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DSers Overview

Dropshipping is a strategy in which brands sell products to their customers. The sale takes place between the supplier and the customer. AliExpress Dropshipping is a very popular marketplace. It has more than 100 million products available in its product inventory. DSers is a tool that allows convenient importing of AliExpress products. DSers facilitate the selling of these products to the customers.

What is DSers, and What does it do?

DSers is an online solution through which AliExpress products are dropshipped. DSers facilitate easy business dropshipping by managing suppliers. It tracks customer orders and places hundreds of AliExpress orders in a few seconds. DSers enable you to customize products & order variants. It also allows businesses to publish them on online stores.

What are the Pros and Cons of DSers?

DSers can connect with top dropshipping platforms like AliExpress and Shopify. This ability has made DSers superior to its competitors. Other than this, there are several pros and cons of DSers listed below:


  • Cost-Efficient - It gives different price schemes to users. You can choose schemes ranging from a cost-free version to a premium version. All the plans are available at reasonable prices.
  • Easy Accessibility - DSers provides detailed directions and guidelines for every feature. It makes it very simple and easy to use, even for beginners.
  • Limitless Orders - DSers users can save time by placing many orders of various products in one click.
  • Monitoring Route of Deliveries - Customers can track orders till delivery. Customers can track and see the real-time status of their products.
  • Shipping Options - DSers offers many shipping options to their customers. The wide range of options makes shopping easy and less stressful.


  • Auto Update - DSers does not update previously added products in the database. This feature can make a manager’s task more complicated and tedious.
  • Electronic Commerce Platforms - DSers also doesn’t support many eCommerce platforms.

DSers Key Features

DSers combine features and functions that support AliExpress and Shopify dropshipping business. Following are the key features of DSers:

Supplier Optimizer

Supplier Optimizer manages the product suppliers to gain more profit. It allows dealers to start product proposals. After comparing the price and quality of the product, the dealer can choose the best supplier.

Bulk Order

Placing bulk orders in AliExpress can be challenging and time-consuming. DSers allows users to place bulk orders, saving time and effort. DSers can place a wide range of orders in one click.

Variants Mapping

Variants Mapping gives different supplier options to users for a specific product. When a particular product is out of stock, you can save time by looking for an alternate supplier.

Auto-Sync Tracking Shipping Number

DSers synchronizes the product tracking number from AliExpress. The tracking number is available to customers as soon as it generates. Business managers can then send it to their clients.

Auto-Update Order Status

DSers keeps track of all your orders’ status and information. New orders appear when customers receive them. Also, orders shift to different tabs as per their current status.

Stock Management

DSers’ Stock management tools handle inventory and stock. The tools ensure that the suppliers don’t delay in supplying the products. DSers also updates the product inventory information to the online stores.

Product Price

Product pricing rules include shipment charges, commission, and others. DSers allows business managers to apply pricing rules to all imported products.

Multiple Stores Management

A registered DSers account enables users to manage many stores. The stores can range from Shopify, Wix, and WooCommerce. Customers can manage orders on AliExpress after connecting all the stores.

Buy one get one offer.

With DSers, you can create customized offers. Offers can help your business in boosting AliExpress sales and profits. The product offers are an exciting technique to provide incentives, discounts, etc.

Admitad Affiliate

Admitad Affiliate is a program that enables you to get back money spent on AliExpress. It is like the ‘cashback’ policy. You get rewarded for placing an order with AliExpress suppliers.

Product Division

DSers product division feature helps in modifying products after importing. It divides your products into many variants, which facilitates easy decision-making. The products can separate by learning small details.

Import List

DSers Import List is the tool that helps in managing your goods. Import List includes products imported from AliExpress. It is like a database of all the selling products. You can customize, edit, and organize products in this list.

Hide product

DSers Hide Product tool puts inappropriate products out of sight. It can appear in the shop whenever the shopkeeper wants to unhide it.

DSers Pricing Plans

DSers offers four pricing plans for users to access dropshipping services. Below mentioned are the details of the four plans:

  • Basic Plan: The basic plan is available free cost to all users. It includes all the standard features needed to run an online business. The top features include Chrome extension, Automated Pricing, Bulk Orders, and Automated Tracking.
  • Advanced Plan: The DSers advanced plan is available at $19.9/month or $190.8/year. The primary goal of this plan is to allow users to manage up to 10 online stores. Users can manage all online stores from a single account.
  • Pro Plan: The plan is available to users at $49.9 per month or $478.8 per year. This plan is for large-scale businesses. It allows drop shippers to manage up to 25 online stores. The product limit in the pro plan is set at 75,000 products per account.

If you need a DSers plan that can manage up to 50 stores, you can avail of the Enterprise plan. The Enterprise plan is available at $499 per month. Also, drop shippers can try Basic, Advanced, and Pro plans for free for a limited period.

How To Use DSers App On Shopify For Your Dropshipping Business?

For using DSers application on Shopify, you can follow the below-mentioned instructions:

A. Install DSers App:

First things first. It is important to install the DSers app on your Shopify store. Install it by searching “DSers” in the “Add new App” option. DSers will be automatically logged in with Shopify account details.

B. Set Price Rules for DSers App:

Next, you will have to fix the pricing rules before adding products. Fixing pricing rules is important since DSers does not update existing products.

To fix the pricing rules, you need to click on the “Settings” option in the DSers app. Now choose pricing rules. As per the product details, you can fix the prices of the product. You can select a general form of pricing and add cents to it. For example, you set the price to $2 and add 95 cents (from below). The price of the product will be $2.95.

In the future, you can change the product price by following the same process.

C. Set Auto Epack Shipping For DSers Dropshipping App:

The next step is to set up the default shipping method. The chosen shipping method will be the default setting while placing orders. Businesses prefer ePacket shipping as it is cheap, reliable, and quite accepted. ePacket allows consumers to receive goods from marketplaces and online stores. ePack has gained popularity and is available in more than 40 countries.

To set the ePacket shipping by default, go to the DSers app. Open “Settings” and click on “Shipping.” Now go to the “Pick Global” option, and choose ‘Epacket’ from the dropdown menu. Save the settings, and you’re good to go.

You can link your AliExpress account with DSers. Linking with AliExpress account enables you to place bulk orders with a single click. There are many benefits of linking the AliExpress account with DSers. You can help the direct shipment of goods to your customers, and you can also set a price mark up.

For linking DSers and AliExpress, you will have to open DSers and AliExpress (My Orders) pages. On selecting the “Add to DSers” option, the status of your orders will sync.

E. Add products To DSers App

There are two ways to add products to the DSers app. AliExpress DSers App Dashboard and Google Chrome Extension.

DSers App Dashboard: Open DSers app, go to “Products,” and add the URL of the AliExpress Product. Click OK.

Google Chrome Extension: After installing Google Chrome Extension, go to any AliExpress category. Now add products by clicking on the extension icon on the top-right corner of the screen.

After adding products from AliExpress, the products go to Shopify. If any changes in the product are needed, it can be modified with Shopify only.

F. Edit Products On DSers App:

If need be, products can be edited with DSers. Open the product details on the DSers app, and click on the edit button (pen icon). The variants, description, product title, etc., can be edited and saved on the same page.

G. Add Reviews To Products Uploaded By Dsers:

Adding reviews to DSers products can be simplified with the Oberlo app. To add reviews, you can open the product details. Click the product title, and go to the extension icon on the top-right corner. Get product handle and select the product. Select “Get Reviews.”

H. Place Order In Dsers

After getting an order, go to Shopify, click on Apps, and select DSers Orders. Select the “Place Order” to begin. You can place multiple orders with a single click.

How DSers Works for Dropshippers?

DSers makes it easy for online businesses to dropship. It works with AliExpress and has helped thousands of online businesses to scale their eCommerce stores. DSers performs several functions, which help drop shippers in streamlining their dropshipping process.

It enables them to set the right price of the product, which enables them to earn higher profits. Moreover, DSers helps customers in tracking orders, optimizing shipping costs & delivery times. It also helps in placing multiple AliExpress orders quickly, and so much more.

DSers automatically tracks the shipping number of the goods and updates it to your online store. With DSers, you can also edit product details such as title, variants, and pricing. You can also publish them online by following simple instructions.

A Comparison of Oberlo vs DSers? {#oberlovsdsers-comparison}

Both Oberlo and DSers help dropshippers in finding suitable products. These platforms are the leading dropshipping platforms and offer world-class solutions for Shopify. Both the platforms have similar features and functions, but there are stark differences as well. Below listed are the key differences between Oberlo and DSers:

  • Manage Multiple Stores - One of the prime differences between Oberlo and DSers is; DSers enables users to manage multiple stores. But, Oberlo does not facilitate the management of multiple stores.
  • Advanced Mapping - With all its paid plans, DSers allows dropshippers to map alternative product suppliers. On the contrary, Oberlo does not support this feature.
  • Integrations: As of now, Oberlo can only be integrated with Shopify. But, AliExpress DSers enables integrations with Shopify and WooCommerce.
  • Coaching: DSers does not provide any sort of coaching material to its users. But, Oberlo provides trending product reports to users. It helps them in enhanced decision-making. Also, drop shippers can access Oberlo advisors for additional support.
  • Dropshipping Courses: Similar to Coaching, DSers does not offer any educational courses. Oberlo provides two free dropshipping courses with the ‘Free Plan’ and unlimited courses for the ‘Boss Plan.’

Oberlo is recommended for beginners. DSers has extra, advanced features which can confuse beginners at the start. The missing features in Oberlo are bulk order, product bundles, supplier mapping, etc.

Is DSers Worth Trying?

The share of eCommerce businesses and digital marketplaces in the global economy has plunged in the recent past. And as per the current online business trends, dropshipping is here to stay. It has numerous advantages that can help online businesses prosper in the long run. Let us go through the vital aspects and benefits of DSers:

  • It helps businesses in offering unique and attractive products without maintaining stock.
  • DSers processes store orders effectively and quickly.
  • It provides top-notch pre-sale customer service to customers.
  • DSers allows you to set accurate prices of the product with reasonable profit margins.
  • DSers also allows online businesses to keep up with the eCommerce dynamism and helps the businesses grow.

Evaluating the current global trends and advantages of DSers for online businesses, it can be said that DSers is worth trying.


According to Oberlo, in 2017, global online sales by dropshippers equaled approximately USD 85 billion. Therefore, it can be safely assumed that the future of the dropshipping business model is pretty lucrative. Online third-party business models like dropshipping can be useful to you in terms of experience and revenue. DSers can be a powerful solution that can facilitate smooth business operations. Powerful DSers features can provide immense value to dropshippers by identifying alternate suppliers. It also helps in fixing the product price and placing bulk orders.

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