In this constantly evolving world, AI has made its unique place by replacing the things earlier people used to do manually. Jarvis Conversion AI tool is one such example. Previously known as Coversion. Ai, Jasper.Ai is an excellent tool for writers and digital marketers. It lets them create quality content with no or minimum errors in less time. With this tool, you don’t need to rely on any human writer as it writes better than them. The tool is known for generating high-quality, SEO-optimized 99.99% unique content. But is it worth relying on? Let’s find out.

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What is Jarvis conversion AI?

Jarvis Conversion AI is an Artificial Intelligence-enabled copywriting tool. It uses machine learning to do all the brainstorming and writing parts on your behalf. You can use it to create better ad copies, landing pages, and marketing content for your brand.

It is like your personal writer on hand for 24*7 to curate diverse content. From email marketing description to sales copy, you can generate all types of content with it. As it uses artificial intelligence to search for references and curate content based on your requirements, the content can contain some errors possibly. Thus, you have to proofread it once before using it.

In short, Jarvis.Ai solves your copywriting issues within seconds and let you:

  • Create various marketing content like blog posts, social media posts, email ad copy, website content, product descriptions, etc.
  • Translate content into multi-languages. This makes your content accessible to a wide range of audiences.
  • Give new ideas related to your marketing ad copies within seconds. So you can work out with the best possibilities by putting in less time and effort.
  • Generate dozens of copies and headlines to let you choose from.

How does Jarvis conversion AI work?

As we explained above, the Jarvis Conversion AI tool uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to curate new marketing copy ideas. The content is based on your target audience and other requirements. The best thing about Jarvis Conversion AI is that it is very easy and simple to use by everyone, including beginners. You just need to follow three simple steps to start creating content using this platform, and these three steps are:

Step 1: Select Your Plan and Template

The first step is choosing the right plan per your business needs. Initially, you can begin with the starter plan to create short-form content such as product descriptions, social media posts, ads, etc.

Once you choose the right plan, the next thing to select is a suitable template as per your writing needs. There are more than 50+ skills to choose from. For example, you can choose a famous AIDA framework to create short marketing content. The AIDA framework works on four aspects, i.e., Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action.

Step 2: Add your Product Data

After selecting the desired framework/template for your content, start adding details like Product/Company Name, Description, Tone of Voice, Language options, etc., according to your target audience.

Step 3: Let AI generate an ad copy for you

Once you add product description and other necessary details, click on the “Generate AI content” button. Wait for an AI to generate high-quality, unique and plagiarism free content for your brand.

Jarvis.Ai generates unique marketing copy ideas within seconds by monitoring your website’s analytics and all the text written on it. It understands the website’s data to utilize it compellingly. Then it creates great content that makes you different from others.

Is Jarvis AI any good?

Jarvis AI is an excellent copywriting tool for marketers and writers as it solves their problem of coming up with unique, compelling and high-quality content each time. The content is generated according to industry, niche and products. But like any other AI-enabled copywriting tool, it too has some noteworthy Pros and Cons. Every marketer must keep in mind these Pros and Cons while using the tool. Let’s start with the advantages first.


  • Create high-quality, plagiarism-free, diverse content for various marketing tactics like social media ads, email copies, website content, product descriptions, etc.
  • Support Multi-Languages (26 different languages) to create content for diverse audiences.
  • It comes with integrated Grammarly and Copyscape software to ensure the high quality of the content.
  • Easy to use with a highly responsive and accessible developer that provides all the latest updates regarding developments.
  • Affordable for all, with a 5-days free trial plan and 10,000 bonus credits (applicable to all plans).
  • Offer a 7-days money-back guarantee if you don’t like its content quality or other features.
  • Provides access to the AI copywriters community and academy for learning social media tactics and marketing tools.


  • Sometimes the content contains some irrelevant information that needs to be proofread and edited before posting.
  • BOTS make some silly mistakes that you need to correct manually.
  • Fact-Checking is required as sometimes Bot mentions incorrect details about dates, events, statistics, etc.

Can Jarvis AI write a book?

Yes, Jarvis is an excellent tool to write a book and overcome your writer’s block. In fact, many writers are using it to write their books and publish them on platforms like amazon. Writing a book of 100 pages or more is convenient and easy with Jarvis. It helps you generate high-quality, unique content in a short time with some thoughtful and fresh ideas that are impossible to think of otherwise.

There are plenty of writers whose writing experience was enhanced with the help of Jarvis. Here is some books name that writers have written using this tool:

  • Secret Life Hacks You Don’t Know by Ivan Cochange
  • Not a Sales Book by Cierra Lueck
  • Mastering On-Page SEO by Alex Dounavis

How much is Jarvis AI worth?

Jarvis.Ai is a fantastic writing tool for marketers that saves lots of time and effort in brainstorming. Using AI, it generates fresh and unique marketing ad copies for businesses. We all know how cumbersome it can be to generate new ideas for writing ad copies. Marketers need ad copies that attract customers, brief about your products precisely, and generate leads.

With Jarvis.Ai, marketers can generate high-quality content that generates leads and converts them into sales. Not only ad copies, but marketers can also generate high-quality, SEO optimized blog content for their website. This tool improves their ranking on search engines such as Google, Yahoo, bing, etc.

Here are the two most famous modes/plans of Jarvis.Ai for marketers:

i) Starter: As the name indicates, Starter mode is the base plan of the Jarvis AI tool that starts with $29/month and allows you to utilize 20,000 words per month for content generation.

Using this plan, you can create high-quality facebook ad copies, product descriptions and other short-form content. It includes 50+ templates to choose from and 25+ languages to create content. Also, you will get 10,000 bonus credits (if you will sign up using an affiliate link) and a 5-days free trial.

ii) Boss Mode: It is the advanced plan of the Jarvis tool, which was introduced later. Bass mode is actually a game-changer for marketers who want to create long-form content with more advanced features. Boss mode pricing starts with $59/month and includes 50,000 words for content creation. Apart from it, you will get the following additional features in this plan:

  • Unlimited User Account Logins
  • 50+ templates and 25+ languages to choose from
  • Blog Posts Assistance
  • Jarvis Commands
  • Plagiarism Check
  • Integrated Grammarly tool
  • SEO Mode

With both plans, you get chat support, AI copywriter’s community access, 5-days money-back guarantee, and unlimited project folders. Also, you can get bonus word packs by paying a little extra. For example: In starter mode, you can get an extra 5,000 words by paying an extra $10. Similarly, in boss mode, you can get extra 30,000 words by paying an additional $30.

How do you write content in Jarvis?

In Jarvis.AI, you get plenty of thoughtful templates/frameworks (skills). You can use them to generate high-quality long and short-form marketing content within seconds. Here are some of its most valuable and popular templates that you must know about.


Currently, Jarvis.AI is offering 50+ templates in its base and advanced price plans. Some are popular frameworks designed exclusively for marketers. Apart from it, there are long-form assistants, content improvers and blog post creators.

1) Frameworks

  • AIDA (Attention-Interest-Desire-Action): This framework uses the oldest marketing formula to generate high-conversion content. The content is generated as per your product and industry type. It uses four elements i.e. Attention, Interest, Desire and Action, to generate a catchy headline that grabs users attention.
  • PAS (Problem-Agitate-Solution): It is a valuable framework for generating new marketing ideas. The template highlights a problem and agitate the user to feel the emotion. Then it offers the desired solution in terms of product.
  • Feature to Benefit: As the name indicates, this framework follows a simple theory, i.e. Using your product features as benefits that compel action and sales. Using this framework, you can highlight that your product’s features can benefit those who buy it.
  • Before-After-Bridge: It is an exciting framework that keeps the reader engaged and intuitive with your ad copy. It works by arousing curiosity about what your product is offering. It compares how their lives were before the product, and how it will change their lives now.

2) Email

Similarly, if you want to create a compelling and fresh email marketing copy, you can utilize these tools offered by Jarvis AI:

  • Content Improver: Using this tool, you can rewrite any piece of content. The tool make it more crisp, compelling and engaging for readers.
  • Persuasive Bullet Points: You can create persuasive bullet points regarding your offerings, products, brand, etc., to add to your emailers, landing pages and website.
  • Personalized Cold Email: Cold emails work like a charm when written precisely with a personal touch. Create such emails to get high responses and conversions.
  • Email Subject Lines: Let you think and create fresh and eye-catching email subject lines that readers actually open and read.

3) Website

Here are some best and proven templates to create high-quality content for your website:

  • Perfect Headline: There are templates in Jarvis created with the formulas of the World’s best copywriters, that let you create high-performing headlines for your brand.
  • Website Sub-Headline: Let you create informative yet compelling subheadings to insert into your website.
  • Company Bio: An engaging bio tells about your company’s goals, story, and vision. Write it in a fascinating way using the bio template.
  • Feature to Benefit: Convert your product’s features into benefits so people can take the desired action.
  • Unique Value Propositions: Tell customers clearly how your offerings can be uniquely valuable for them in a decisive manner.

4) Blog

Using these tools, you can easily create SEO-Optimized blog posts, how-to articles and listicles:

  • Blog Post Topic Ideas: Get plenty of blog post topics that match your readers’ interest and perform well in SERP to write about.
  • Blog Post Outline: Generate a list and outline that best describes your topic to make the article crisp, engaging and informative for readers.
  • Blog Post Intro Paragraph: Jarvis converts your outline into an informative and engaging opening paragraph using primary keywords.
  • Blog Post Conclusion: Wrap up your findings and information with a precise and engaging conclusion.
  • SEO-Blog Posts - Title and Meta Descriptions: Jarvis generates high-conversion SEO optimized title and meta description for your blog that performs well in search results.

5) Ads

Create high-conversion marketing ad copies that generate sales using these tools:

  • Facebook Ad Headline: Gives you plenty of scroll-stopping headlines that describe your marketing goal to get more clicks and sales.
  • Facebook Ad Primary Text: Add high-converting Primary text of your Facebook ad copy, so the reader gets intrigued to know further.
  • Google Ads Headline: Create high-performing keyword-rich headlines for google ads to get maximum clicks and sales.
  • Google Ads Description: Add a compelling and informative description ad copy that performs well on search engines.

6) Ecommerce

Similarly, to enhance your sales on eCommerce platforms, add high-quality, informative product data using these ways:

  • Amazon Product Features (Bullets): Generate engaging bullet points explaining products key features to add under the “about the item” section.
  • Amazon Product Features (Paragraph): Create high-performing, SEO-optimized paragraphs describing best about your products features and other crucial information to enhance sales.
  • Feature to Benefit: Tell about the valuable features that work as a benefit for customers’ problems.
  • SEO-Blog Posts - Title and Meta Descriptions: Generate clear and keyword-rich SEO titles and meta descriptions that rank well on eCommerce platforms.

7) Social Media

Develop your strong social media presence by generating fresh and unique content dedicated for each platform using these methods:

  • Creative Story: Use templates to write creative and engaging stories on social media platforms for your readers.
  • Photo Post Captions: The AI analyzes the trending hashtags and your photo context. Based on that, it generates catchy captions for your posts.
  • Personal Bio: An engaging bio about you and your brand is powerful to educate the readers. Create a compelling personal bio using Jarvis for your social media handles.
  • Pinterest Pin Title & Description: Jarvis understands how Pinterest’s search engine works. It generates keyword-rich titles and descriptions for your pins to increase their visibility and search rankings.
  • Engaging Questions: Generate plenty of engaging Q/A to keep your audience and followers engaged with your profile using Jarvis Q/A templates.
  • Quora Answers: To rank on search engines, you need to write precise, informative and high-quality answers to the Quora questions. Jarvis makes it easy to do by generating informative and engaging answers.

In a Nutshell

Jarvis Conversion AI is one of the best copywriting tools for marketers. It solves their biggest problem of brainstorming and generating high-conversion content for their marketing campaigns. It is totally reliable and convenient to use with proven results. You can buy any of its paid plans to start with as per your writing needs. You will see a positive change in your sales and growth after its usage.

AI is making everyone’s life simple, and the Jarvis conversion tool is a precise example of it. So, save your time and efforts by trying this tool out. Let it generate content for your upcoming marketing campaigns, website and social media. If you have any other queries related to this tool, get in touch with us in the comments. Keep exploring new ways to evolve with us!