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What is RebateKey?

One of the largest cashback sites for Amazon sellers and buyers, RebateKey boasts over $80 million in rebates for the past three years. Once buyers join as members, they can discover current deals, discounts, and promotions on thousands of products that can hit as much as 100% rebate. At the same time, sellers can set and manage their product campaigns all-in-one-place. For this reason, companies and sellers find RebateKey as an indispensable tool for increasing sales of their products by offering cashback after a successful purchase.

That’s not the only good thing RebateKey can do. Their chrome extension makes it easier for you to discover deals while shopping on Amazon. Simply by searching for a product on Amazon, watch as RebateKey shows you the best product deal on each page that matches your interests.


  • Free-to-install RebateKey Chrome Extension.
  • Create an Amazon Rebate Campaign.
  • Build multiple product landing pages.
  • Internal messaging feature.
  • Multi-store optimization that works with multiple online marketplaces
  • Unique Rebate Keycodes for secure transactions
  • Dispute rebates five days before payout
  • Bulk uploads for coupons
  • Deals and Coupons are sorted in Product Categories
  • Dashboard for sellers to access chart analytics: Rebate Hits, Rebate View, Rebate Instructions, and Rebate Attempts
  • Referral program available for buyers and sellers


With RebateKey acting as the middlemen for buyers and sellers, they, in turn, charge a couple of sums for their services. RebateKey will require sellers to prepay money based on discounts and product prices to reimburse the buyers when first submitting a campaign. In the long run, when a member successfully registers a. claim to the seller’s product, RebateKey can earn a fixed commission rate of $2.95 through this and will be deducted from the seller’s RebateKey wallet. Compared to buyers, they will incur no upfront payment by using the platform’s deals and coupons as much as they like.

Customer Service & Support

You can contact RebateKey through their social media pages by direct messaging, mentions, or leaving comments to their posts. Also, you can try visiting RebateKey’s Contact Us page and fill in the form regarding your concerns. That will be directly addressed to the customer service team, which will respond to you as soon as possible.

Sellers can also utilize the messaging system on the site to help settle disputes or any other concerns or issues between the buyer and seller.

Why Should Your Business Use It?

Launching a strategic promotional campaign can help boost your sales and get the word out to thousands of shoppers in RebateKey.

Running a marketing deal on RebateKey may be a way to clear an old line of products out of your inventory or a way to drive organic traffic that can be converted to user engagement where fractions can turn into product sales. Discounted sales and daily product offers are also a great way to increase product traffic, bring in potential customers, and brand visibility.

Also, due to increasing positive user reviews, your product can earn organic clicks that translate to better performance metrics and sales rank.

What are the Pros and Cons?

RebateKey has been a buyer’s all-time favorite site to spot amazing deals, and it is also seen by sellers as an excellent platform to make additional sales through discounts. But before jumping in the promising features of RebateKey, first, assess the following pros and cons of the site.


Step-by-Step Rebate Approval - RebateKey implements a staff-based review before registering an account in their system to avoid scammers and bogus buyers. Wherein designated staff will personally review if a user meets the site’s terms and requirements for using their service.

Ability to set up Off-Amazon promotion - A seller can easily link their Amazon listings to RebateKey after selecting the “Connect to Amazon” button.

Drive organic search traffic to your Amazon product listing - Every user who views your product listing in RebateKey can be redirected to its official Amazon listing for the full product description.

1-on-1 discount ratio of a product for every RebateKey user - Each product order has its own Amazon System Order ID that RebateKey uses to keep track of unique orders exclusively. And to verify specific details about an order, such as shipment status or date.

Rebate checks are on hold for 35 days - Another excellent service of RebateKey is ensuring buyers received the item and did not cancel/refund an Amazon order. A window period of 35 days is set in motion to validate each claim before sending out the rebate check to a buyer.

Ability to contact buyers directly - Through the special feature of the “Internal Messaging” service, sellers can reach buyers to settle disputes or answer any related questions to their product.

Ability to set up Off-Amazon promotion - A seller can easily link any of their Amazon listings to RebateKey after selecting the “Connect to Amazon” button.

RebateKey brings its service to the following eCommerce platforms:


Limited rebate campaign - RebateKey can only contain as many as one (1) type of campaign for a specific product run.

No call-in support via Hotline - As of this moment, customer support is only available through the website or by emailing them directly.

Some campaigns are only available at a limited time or while stocks last - When the seller runs out of discount codes to give, some products may still appear to be in the live discount section on the buyer’s dashboard.

Restricted access to countries outside the US territory - Rebate key hosts their service exclusively for US-based citizens. Because of this, their services are not available in some parts of the world.

How can sellers launch their Amazon products with RebateKey?

To sell your products in RebateKey, below are the following registration essentials needed for a seller:

  1. Prepare your full name, email address, Amazon business name, and home address that certifies you live within the US.
  2. A contact email address.
  3. Your average product sales volume.
  4. The product you’d like to sell.

Creating campaigns for rebates needs the following:

  1. Create an account via:
  2. On your dashboard, navigate to campaign>+create.
  3. Include pictures of the product
  4. Enter the product’s full details
  5. Select your product category
  6. List all the product links from different marketplaces where buyers can apply the rebates.
  7. Then receive order IDs from buyers

What Happens Once Your Campaign Is Approved?

Once RebateKey has approved your rebate campaign. Buyers will see your live campaign sorted into designated categories. When a buyer clicks on your product, the listing will pop up on the screen:

  • Amazon view directory link.
  • Pictures of your product
  • Cashback percentage.
  • Buy Product

Once a buyer makes a purchase claim of your product. There is a time window of one hour for a buyer to contact RebateKey directly and confirm that they purchased the item. The 35 day waiting period serves as the time RebateKey will review each purchase, verifying the customer’s order ID, and making sure buyers did not pull out the order the second they hand over their order ID.

As a seller, you have only until the 35th day to approve the rebate and settle a dispute if you suspect that a buyer has canceled the item purchase or hopes to return the product after the purchase happened.

After a whole 35 days have passed, RebateKey will send a check with the agreed rebate amount to your buyer.

How Do You Use RebateKey As An Amazon Buyer?

To get started as a buyer:

  1. Enter your full legal name, US phone number, and shipping address.
  2. When you sign up and create a RebateKey account, you immediately start to save.
  3. In the dashboard, all products are sorted out in their respective categories
  4. Products are verified to be from leading brands and retailers, not counterfeit or knock-offs.
  5. Customers shop from exclusive producers.
  6. There are daily savings to choose from.
  7. You have to thoroughly follow the instructions to receive the discounted price as promised for your item.

Buyers will need an account

  1. Visit here to create an account:
  2. Rebatekey will send you a text message code to confirm you are from the US.
  3. Account create and get started
  4. Browse all the products and click on it
  5. Cross-check the product’s instructions against the Amazon product link. If satisfied with the conditions, make the full-price purchase at Amazon. Then copy and submit the Amazon order ID to RebateKey.
  6. You’ll receive your rebate check after 35 days to your desired payment method.

How to Claim a Buyers Rebate?

  1. After you have the right product in your hand, read the instructions and click on the “Buy Product”.
  2. RebateKey’s Terms and Conditions of service will pop up on the screen. Click Accept.
  3. After the buyer makes an item order, it is important to get a copy of the Amazon order ID for purchase reference.
  4. Return to the Account Dashboard: Click PurchasesUnclaimed.
  5. Next, to finalize the item purchase, the buyer clicks on the “Confirm Purchase” and enters the Amazon order ID.
  6. When a buyer enters their Amazon order ID, all rebates will reflect on their wallet as agreed in the terms and conditions.
  7. It will take about 35 days for the rebates to be credited directly to the buyer’s preferred mode of payment.

How to Use RebateKey’s Tools to Offer Price Discounts?

Sellers can either set out bulk coupons or the classic rebating cashback. And depending on the seller’s business goals, they can input a minimum rebate of 10 percent and can go on a full 100 percent as their full pricing model. How you set the rebate value plays a vital role in attracting more traffic and views to your listing. The closer the rebate reaches a 100% rebate, the higher the chance sellers can strike a great number of claims in a single marketing campaign, therefore, increasing your profit over time.

Why is it RebateKey important on Amazon?

Many Amazon sellers’ experience of using RebateKey has mostly been positive so far, with product rebates having worked their wonders in driving profits and sales rankings. On the other hand, it is hard to point if the existence of RebateKey serves any importance for Amazon now that they are slowly cracking down on sites offering discounts outside of Amazon. However, Amazon is not against giving out discounted products if the discount is processed on Amazon.

Just recently, Amazon issued an API suspension to RebateKey that is attributed to their transaction taking place out of Amazon. It is too early to say this puts an end to RebateKey; they can still take their time to change their methods to fit the TOS of Amazon. Regardless, sellers and buyers should take the time to look for other alternatives.

What are the product categories that RebateKey offers rebates?

  • Automotive
  • Health & Personal Care
  • Sporting Goods
  • Supplements
  • Electronics
  • Home and Kitchen accessories
  • Beauty care
  • Cell Phones and Accessories
  • Baby Products
  • Toys and Games
  • Tools and Home Improvement
  • Clothing, Shoes, and Jewelry
  • Patio, Lawn & Garden

What are the alternative sites to RebateKey?


It’s not just a cashback tool. Snagshout includes an SEO feature in its service to help sellers optimize their product listing and product campaign. When you visit their site and have a look at its features, in terms of their discount floor: Users can only apply discounts higher than 20%. Also, to use their service as a seller, you need to register to one of its tiered subscription package ($99, $199, and $499)


Cashbackbase collects the latest discounts and coupons from all Amazon product categories. Unlike RebateKey that runs a commission-based fee per sale, Cashbackbase only charges a monthly subscription on sellers, so they get to keep their whole revenue each month without any deduction.

Sellers can activate different product campaigns for multiple owned stores across Amazon US, UK, and Italy. There is also an option to store and exchange points to buy a product or redeem a cashback available on the site.


Vipon got you fully covered to almost all Amazon marketplace worldwide regarding bargains and discounts. And that goes for both sellers and buyers. The subscription is a lot more expensive than RebateKey. Vipon’s pricing plans start at $100 per month for standard and $1600 for the enterprise-level plan. It’s also worth noting that to this day, Vipon now has more than 2 million registered users growing on its platform.

To make the user experience exciting and valuable, Vipon runs a loyalty system that collects and trade points for in-site incentives.


As the name itself, Rebaid makes it clear that their service is similar to RebateKey. Many of the rebates offered by Rebaid provide discount deals up to 100% cashback, and sellers can use the site free of charge. And if you want to level up to their Pro plan, you can access other features for the price of $79 per month.

As part of their rebate system, after the order confirmation, Rebaid will process the claim, and within 48 hours, the buyer will get their rebate via mail check, Paypal, or wire transfer. As mentioned before, Rebaid works very similar to RebateKey. The only difference is Rebaid only focuses on rebates rather than coupons.

Final Thoughts

People like shopping, especially if they are heavily discounted with incentive returns. Incentives such as coupon discounts and rebates are ways for marketers to promote their products and stand out from other sellers. And to draw potential customers right to your product, you need to have the right rebate strategy executed on the right platform. At RebateKey, you can build your campaign with a range of customizable options to help your business sell more.

Get in touch and follow RebateKey on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram to catch their daily announcements and updates to their platform.