Do you have a knack for whipping up some tear-jerking phrases?

Do you want to start up a business, but you’re worried about human resources, capital, and lack of experience?

If these sound anything like you, then selling ShineOn jewelry is probably the best option for you.

ShineOn is arguably one of the most hassle-free, newbie-friendly, and low-risk business models in the POD business today. This article will help you learn about things that most people often ask about this fantastic POD platform.

Sounds great? Let’s get started.

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What is Print On Demand Jewelry?

Print on demand jewelry has been around for a long time, but it is quite a unique niche you can definitely explore.

It is something that not many people have focused on because most are on printing shirts and other types of apparel. You probably are more familiar with printing on clothes, bath towels, and mugs, but print-on-demand jewelry has also gained more popularity over the years.

It also never gets old. As long as there are holidays for gift-giving, jewelry would be a huge hit. Many use them as gifts for their loved ones, especially for women, but some are suitable for men.

ShineOn Overview

ShineOn Website

Eric Toz founded ShineOn on January 1, 2016. It is relatively new compared to most of its competitors, but it has already established itself as a platform where many can earn big profits.

It is a platform focused mainly on selling custom printed jewelry. Currently, it only allows sellers to integrate it with Shopify. They help sellers design products, fulfill and ship orders, keep track of their sales data, and provide hosting for products to market. So the business owners, regardless of their experience with e-commerce, will have a high chance of success. They will only need to be good at two things: product creation and Facebook advertising.

ShineOn jewelry is not necessarily a luxury piece. It sells mainly because of the sentimental element that the engravings or printed cards have.

There are two ways to design ShineOn jewelry.

First, you can place your design on the jewelry itself. It can be a graphic design, photo, or short phrase.

Second, you can design the card that goes with the jewelry. It is most common to products where it is impossible to engrave or print the designs on like the 3D pendants.

How does ShineOn Work?

Shine On is a platform where designers and sellers create POD jewelry products.

They can create designs on their own or hire a professional to do it for them. Once they already have a design, they would need to upload that into the ShineOn platform, choose a piece of jewelry to put the graphics on to create mockups that they can use for marketing. When somebody purchases, that is only the time that ShineOn will proceed to make the product.

When it comes to payment, the product’s creator will earn the difference between the cost of the item sold and the amount it took ShineOn to manufacture and ship it.

As for the products, ShineOn conducts tests on pieces of jewelry to determine which ones have the most potential to sell in the market. They are continually researching and testing to ensure that they are up to date with the current trends and that the products they recommend to their sellers would help them gain customers.

infographic of how does ShineOn work

Once they have decided on a particular product, they will have the jewelry manufactured in their factory. After the stocks are secured, images of the product will be uploaded to the ShineOn platform so that sellers using both the application and Shopify can create mockups and start selling.

There is no upfront cost needed because ShineOn will deduct the cost of the product and shipping fee after the customer made the payment.

ShineOn Sales and Marketing Features

Sellers are equipped with numerous tools under the ShineOn platform to help them with marketing to sell more products.

ShineOn university

It is a free course you can watch that will show you how to start selling under the ShineOn platform or Shopify. You will get some detailed explanations, so you avoid the guesswork. They will provide you with the basics, but some paid courses can teach you more strategies to grow sales.

ShineOn University

ShineOn Knowledgebase

Is a tool to guide new sellers. They are usually in text format, but some are video tutorials.

Here are some of the topics you can find in the knowledgebase:

  • How to get started on both the platform and through Shopify
  • Managing orders in Shopify
  • Shipping and fulfillment information



ShineOn provides this service for free. It will help you show ads on Facebook to those who previously added to cart or started to checkout. They will also receive an email from ShineOn. It will help you significantly boost sales because the people who are most likely to purchase again are those who have a history of doing so.

You have the option to do the retargeting yourself or let ShineOn do the job for you.

Sales page

The ShineOn platform also provides you a product sales page that you can view and edit. You need to get its link so you can add it to your Facebook. It will help you create traffic on the page. Get the link by clicking on the “View In Store” button.

ShineOn Creatives

You will have access to a vast library of mockups, video creatives, and designs that you can use to create message cards and customize jewelry.

It is for free and perfect if you haven’t prepared a design yet.

ShineOn Creatives


You can select from a wide variety of mockups that ShineOn provides its sellers for free. Drag and move them around to change their order. You can use them for advertising but you are also free to upload your own product photos.

sample mockup

Customer service

While most POD sites will only help you with manufacturing and shipping, ShineOn goes as far as providing you with customer support for your buyers. Your customers can reach them by filling out a contact form or directly sending an email at

Engraving upsells

It is an additional $6 on the product cost, but you can charge your customers $15 or more when you sell the jewelry. It will increase your Average Order Value. You can also edit the pricing however you want.

Discount tools

It allows you to add coupon codes to your product pages to help you attract more sales. You can easily navigate to the discount tools by clicking on the Discounts tab on the platform’s left-hand side.

Discount codes

Once inside, you will see all the coupons grouped according to the savings it will give your customer. Some codes will give a fixed dollar amount as a discount, like $15 or $10 off while others can provide a specific percentage discount.

Discount codes according to $ or %

If you want to use discount tools to market but you don’t want to decrease your earnings per purchase, you can adjust your products’ pricing, so you still earn the same amount of profit.

What Products Can I Sell with ShineOn?

There are two types of products you can sell on ShineOn.

The first one is the graphic products. It includes dog tag, heart, cross, and circle pendants on keychains, bracelets, and necklaces. Buyers can upload their photos so that their jewelry will have those as designs instead of graphics.

You can design them in two ways. You can use either a transparent or non-transparent background. If you choose to design using graphics with transparent backgrounds, then it means that the color of the product you choose will serve as the design’s background. If not, then the pendant will take whatever color you have as the background of your design.

dogtag pendant

heart pendant

cross pendant

round pendant

Another type of graphic product are the necklaces with 3D pendants sold with card messages.

3D pendant

You will have to provide a ready-made design by uploading it on the platform. You may also choose from some free designs that ShineOn provides for its members that have been tested and are proven to work.

To create a card design, you need to use a template to show you the safe areas and bleed zones. It will help you know when you are designing outside the printable space. This is to make sure that the graphics will look good on the product.


There is also an option to further customize them by adding engravings on the jewelry itself. The engravings can be letters, but there is also an option to etch a photo on them.

Etching photos is only possible for necklaces with heart or dog tag style pendants.

The 3D products are generally necklaces with pendants shaped as hearts, crosses, and sometimes animals. These products are not for engraving, but they are used mainly with designed card boxes with sentimental phrases. With these kinds of ShineOn products, the phrases, not the jewelry nor the designs, attract customers to buy. That is why you must test-winning phrases as much as you can to increase your chances of boosting sales.

Another type of jewelry you can sell under ShineOn is engraving only products. There are currently only two of them on the site. They are the horizontal bar necklace and the engraved rectangle keychain.

engraving only ShineOn jewelry

ShineOn Jewelry Pricing

ShineOn jewelry costs vary depending on the design, color, and if it is customized by engravings.

At present, the cheapest baseline cost for a product is $9.90. It is usually for the steel or silver variants.

Here are some of the other products that have a baseline cost of $9.90.

  • Circle Pendant with Snake Chain (Silver)
  • Graphic Heart Keychain (Silver)
  • Dog Tag with Swivel Keychain (Steel)

Customers can choose to take the 18K Gold upsells and engraving upsells for an additional cost.

For example, the Circle Pendant with Snake Chain will be priced up to $21.65 if it’s in gold color with engraving. That’s an $11.75 increase.

round pendant pricing

You will have a higher-order value if your customer avails the upsell. For the engraving, you will have $6.75 added to your product cost, but you can charge the customer as much as $15 for that.

To see the full base prices and the cost of upsells of the products, all you need to do is go to the “Inventory” tab.

inventory lab

Is ShineOn Platform Easy to Use?

The ShineOn platform is user friendly. First-time sellers can easily set up accounts and create products. If you need more help, you can enroll in their free courses available at ShineOn university. There are also paid courses that you can buy if you want to have a deeper understanding of strategies to earn through ShineOn.

To set up an account, you need to go to If you already have an existing account, you can log in using the email address you used upon signing up and enter your password.

The first time you use the ShineOn platform, you will be asked to complete your store settings, where you’ll enter information that will apply to all the products you create. Some of the information you need to enter are your Facebook pixel id, Google analytics, and URL handle.

You need to provide your payout details like your Paypal, Payoneer, or Pingpong account. It is how you’ll get your commissions from selling under ShineOn.

You also would need to fill out the form with your personal details like name, email address, the password you want to use, location, and a secondary email address for you to receive notifications.

If you already have an account created and design ready to upload, you can create a product to sell instantly. It’s a no-fuss process that would take you less than 20 minutes.

After you log in, simply click on the “Create Product” button at the site’s upper right-hand corner. It will take you to a page where you’ll see all the available products to sell. Once you pick a product, you will then go to a page where you can upload your design. Add a title to the product you created. ShineOn will provide you with pre-made product descriptions which you can also edit so that it will resonate more with your target audience. Change the variants for the products as you like and set the price you want to sell them for.

The Facebook pixel ID is already pre-populated by the ID you used to set up your account. You can change it as you like.

You can also put your Google analytics information, targeted niche, and edit the URL handle for the product site. After completing all the product details, hit the “Publish” button.

The product you created will be assigned a sales page. Get the URL and use that for your Facebook ads so you can generate traffic to it.

Pros and Cons of Selling under ShineOn Platform

Using the ShineOn platform definitely has more benefits than disadvantages.

As for the benefits, first of all, it’s free. You wouldn’t even need to shell out money when a customer orders from you because ShineOn will deduct the cost of the product automatically and will leave your account with the profit you earned.

Second, it’s basically an Ecommerce business for you in a box. You can start selling as early as day one. There’s no need for you to study a lot because ShineOn will do almost everything for you.

There are only two things that you need to be good at when using the ShineOn platform, and those are running Facebook ads and creating winning products.

As for the downside, you won’t be able to sell your store if you wish to do so in the future. Since you are selling under ShineOn, you don’t get to own the brand, so there is no way for you to possibly sell it. But keep in mind that even if you are selling ShineOn products under Shopify, it is not easy to make money out of selling your store. Your store needs to have excellent branding for someone to buy it at a good price.

Another disadvantage is that there is no hotline for customer service. I mentioned earlier that ShineOn is a platform that will also take care of customer service for you. However, Your customers may only contact ShineOn by either sending them an email or filling out a contact form where they need to provide their name, email, and the message they want to relay.

contact form

ShineOn Shopify

Shopify logo

ShineOn only integrates directly with Shopify. When you sell ShineOn products under your Shopify store, it is you who owns the brand and not ShineOn.

It is advantageous to have a store under your name because whatever product you sell in your store is considered your product.

However, it may not be for everyone, especially for people who are new to Ecommerce.

On the flip side, selling ShineOn jewelry under Shopify means that you need to be knowledgeable and skilled about many things like branding, conversion rate optimization, copywriting for your products and many others. You also have to worry about your site’s loading speed because if it is too slow, Facebook may penalize you.

ShineOn Etsy

Etsy Logo

Selling jewelry under Etsy allows many sellers to enjoy huge markups on their products. Buyers from Etsy are used to high product prices because most items sold under this platform are handmade. That is why many sellers under ShineOn also market their products on Etsy.

But since ShineOn integrates only with Shopify, you won’t be able to connect it to Etsy directly. What you need to do is first to integrate the ShineOn app into your Shopify account.

After that, you can now create and publish ShineOn products in Shopify. It will allow you to publish products to your Shopify backend that will enable ShineOn to sync the product with Shopify in case you create a manual order for your Etsy customer.

You will have product mockups available in your Shopify account which you can download and use for listing the product into your Etsy store.

Every time a customer orders an item from your Etsy store, you will need to manually input all the customer’s information except the email address so that Shopify will not send a confirmation email to that customer after the order has been processed.

After ShineOn fulfills the order, you will see a tracking number under the Orders tab of Shopify. Copy and paste the tracking number to your Etsy store.

ShineOn Alternatives

ShineOn is considered by many as an authority when it comes to POD jewelry. It’s mainly because they are able to niche specifically into this product. But there are also some POD providers out there that can also help you with your POD jewelry needs. You might be wondering about alternatives. So here they are:

ShineOn vs GearBubble

GearBubble is one competitor that sells other products like mugs, shirts, and pillows. They are similar to ShineOn because they also sell graphic jewelry and do engravings too. But their base prices are higher compared to ShineOn.

Here is a comparison of similar products that they sell:

Gearbubble Pricing for heart pendant

ShineOn Pricing for heart pendant

Here, you can see that both were assigned the same selling price of $34.95. But since the base price of ShineOn is only $14.90, you can earn a higher profit of $20.05. It’s a $6.05 difference with Gearbubble. ShineOn also has a broader selection of POD jewelry than Gearbubble.

Click this link for a detailed review of Gearbubble.

ShineOn vs Beeoux

Beeoux is also a company that focuses mainly on jewelry. But unlike Gearbubble, Beeoux’s line offers items that are totally different from ShineOn.

Their pendants and charms are freeform.

They are quite similar to ShineOn because you can also upload your graphics or photos of the customer onto their platform to design jewelry. But Beeoux doesn’t only print, etch, and engrave designs, but they also can change the shape of the jewelry itself. This way, products can be made to be totally unique and stand out more in the market.

Their photo products are made of sterling silver and are customized by engraving photos submitted by your customers.

The photo pendants can be heart-shaped, oblong, or circle.

Beeoux Photo pendants

There are also silhouette pendants that follow the shape of the photo.

Beeoux silhouette pendants

Here are some of their freeform charms.

Beeoux Freeform charms

ShineOn vs Printful

Printful has an undisputed reputation for producing high-quality POD items, and that includes jewelry. But what they offer is not similar to what ShineOn sells. Their products can only be customized by engraving, and they don’t look anything like those that are in ShineOn’s product lineup.

Their line of POD jewelry consists of necklaces, bracelets, and earrings.

Printful's Engraving Only Necklaces

They can be customized by adding texts and clipart provided in Printful’s platform.

Add clipart or text

The major downside with Printful is it does not allow much room for creativity since the customization is only limited to engraving simple texts and clipart.

Want to know more about Printful? Click here for more information.

ShineOn FAQs

Where is ShineOn located?

ShineOn jewelry products are all designed, personalized, and shipped from the US, specifically from Florida and New Jersey.

Their headquarters is at 119 High St, Fl 1, Hackettstown, New Jersey, 07840, United States.

How to make money with ShineOn?

There are two ways for you to market your ShineOn products.

The first one is free marketing.

It might require your time to gain traction since you need first to build a strong following through engagement and by regularly posting on your social media account.

Upload the mockups from the ShineOn platform to showcase your products. You will need some skills in knowing how and when to post to get sales.

On the other hand, you can create instant traffic to your sales page with paid marketing. It can tremendously help you grow your business, but it can cost you a lot of money too. You have to be knowledgeable about social media marketing to make sure that you’re doing it the right way. Otherwise, you could end up wasting a lot of money on Facebook and Instagram ads.

Is ShineOn Jewelry legit?

ShineOn, without a doubt, is a trusted POD service provider. They currently have a Trustpilot Trust score of 4 out 5, which means that they are great.

Many online sellers had made a fortune out of selling their products. They also take good care to keep their customers happy by ensuring that their products are of good quality and get shipped on time. One of the main things that make them reliable is because they ship their products from New Jersey and Florida. For sellers, this is good news because they can keep their customers satisfied with faster shipping times.

They also allow cancellations, returns, and exchanges. They have limitations for such requests detailed in their FAQ page.

How much does it cost to ship ShineOn Jewelry?

ShineOn shipping rates are different depending on the destination, but it’s standard for all products.

The first unit has a standard domestic shipping cost of $5.17. A fixed-rate of $0.95 will be applied for every additional item.

The same goes for orders shipping to Canada and other countries. A subsequent unit rate of $0.95 will be applied, but with different first unit rates of $7.27 and $8.47, respectively.

ShineOn Review Summary

Although ShineOn can be considered relatively new in the print on demand industry, it has certainly made its mark as a reliable POD site. It’s a place where even people with little know-how can make a fortune in a short amount of time.

They have provided almost everything that a seller would need to make it big in e-commerce.

The only skills that a seller should focus on when selling using the ShineOn platform are creating winning products and Facebook marketing.

I can recommend that if you are planning to venture into selling print on demand jewelry, ShineOn is definitely worth a try.