, the design is mobile- and desktop-friendly (responsive). It’s a fantastic solution for companies of any size looking for a straightforward web storefront. This platform is robust and has useful marketing options.


This tool allows users to include online stores on their websites or social media pages. It will enable you to shop easily on websites, Facebook, and Instagram. Ecwid has many useful features that can help you with your online store. Some of these features include safe ways to pay for your products and the ability to make your store look unique by customizing its design.

This option suits small businesses or individuals seeking a convenient and adaptable method to sell products online. You can easily include an online store on your current website or social media profiles.


An online shopping website that has many different features and ways to make it look the way you want. It can offer designs that change based on the size of the screen, SEO optimization tools, and powerful product management tools. 3dcart can work with different ways to pay for things online and can connect with well-known places where people sell items.

This platform is designed to assist small and medium-sized businesses manage their online stores. This product offers many practical features that can adapt and expand alongside your business’s growth. This platform offers a wide range of features and provides ample opportunities for customization according to your preferences.


A user-friendly and cost-free ecommerce platform. It has a large selection of adjustable skins, add-ons, and modules. PrestaShop is great for enterprises with a global reach because it can be used in various languages and currencies.

It’s a great option for companies of all sizes because of its adaptability and personal ability—multilingual, active, and open-source software solution.


An intuitive online store builder with a wide range of features. Drag-and-drop website building is all that is required, and the platform includes both customizable themes and an integrated shopping cart. Its intuitive interface is one of its greatest strengths, allowing even inexperienced users to create polished websites.

Weebly has special traits that make it different from other websites. It has tools to help with advertising, keeping track of products, and connecting with payment systems that many people use.

This is great for people, small businesses, and creative entrepreneurs who want to display and sell their products online. The platform is simple to use and looks nice. You can create a clean-looking online store using tools that are easy to use.


OpenCart is a free and simple ecommerce solution built on open-source technology. It has several customization options, including skins and extensions. OpenCart lets you have more than one store and works with several payment methods.

It’s a simple and inexpensive ecommerce solution for startups and sole proprietors. A versatile and user-friendly tool with a wide range of applications.

Squarespace Commerce

This is a platform for building and managing online stores, complete with attractive templates, integrated shopping functionality, and robust tools for facilitating sales.

Squarespace Commerce shines because of how seamlessly it incorporates ecommerce capabilities into its website builder. This facilitates order monitoring, payment processing, and stock management.

It’s ideal for independent designers, graphic artists, and small enterprises looking to sell their wares online. Create a professional-looking online shop with the help of beautiful templates and robust features.

Shopify Plus

Shopify Plus is an ecommerce platform for large businesses with advanced tools and the ability to grow. It has a high level of security, specialized account management, and a strong infrastructure that can handle a lot of sales.

Shopify Plus is perfect for big businesses or enterprises that need a powerful and flexible ecommerce solution. Advanced solution for large companies with better protection and scalability.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Salesforce Commerce Cloud is an enterprise-level ecommerce platform that integrates with Salesforce’s CRM and marketing tools. It offers personalized shopping experiences, AI-powered recommendations, and omnichannel capabilities.

It is suitable for large businesses looking to provide seamless customer experiences across various touchpoints. It is a unified commerce platform for seamless customer experiences across all channels.

Big Cartel

This app is a simple and affordable ecommerce platform for artists, creators, and small businesses. It offers customizable themes, inventory management, and order tracking.

Big Cartel is ideal for individuals or small businesses with a limited product range. Perfect for artists and creators looking to sell unique products and limited editions.

Zen Cart

Zen Cart is an open-source, free ecommerce platform that emphasizes customization and administration that are simple for users. It offers various templates, payment options, and shipping methods.

It is suitable for small businesses or individuals with basic technical knowledge who want a customizable and cost-effective solution. It is a feature-rich platform with extensive payment and shipping options.


A system that can be easily adjusted to meet individual needs, it has mobile-friendly layouts, sophisticated product customization capabilities, and a solid cart for online purchases. Businesses of all sizes can benefit from X-Cart’s adaptability and scalability, featuring strong search engine optimization options on a highly flexible framework.


It’s a popular ecommerce platform that’s also open-source and free to use. It offers a range of customizable features, including product management, payment gateways, and shipping options.

OsCommerce is suitable for small businesses or individuals with basic technical knowledge who seek a cost-effective ecommerce solution. Established open-source solution with a large community and vast extension library.

BigCommerce Essentials

BigCommerce Essentials is a simplified version of BigCommerce, specifically designed for small businesses and startups. It focuses on providing essential ecommerce functionality while prioritizing user-friendliness. With BigCommerce Essentials, you get access to attractive templates, secure hosting, and integrated SEO tools.

If you’re a small enterprise or an individual looking for an easy-to-use ecommerce platform with essential features, BigCommerce Essentials is a great choice. It offers all the necessary tools to set up and run your online store efficiently, even if you’re just starting out.


This app has everything an online store needs to start selling merchandise to customers all in one place. Its main feature is its wide range of tools for running an online store, such as tools for managing goods, taking orders, and safely taking payments.

Its best function is its ability to automate marketing campaigns, allowing businesses to engage with customers and boost sales. It suits small to medium-sized businesses requiring a comprehensive ecommerce solution with built-in marketing capabilities.

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Disclaimer: Prices in the table are subject to change. For up-to-date information, please go to each app’s official website. Ecommerce app providers may offer a variety of pricing structures, features, and discounts.

5 Important Considerations in Choosing the Best Ecommerce App for Your Business

When choosing the best ecommerce app for your business, consider these five important things:

  1. Business Needs: Consider the things you sell, your desired growth rate, and your planned methods of product promotion to determine what you need to run a successful business.
  2. User-Friendliness: Find a user-friendly software with basic controls so you and your staff can run your web store with ease.
  3. Customization Options: You need an app that lets you change the appearance and feel to your liking if you want to provide a pleasant shopping experience that reflects your brand to your customers.
  4. Integration Possibilities: Make sure the app works well with other tools you use, like payment systems, shipping services, and inventory management.
  5. Pricing and Support: Compare the prices and fees for different apps, and check if they offer good customer support and helpful resources.


Selecting reliable ecommerce software is essential to the success of your company. You should think about the software’s cost, ease of use, customization choices, integration potential, and cost before making a final decision.

Don’t rush into selecting software without carefully considering all of your possibilities. If you have the correct ecommerce software, you may improve your online operations and lay the groundwork for a successful company.


What is an Ecommerce App?

A program that lets people buy and sell things online is called an “ecommerce app.”

What is the Benefit of Ecommerce Apps?

Ecommerce apps have benefits like being easy to use, giving customers a good shopping experience, reaching more customers, managing orders, keeping deals safe, and analyzing sales and customer data.

Is Tiktok an Ecommerce?

No, TikTok isn’t an online store, but businesses can use TikTok to get people to visit and buy from their online shops.

Why is Ecommerce so Successful?

Online shopping is popular because it’s easy and convenient. Many choices are available, prices are low, and you can personalize your experience. You can also read reviews from other customers to make informed decisions. It allows you to reach people all over the world and save money. Plus, you can track customer behavior to market to them better.

What is the Difference Between Eommerce and Apps?

Ecommerce is doing business online, and ecommerce apps are small software that lets you shop on your phone or computer.

Is Ecommerce Social Media Marketing?

Yes. With the right strategy, social media marketing may help an ecommerce company grow sales, brand awareness, and customer engagement.

Which Social Media Should I Use for Ecommerce?

Social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest can be quite useful when doing online shopping.

What is the Most Successful Ecommerce Platform?

Popular options include Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Magento, and Wix Stores. It is important to examine the platforms based on your company’s requirements, as each one has unique features and costs.

What are the Most Common Ecommerce Applications?

Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, BigCommerce, Wix Stores, OpenCart, Square, Stripe, and PayPal are all well-known ecommerce apps. These apps help businesses make, run, and grow online shops.