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Are you curious about how online stores can sell more products to the right people? Well, they use a unique tool called Shopify Audiences Targeting!

Imagine if a store owner could understand what you like and show you precisely what you want to buy. That’s what Shopify Audience Targeting does!

Shopify communities are clients that businesses construct for themselves based on factors such as age, location, and the types of products people like to purchase.

These groups are vital to the success of internet enterprises because they enable vendors to better target their marketing efforts to the appropriate audience at the appropriate time.

Whether you’re a beginner or looking to level up your marketing, this tutorial will guide you on maximizing the potential of Shopify Audiences Targeting. Learn how to harness its features effectively and achieve the best results for your business.

What are Shopify Audiences?

A screenshot of the Shopify Audiences site Source: Shopify Audiences

Shopify Audiences is a powerful tool that helps businesses organize and categorize their customers based on specific characteristics or behaviors. They are a way to group customers so businesses can target them with personalized marketing campaigns and offers.

The main purpose of Shopify Audiences is to enable businesses to segment their customer base effectively. Segmentation means dividing customers by age, location, interests, purchasing behavior, etc.

By doing this, businesses can understand their customers better and tailor their marketing efforts to specific groups.

For example, suppose a business wants to promote a new product to teenagers. In that case, it can create an audience specifically for teenagers and send them targeted advertisements or special offers. This way, they can reach the right people with the right message, increasing the chances of success.

By understanding their customers’ preferences and characteristics, businesses can create more effective campaigns that resonate with specific groups, leading to better customer engagement and increased sales.

Mastering 5 Types of Audience Targeting with the Shopify Audiences Tool

You need to know your customers and target the right people when selling online. With the Shopify Audiences Tool, businesses can find their ideal customers and increase sales. Shopify’s Audiences Tool allows five effective audience targeting methods.

1. Demographic Targeting

When using demographic targeting, you think about age, gender, and area. You can make marketing efforts that appeal to specific groups of people if you know who your customers are.

For example, selling trendy clothes for teens can target people between 13 and 19 who live in towns.

2. Interest-Based Targeting

Interest-based targeting lets you reach out to people interested in certain topics or hobbies. If you know your customers’ interests, you can target your marketing messages to them.

For example, if you sell gear for outdoor activities, you can reach out to people who enjoy hiking, camping, or traveling.

3. Behavior-Based Targeting

Behavior-based targeting is a way to reach people based on what they have done or how they have behaved. You can make targeted ads by looking at what customers do, like what they buy or what websites they visit.

For example, suppose a customer has added items to their shopping cart but still needs to complete the purchase. In that case, you can target them with special offers or reminders to encourage them to buy.

4. Lookalike Audience Targeting

With lookalike crowd targeting, you can find new customers similar to the ones you already have. By looking at the traits and actions of your present customers, you can make a group of people who are like them. This lets you reach more customers likely to be interested in your offer.

5. Customer Retargeting

Customer retargeting reconnects with consumers who have interacted with your business but have yet to purchase. Targeted marketing or offers can help these customers finalize their purchases. It boosts sales and conversions.

By using the Shopify Audiences Tool and its five different ways to target an audience, businesses can reach the people they want to reach, change their marketing strategies, and make more sales.

Importance of Shopify Audiences Targeting

A person draws a circle near the red pieces

Knowing who you’re trying to reach is crucial in marketing and promoting. It helps businesses find the right people interested in their product or service. This makes it more likely that they will make a sale.

Small businesses can find buyers likely to buy by using the Shopify Audiences app to create lists of specific audiences based on their demographics, hobbies, and behaviors.

Companies need to know who their target audience is and what their needs and preferences are. This lets them tailor their marketing messages to appeal to potential customers more.

Knowing their audience helps businesses create successful digital marketing efforts that grab people’s attention and suit their needs. Businesses may export Shopify Audiences and utilize them in ads to reach the right people at the top of the sales funnel.

Shopify Audiences lets small businesses locate their ideal consumers, learn what they like and don’t like, and create targeted marketing programs that attract and interest potential purchasers.

Step-by-Step Guide: How To Use the Shopify Audiences Tool Effectively

Shopify’s Audiences Tool is useful for business owners who wish to improve their visibility among their target demographic. To learn how to make the most of this resource, follow the detailed instructions provided.

Step 1: Access the Audience Manager

Go to the Shopify Admin page by logging in to your Shopify account. Look in the menu on the side for “Online Store” and then hit “Preferences.” Scroll down until you see “Audience,” then click “Manage Audiences.”

Step 2: Create a New Audience

In the Audience Manager, you can create a new audience segment. Click on the “Create Audience” button. Give your audience a name that describes who you want to target.

For example, you want to target women between the ages of 25 and 35 who are interested in fitness. In that case, you can name it “Women aged 25 and 35 interested in fitness.”

Step 3: Define Audience Criteria

Now it’s time to specify the criteria for your audience. This means choosing their age, gender, interests, and behaviors. You can pick from options that Shopify provides or create your criteria.

In our example, you would select “Female” for gender, “25-35” for age range, and “Fitness” for interests.

Step 4: Save and Apply Audience

After defining the criteria, click “Save” to create your audience segment. Shopify will then fill in the audience based on the criteria you chose.

To use this audience in your marketing, go to platforms like Facebook Ads or Google Ads. Then select the audience you created as the target for your ads.

Step 5: Monitor and Optimize

Keep an eye on how your audience segments perform using the Shopify Audiences Manager. Look at the data and metrics to see how well your targeting works.

If you need to make changes, you can adjust the audience criteria to improve your campaigns and ensure you reach the right people.

Following these steps, you can use the Shopify Audiences Tool effectively to create and target specific audience groups. This will help you tailor your marketing efforts to reach your target customers.

Advantages of Reaching a Specific Target Audience

Businesses can be more successful and grow if they tailor their messaging and strategies to appeal to the customers.

1. Higher Conversion Rates

You can make prospects more likely to become customers if you reach a certain target group.

People interested in a business’s products or services can build a stronger relationship with that company and be more likely to buy when that company sends them personalized messages relevant to their interests.

2. Effective and Affordable Marketing

Businesses might make better use of their marketing funds if they focus their efforts on a specific audience. It focuses on a smaller group of people more likely to listen instead of spreading its resources thinly across a large audience.

This method is cost-effective because it makes sure that marketing efforts focus on the people who are most likely to become customers. This means that it will take more time and work.

3. Increased Devotion to the Brand

Businesses can build stronger relationships with their customers when they try to reach specific groups of people. This personalized approach builds trust and loyalty, which leads to repeat business and positive word-of-mouth suggestions.

4. Improvements in the Efficiency of Marketing

When a business can reach the type of customer they want, they can better gather useful information and learn useful things about those customers.

With this knowledge, marketing plans can be made better and decisions can be made more smartly. If a corporation is open to new ideas and learns more about its target audience, its marketing efforts and outcomes will improve.

Suppose a business’s marketing reaches the people it wants to reach and leads to more conversions, stronger brand loyalty, and higher returns on investment. In that case, the company has reached its goals.

Strategies for Reaching Your Target Audience

Reaching your target crowd is important for the success of any business or group. Here are three ways you can reach your intended audience:

1. Define Your Target Audience

To reach your target audience successfully, you need to know who they are. Think about who they are, what they like, how they act, and what they need.

This will help you ensure that your marketing efforts are right for them. You can learn much about your target group by doing market research, analyzing data, and creating buyer personas.

2. Make Sure Your Website and Content are Optimized

Make sure your website and content grab and hold visitors. Use keywords in meta tags and content to improve search engine visibility.

Make useful and informative content that addresses their problems and gives solutions. Ensure it is clear and easy to use to improve the user’s experience. Add pictures, videos, and interactive parts to your material to make it more exciting and easy to remember.

3. Campaigns of Targeted Advertising

Use targeted advertising efforts to get in touch with your audience. Platforms like social media, search engines, and display networks have advanced targeting choices based on demographics, interests, and browsing behavior.

Set specific parameters to narrow your community and ensure the right people see your ads. Make ads that get people to act by using words and images that speak directly to their wants and goals.


Doing a lot of research and review before choosing an ecommerce app for your online business is essential. Shopify Audiences and crowd targeting can be helpful for online businesses.

Use targeted advertising, locate your target demographic, and optimize your website and content. These techniques will help you reach your target audience and boost your internet business.


Who is Eligible for Shopify Audiences?

Any Shopify customer can use Shopify Audiences. You can use the audience tool, whether you have the basic Shopify plan or the more advanced Shopify Plus plan.

How Do I Target the Right Audience on Shopify?

Start by choosing your Shopify audience. Consider the age, gender, hobbies, and habits of your prospective clients. Use Shopify’s targeting capabilities to categorize your customers by these variables.

Who Can be My Audience?

Shopify lets you target potential customers. They may share your target market’s demographics and hobbies. Current consumers can be part of your community to promote loyalty and drive repeat purchases.

What Is Shopify Audiences?

Shopify Audiences enables businesses to create and manage customer groups. It analyzes customer data, divides audiences by criteria, and improves marketing efforts to target people properly. Shopify Audiences helps firms market to specific client segments.

Is Shopify Audiences Only for Shopify Plus?

No, Shopify users of any plan can use it. Shopify Audiences lets you reach and engage with your target audience regardless of your Shopify package.

Where is Shopify Audiences?

Log into Shopify and go to the “Marketing” area on the dashboard. Then choose “Audiences” or “Customer Segments.”