Writing SEO-optimized high-quality content for an eCommerce site or store is not an easy task at all. Especially, when competitors are already ranking on search queries. If you are a content marketer or a part of the content marketing team, you must know the struggle to find the right topics. There are hundreds of queries that prospects are asking on search engines. The research part is exceptionally time-consuming. With so many search queries on the Internet, it is hard to decide which one you should write about. But fortunately, AI content marketing tools like Frase have made this research and writing process easy and time-saving.

Now you don’t need multiple tools to find the relevant subtopics and queries on your topic to cover in your blog post. This is because Farse is enough to handle all these tasks single-handedly. It helps to create smarter content strategies with high-performing SEO content for your eCommerce store. So, as a marketer, if you are not using Frase AI till now, this is why you should immediately opt for it.

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What is Frase AI?

As mentioned earlier, Frase is a popular AI-enabled content marketing tool that uses Machine Learning and NLP. It helps marketers research and creates high-quality, SEO-optimized content related to customers’ queries. It researches and collects all the relevant queries people ask on the Internet. Based on these queries, it creates SEO-optimized content to rank on search engines. Frase AI tool uses Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and NLP to work on three fronts, i.e.:

  1. Topic Finder: The tool researches and identifies the best topics for your content. The research is based on your targeted keywords by looking at the top search queries.
  2. Document Summarizer: It scans existing content and finds topic gaps that need to be optimized. You can fill these topic gaps to make it better than competitors’ content for targeted keywords. Also, the tool automatically summarizes the long document you are researching into structured content. It highlights the main and relevant points to give you a brief summary.
  3. Frase Answer Engine: The answer engine uses the content of your page/website to answer customers’ queries. This tool improves your store’s engagement and conversion automatically.

What is Frase for?

As Frase is an innovative AI-enabled content marketing tool, you can use it for making smart content marketing strategies. It includes content brief, content optimization and content curation with lots of valuable insights. Using this tool, you can optimize your existing blog or structure your next eCommerce article. The tool provides you insights from top-performing articles or search queries. Here are the most-used three key areas of this tool:


Under the “Content tool”, you will find a document section. You can use it to research and create new content for your eCommerce store in these simple steps:

1) Analyze Top 20 Results Based On Your Target Ecommerce Search Query

Not sure about your next topic for the eCommerce store? Just enter the keyword or query you have in mind in Frase’s research panel. It will analyze the top 20 search queries to provide you with the content brief.

2) Research on Which Content To Write for New or Existing Content for Your Ecommerce Store

On the right-hand side, you can access the top 20 SERP results related to your search queries. You can use them for research and content curation. This SERP information includes:

  • Average word count
  • Backlink data
  • Domain authority
  • SEO metrics
  • Content Score
  • Target Score
  • Topics mentioned in those articles
  • Top headlines for your blog

You can optimize your existing article to rank it better. Or you can create your next blog using all these valuable aspects from the top-performing results.

3) Save and Export Documents To Enable Sharing To Your Web Copywriters

Once you are done with your research, curation, and editing, you can save your work in the Frase editor. You can then export the document in various formats like Word, PDF, HTML, Excel, etc. You can also share the document with your teammates or web copywriters by giving them “Read Only” or “Edit” permission. Use the share button at the top right corner of the editor to give sharing permissions.

Briefs & Outlines

You can utilize the “Content Brief and Outline” section to get the complete outline for your next eCommerce article. Here is how you can use the “Content Brief” tab to get a complete outline and structure for your next article:

1) Create Manual Content Brief Based on Your Intended Ecommerce Store Topic

If you already have a topic in your mind intended for your eCommerce store, you can enter it under the “search query” section. Then, Select the document type as “Content Brief”. Now, the tool will provide you with information collected from the top-ranking pages based on your search topic. This information let you create a manual content brief based on:

  • What keywords you must include in your article
  • What should be the average word count
  • Topics and Sub-Topics you must cover in your article
  • Top links to include in your content

There is a “Sources” section under the “Content Brief” tab. There you can see the ranking pages’ meta description, title, and domain authority. This will help you create your meta description and title based on ranking criteria.

2) Create Automatic Content Briefs Based on Ranking Topics Related to Your Ecommerce Store

Even if you don’t have any topic in your mind, the tool will create automatic content briefs for your eCommerce store. These briefs are based on ranking topics related to your eCommerce store. You just have to add search terms for your content. The tool will provide you with plenty of content ideas and topics related to your eCommerce store.

The tool will provide you with a list of topics, sub-topics, and targeted keywords to add to your next article’s content outline. You can utilize this data to rank your content on search engines.

3) Use Pre-Made Content Brief and Outline Templates For Your eCommerce Store

The tool imports your favorite or competitors’ pre-made content brief templates into the editor. To do so, head to the “Content Brief” tab in the editor and click on the “Import Template” option.

Now choose the template that you want to Import and click on the “Use this template” button. It will complete the import of that template into the editor.

4) Curate Custom Content Briefs for Your Ecommerce Store

You can also create custom content briefs for your eCommerce store if you don’t want to use pre-made templates. To create a custom content brief, go to the document editor and click on the “Import Template”.

Now select “Create Custom Template” and name it. The blank editor will appear where you add content and structure the way you like.

Content Optimization

It is crucial to optimize it for a better ranking along with creating content. Using Frase’s content optimization tool, you can compare your existing content with top-performing results. It helps you to see where you are lacking and optimize it accordingly. You can utilize the content optimization tool for purposes like:

1) Improve Your Ecommerce Store’s Topic Score

The Frase’s Topic Score is the key component of the Content Optimization tool. It extracts all the recommended topics from the top-performing search queries. The tool performs NLP analysis based on your keyword queries.

Each time you use these topics in your content, it improves your topic score. This way, the tool identifies the topic gaps your content has. You can optimize these topic gaps to perform better on search engines and eCommerce portals.

2) Use Different Topic Types or Categories Relevant for Your Ecommerce Store

The topic Idea generator generates multiple related to your search query or targeted keyword. You can choose relevant topic types for your eCommerce store to target the right audience. Use these topics in a strategic way to rank on relevant search results.

3) Analyze Your Ecommerce Competitors’ Topics

There is an interesting feature called Topic Heatmap. It provides you with a visual comparison between your content and your competitor’s articles. The heatmap shows how well you have used particular eCommerce topics and sub-topics in your articles, The tool compares your content to competitors’ articles.

Using this comparison, you can optimize your content for better ranking. You can also see your eCommerce competitors’ ranking position, DA, links, and word count for a particular topic.

What are the other features of Frase?

Apart from the content brief, content curation and optimization features, Frase has some other useful features. You can utilize these features to make your content marketing strategies better for your eCommerce store. These features include:

Frase AI Writer

1) Determine Your Content Writing Patterns Suited for Your Ecommerce Store

The Frase AI writer is smart enough to understand your content writing pattern. It analyzes the information you feed into it as an input. The quality of content generated by the AI writer depends on the input text. Based on information you provide and the background context, it writes content for you.

Background context ensures that the AI writer stays on the topic. It writes according to the writing pattern best suited for your eCommerce store. The writer always considers what you write in the background context throughout the document.

For example, you can enter “Tips of growing your eCommerce store” in your background context. The AI writer will use this background context to create the content around it.

2) Create Plagiarism-Free Content For Your Ecommerce Store

The Frase AI writer tries to create plagiarism-free 100% unique content for your eCommerce store. But sometimes, there can be some plagiarism issues left unresolved by the AI writer. You can resolve using 3rd party tools like Copyscape or Grammarly.

3) Rewrite Your Ecommerce Store Content’s Voice, Paragraph, Etc.

You can rewrite your existing eCommerce articles by selecting the particular paragraphs. It rewrites sentence by sentence at the passage level. If you wish to change the content’s tone, you can utilize the “Formal” option under the “rewrite” tab. This option will rewrite your article in a different tone, suggested by you.

Google Search Console Content Analytics

To track your organic growth, you need Google search console content analytics. Frase integrates your eCommerce store’s Google Search Console property in a single click. Once integrated, you can obtain all the necessary content analytics. Here is how you can do it.

1) Connect Your Ecommerce Store’s Google Search Console Property to Frase

You can activate content analytics with a single-click integration to your eCommerce store’s google search console. To connect your google search console property to the Frase Writer, head to the “Accounts” section. Then, navigate from Integrations–>Google Search Console.

Once you have integrated your eCommerce store’s GSC property to Frase, you can access unlimited content analytics data. Use this data to make your content marketing strategy. You can connect multiple GSC properties to the Frase writer if you have numerous eCommerce stores.

To change or integrate different GSC properties, you can disable the existing integrated property. Then incorporate the desired one in place of it.

2) Identify Content Opportunities for Your Ecommerce Store with Your GSC Data

Frase obtains all the crucial content analytics data from Google Search Console. This analytics measures the total organic growth, discovers new keywords and avoids content decay. The content analytics provides following data:

  • Monthly data of ranked pages,
  • The number of organic visits from search engines,
  • Organic growth rate
  • Average ranking of pages on various keywords.

The data provided by the Google Search Console tells you:

  • Which pages are ranking between 1-10 positions on Google within the last three months
  • Which topics are getting more impressions
  • Which ones are decaying (losing their ranking and impression count).

You can constantly update the decaying content to rank it again using these metrics.

3) Use Topic Clusters Based on Queries Your Ecommerce Store Ranks For

Topic Clusters covers all the main groups of queries for which your eCommerce store is ranking. By clicking on each cluster, you can access all the topics and queries covered under it. Once you have identified a query of interest, use Frase’s “content brief generation” query option to get SERP details. You can also access the primary topics related to that query to cover in your next articles.


Apart from Google Search Console Integration, other useful integrations are available in the Frase AI writer. You can utilize these integrations for your eCommerce store. These integrations are:

Google Docs Add-On: This lets you access all the Frase Writer’s features in any Google Doc. WordPress Integration: Currently, the original WordPress Integration is being blocked due to WordPress security reasons. But the new WordPress extension is soon rolling out in Q1-Q2 in 2022. Frase Summarizer - Chrome Extension: With this chrome extension, you can summarise the long document into structured content with main highlights.

How much does Frase cost?

If you are new to this tool and want to check its features before opting for its paid plans, you can try its Free Version. The free version offers five content documents credit per month. There are three paid plans available of this tool, i.e.:

  • Basic: The basic plan costs $44.99 per month and $39.99/month if paid annually. This plan is suitable for users who want to use the tool for content creation only for their eCommerce store. Users can opt in if they don’t want to integrate the “answer engine feature” into their site. You will get one user seat and 30 document credits. Also, you will get an unlimited document sharing option in the basic plan.
  • Team: The Team plan costs $114.99 per month and $99.99/month if paid annually. This plan is suitable for those who want more SEO features and advanced functionalities. These features help users to make content marketing strategies. In this plan, you will get three user seats. Also, the plan includes unlimited document credits and sharing along with Google Docs integration. You can add more users at an extra $25 per user.
  • Enterprise: It includes custom plans for large organizations. The pricing depends upon their requirements. In this plan, you will get unlimited user seats. Other features include unlimited document credits and sharing, API access, custom onboarding and Google Docs Integration.

Final Words!

You need the right content marketing strategy to write unique and SEO-Optimized high-quality content for your eCommerce store. This is possible with the Frase AI writer tool. The tool gives you all the valuable insights about the top-performing topics and queries related to your eCommerce store.

The tool effectively improves your ranking on the Google search engine. It is easy to use even for beginners. So, give it a try to improve your content marketing strategy. You can grow your eCommerce store’s ranking on popular search engines with this tool.

If you have any other queries about its functioning or features, drop them in the comments. For more useful tools and eCommerce marketing strategies, keep checking our related blogs!