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Are you searching for a comprehensive online platform to create and deliver courses? Curious about the capabilities of Thinkific? If you’re a teacher, business owner, or hobbyist, Thinkific makes it easy to create, market, and sell online courses.

Thinkific is a complete platform for creating and managing online courses. Its user-friendly interface lets you create exciting course content, configure pricing, and distribute your courses efficiently. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, Thinkific’s tools and features simplify course building, letting you focus on teaching.

The purpose of this article is to provide you with an in-depth review of Thinkific and its capabilities. It will show how this platform may help you launch or improve your online courses. You’ll grasp Thinkific’s benefits and how it can help you excel in online education at the end of this article.

What Is Thinkific?

Thinkific offers a comprehensive suite of tools and features to help you build and deliver your courses effectively. If you still need to decide about committing, Thinkific even provides a free trial to let you explore the platform and its capabilities firsthand. It is fantastic for generating the best online courses and sharing abilities due to its adaptability, ease of use, and price options.

Features and Benefits

It is an excellent choice for course creators because of its extensive feature set. Its course builder makes posting course content, videos, quizzes, and assignments easy. You may monitor the student’s progress, motivation, and course completion rates with the help of Thinkific’s extensive analytics.

User-Friendly Interface

One of the standout aspects of Thinkific is its intuitive and user-friendly interface. It simplifies course creation for beginners and pros. Its drag-and-drop course designer makes content easy to arrange and engages students.

Customization Options

When it comes to creating an online course, personalization is vital. It offers several customization options to help you create a course that matches your business’s values and style. You can customize your course landing pages, branding, and your site’s overall look and feel.

Marketing and Sales Tools

Thinkific’s marketing and sales tools enable you to reach and convert your target audience beyond course creation. It offers advanced pricing choices and customizable sales pages to help you market and sell your courses. You can create coupons, set up payment plans, and even offer upsells to maximize your revenue.

Exploring the Courses in the Thinkific Platform

One of the standout features of Thinkific is its wide array of course categories. From business and marketing to health and wellness, you’ll find an extensive selection of subjects to explore.

Thinkific offers courses for all interests and skill levels so that learners can discover the right fit. It provides high-quality content and instructors to give learners relevant and exciting educational experiences. Every course on the platform undergoes a thorough vetting process to ensure its credibility and effectiveness. You’ll get top-notch instruction from industry specialists because they work with skilled instructors.

Thinkific offers an interactive learning experience that keeps you engaged and motivated throughout your learning journey. The platform encourages collaboration and interaction via video classes, quizzes, and discussion boards. You’ll meet other students, share ideas, and get personalized feedback from educators, making learning fun and effective.

Thinkific Free Trial: Getting Started

With its user-friendly interface and robust features, Thinkific has gained a reputation as one of the leading online course platforms. In this step-by-step guide, you will learn how to start with Thinkific, from registration to setting up your first course.

Registration Process

  1. Visit the official Thinkific website and click the “Get Started for Free” button. This will take you to the registration page.
  2. Fill in the required information, including your name, email address, and password. Thinkific values your privacy and security, so rest assured that your information will be kept safe.
  3. Once you’ve filled in the necessary details, click the “Create Your Account” button. Congratulations! You’re now a registered user on the Thinkific platform.
  1. After creating your account, you’ll be directed to the Thinkific dashboard. The dashboard is your control center, where you can manage all aspects of your online courses.
  2. Take a moment to familiarize yourself with the different sections of the dashboard. You’ll find tabs for Courses, Design, Pricing, and more. Each tab corresponds to a specific area of course creation and management.
  3. Explore the “Courses” tab to get started. Here, you can create new courses, manage existing ones, and customize your course settings. Thinkific provides an intuitive interface that makes navigating and performing these tasks easy.
  4. Take a look at the “Design” tab. This section allows you to customize the look and feel of your course site. You can choose from various templates, colors, and fonts to create a visually appealing online learning environment.

Setting Up Your Course

  1. Click on the “Courses” tab in the dashboard, then select “Create a Course” to begin setting up your first course.
  2. Give your course a catchy and descriptive title that reflects its content. This will help potential students understand what your course offers.
  3. Next, create modules and lessons within your course. Modules are the main sections of your course, while lessons are the individual content units. Thinkific provides a simple drag-and-drop interface for organizing your course structure.
  4. Upload your course materials to each lesson, such as videos, PDFs, quizzes, or assignments. Thinkific supports many file formats, ensuring you can deliver your content most effectively.
  5. Set pricing for your course by navigating to the “Pricing” tab. It offers flexible pricing options, allowing you to set one-time payments, subscriptions, or even free courses. Consider your target audience and the value you provide when determining the best pricing strategy.

With these steps completed, your course is ready to be shared with the world. Its extensive features and user-friendly interface allows you to design and sell courses.

Top 12 Best Thinkific Courses

A screenshot of Thinkific website Source: Thinkific

Thinkific provides various high-quality educational resources accessible through an easy-to-use interface and multiple courses. The top 12 best courses are available, carefully curated to cater to different interests and learning goals.

Dunbar Academy

Dunbar Academy stands out as one of the top courses on Thinkific, especially for those interested in dog training. With rave Thinkific reviews, this course provides comprehensive lessons on canine behavior, training techniques, and obedience. Dr. Ian Dunbar’s training for beginner and experienced dog owners includes easy-to-follow videos and interactive modules.

Key to Pictures

If you’ve ever wanted to improve your photography skills, Key to Pictures is the ideal course for you on Thinkific. This course, led by professional photographer Evan Sharboneau, delves into the art of capturing stunning images. Key to Pictures teaches you how to create great photos, from camera settings to composition and post-processing.

Coastal Drone

Coastal Drone is a standout course for those intrigued by aerial photography and videography. This course covers flying drones, producing stunning aerial photos, and editing footage. You’ll learn how to navigate regulations, operate drones securely, and generate spectacular visual material with step-by-step instructions and real-world examples.

Olive Knits

Knitting enthusiasts will find a haven in Olive Knits, an exceptional course available on Thinkific. Led by expert knitter Marie Greene, this course offers a comprehensive guide to knitting techniques, patterns, and garment construction. Olive Knits has easy-to-follow directions and fun video tutorials for beginners and pros.

Rachel’s English Academy

Rachel’s English Academy is a top course for improving pronunciation and speaking. Rachel’s warm teaching style and broad curriculum help non-native English speakers seem more natural and confident. This course is structured and fun, with engaging video lessons, interactive tasks, and personalized feedback.


For aspiring guitarists, GuitarZero2Hero is a must-try course on Thinkific. Designed for beginners, this course takes you from a complete novice to playing popular songs with confidence. It helps you learn at your own pace with step-by-step videos, explanations, and practice tools.

The Balanced Runner

If you’re passionate about running and want to improve your technique, The Balanced Runner is an exceptional course. This course, created by an experienced running coach, focuses on developing efficient, injury-free running forms. You’ll improve your running posture, cadence, and stride with videos, drills, and professional advice.

Samurai Carpenter

For those interested in woodworking and craftsmanship, Samurai Carpenter is an outstanding course offered on Thinkific. This course comprehensively introduces woodworking techniques, tools, and projects. Samurai Carpenter offers complete video tutorials, downloadable resources, and expert advice in woodworking, from joinery to building furniture.

Sew It Academy

It is a top-notch course on Thinkific for sewing enthusiasts. This course for beginners and advanced sewers offers step-by-step tutorials and helpful tips. The instructor’s skills, plus the course’s easy-to-follow format, make it the top choice for creative sewers.

Kesler Science

Kesler Science is another excellent Thinkific course, especially for science educators. This course offers comprehensive lesson plans, engaging activities, and resources for science teachers. It helps instructors build engaging classrooms with its interactive approach and hands-on learning. provides valuable Thinkific courses for aspiring entrepreneurs and small-business owners. These marketing techniques and business development courses offer practical advice to grow your firm. This course is trusted by entrepreneurs wishing to improve their abilities due to its expert instructors and real-life case studies.

Paul Lam Tai Chi

For those seeking a holistic approach to wellness and relaxation, Paul Lam Tai Chi is an excellent course available on Thinkific. Tai Chi is known for its physical and mental health benefits, and this course offers comprehensive lessons suitable for all levels. The detailed instructions, clear video examples, and smooth progression allow students to learn Tai Chi gracefully at their own pace.

Thinkific Alternatives

Here are some of the alternative online course platforms to Thinkific to help you make an informed decision:


A screenshot of Podia Website Source: Podia

One popular alternative to Thinkific is Podia. This user-friendly platform allows you to create and sell online courses, digital downloads, and even memberships effortlessly. With Podia, you can customize your course website, create beautiful landing pages, and handle payments seamlessly.

The platform also provides a built-in email marketing tool, allowing you to engage with your students effectively. Podia offers a 14-day free trial, making it a great option to explore before committing. Its Mover plan is $39/month, while the Shaker plan costs $79/month.


A screenshot of Kajabi Website Source: Kajabi

Kajabi, another popular platform, allows artists to create and sell online courses, coaching programs, and more. Its features include configurable themes, marketing automation, and sales funnel pipelines.

It also provides powerful analytics and a community-building platform to foster student engagement. It’s worth noting that Kajabi’s pricing is higher compared to Thinkific. Their basic plan starts at $149/month, and the pro plan is priced at $399/month.


A screenshot of teachery website Source: Teachery

If you’re looking for a more budget-friendly alternative, Teachery might be the perfect fit. With its clean and intuitive interface, Teachery makes creating and selling online courses easy. Though not as complex as Thinkific or the other options, it provides a solid foundation for course building and delivery.

It offers a no-frills pricing structure, with a flat rate of $49/month for unlimited courses and students. It makes it an affordable option for beginners or those on a tight budget.


A screenshot of LearnDash website Source: LearnDash

LearnDash is popular among course creators due to its powerful learning management system features. It provides robust course management tools, allowing you to create engaging content, quizzes, and assignments. It also offers advanced reporting and user progress tracking.

Pricing starts at $199 per year for a single-site license. It can be cost-effective if you already utilize WordPress and want a comprehensive course creation solution.


A screenshot of LearnWorlds website Source: LearnWorlds

LearnWorlds stands out for its emphasis on creating interactive and visually appealing courses. Its user-friendly interface enables you to design immersive learning experiences. It offers video hosting, drip content, interactive ebooks, and certificates.

With three monthly subscriptions starting at just $29, LearnWorlds is more cost-effective than Thinkific.

Mighty Networks

A screenshot of Mighty Networks website Source: Mighty Networks

Mighty Networks takes a different approach by focusing on building communities around courses. It hosts online classes with features like discussion forums, polls, events, and user profiles. If fostering a sense of community is essential to you, Mighty Networks could be an excellent alternative.

For course designers seeking a community-based learning environment, its pricing is comparable to Thinkific. It offers community-building features starting at $28 per month.


A screenshot of the Udemy Website Source: Udemy

Udemy is one of the largest online course marketplaces, offering a vast library of courses across various subjects. It lets instructors list their courses in their marketplace, unlike Thinkific, which lets you build and sell your courses. This can offer greater exposure to a broader audience.

Thinkific’s subscription-based options differ from Udemy’s revenue-sharing method. Courses on Udemy are typically priced individually, and revenue sharing is involved.

Thinkific Customer Satisfaction

To discover the right online course platform, you should look beyond Thinkific. Understanding customer satisfaction and feedback is crucial to making an informed decision.

Multiple reviews show Thinkific’s intuitive layout and robust features are popular. The platform’s simplicity allows businesses and individuals to build and launch courses without technical knowledge. Users highlight the flexibility and customization options available, allowing them to tailor their courses to their needs.

Customer service is another vital aspect when choosing an online course platform. The availability of responsive and knowledgeable customer support can significantly impact the overall experience. Thinkific’s customer service is known for prompt responses and helpful guidance during course creation.

Final Notes

Thinkific’s precise design and broad features make creating and delivering high-quality online courses easy. Whether you’re interested in business, personal development, or even art and design, there’s something for everyone. You’ll get high-quality education via the platform’s varying selection of courses designed by experts.

One of the significant advantages of Thinkific is the option to take advantage of their free trial. This allows you to explore the platform, test its features, and understand how it can benefit you before committing to a subscription. It’s a fantastic opportunity to see if Thinkific aligns with your goals and learning needs.


What Are the Key Features of Thinkific?

The key features include course creation and customization, multimedia support, student engagement tools, and marketing and sales functionalities.

How Does Thinkific Compare to Other Online Course Platforms?

Thinkific stands out for its user-friendly interface, extensive customization options, and robust marketing tools. It provides a more intuitive and beginner-friendly experience compared to some competitors.

Can I Integrate My Existing Website With Thinkific?

Yes, Thinkific allows you to integrate your existing website with its platform. You can embed your Thinkific courses seamlessly onto your website, maintaining your branding and design consistency.

Is Thinkific Suitable for Beginners With No Technical Expertise?

Yes, Thinkific is designed to be suitable for beginners with no technical expertise.

Does Thinkific Support Multimedia Content in Courses?

Yes, Thinkific lets you add videos, audio, photos, slideshows, and other multimedia to courses. This helps create engaging and dynamic learning experiences for your students.

Can I Customize the Appearance of My Course Website?

Yes, Thinkific provides a robust course builder that allows you to customize the appearance of your course website. You can choose from various themes and templates, personalize colors and fonts, and add your logo or branding elements.

How Can I Engage with My Students on Thinkific?

You can facilitate discussions and foster community engagement through the built-in discussion forums. You also can create quizzes and assessments to gauge your student’s progress and provide feedback.

Can I Monetize My Courses on Thinkific?

Yes, Thinkific provides multiple monetization options for your courses. Set course prices, offer one-time payments or subscriptions, generate coupon coupons, and bundle courses.