Redtail CRM is a robust, affordable, and reliable solution for modern-day finance problems. It is a rich-featured CRM platform, allowing business owners to track time & monitor projects for remote employees and increase employees’ productivity. Several agencies and individuals can use Redtail CRM to gain valuable company insights and enhance internal management operations.

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What is Redtail CRM?

Redtail Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) is a cloud-based program that enables managers to automate database management and process client information. It also manages client records & customer tags, etc. The CRM platform is exclusively designed for professionals engaged in financial services.

Following listed are the pros and cons of Redtail CRM.


  • Redtail CRM is a must-have platform for finance professionals. It assists them in automating several financial activities. The prime factor includes the effortless management of financial records and tags.
  • Redtail offers a pretty straightforward pricing model. At $ 99 per month, users can access several compelling features.
  • Redtail CRM’s user interface is a game-changer. The user interface is very easy-to-use. It conveniently allows users to navigate through different features.
  • Redtail CRM also provides unmatched after-sales support to its customers. It helps users install and understand the program’s features and tools.


  • Redtail CRM does not facilitate smooth third-party integrations with an external tool. For example, the integration process of Redtail CRM and Zapier is quite complex. It is quite time-consuming.
  • Redtail CRM’s calendar doesn’t allow users to schedule activities and events. The lack of activity scheduling prevents the business from meeting the deadlines. It also hampers the timely completion of tasks.
  • The Redtail CRM mobile application is secure and attractive. But, it would be nicer if the application was more robust and intuitive.

Benefits and Insights

There are several reasons why Redtail CRM is insightful for e-commerce businesses. Following are the top benefits and insights of using Redtail CRM:

  • Redtail CRM helps eCommerce businesses to manage prospects and clients.
  • With Redtail CRM, businesses and managers can track client data. The monitoring can be done by keeping tabs on clients’ requirements and demands.
  • Business managers can automate complex and time-consuming tasks with Redtail CRM. It helps businesses in saving time and money spent on different tasks.
  • Redtail CRM allows bosses to organize tasks, resources, records, and so much more. The data is saved on a secure, central platform.
  • Redtail CRM has been effective in reducing business costs. It does not require any additional costs for buying or installing hardware. The CRM tools minimize IT costs.
  • Redtail CRM allows remote teams to work in tandem with local teams. It facilitates remote access of records, information, and data.
  • As businesses can identify customer demands, they can tap and maximize customer experience.

Who is Redtail CRM for?

Several businesses and organizations can use the Redtail CRM platform. The businesses may be big or small, production or sales. Redtail CRM helps organizations enhance customer service, recruiting, sales, marketing, etc.

Redtail CRM is best focused on catering to the needs of financial professionals. Redtail CRM assists managers in organizing customer relationships. It creates a contact database for businesses to establish frequent contact with customers. The database identifies sales opportunities and manages marketing techniques. Businesses can also use the tools to organize records, automate recruiting processes, etc.

Key Differentiators & Advantages of Redtail CRM

  • View Data Visually: Redtail CRM’s intuitive tools present insightful information to managers. The information can be used by managers to generate leads regarding revenue, sales, customer demands, etc.
  • Work Anywhere: Redtail CRM can be accessed on multiple operating systems. For example, users can download mobile apps on iOS and Android. It helps easy accessibility of data across multiple devices.
  • Send Targeted Emails: Redtail CRM allows the PR team to send bulk emails to potential clients of the business. Rather than sending emails randomly, contacting specific groups is more effective and less time-consuming.
  • Track Contact Communications: Redtail CRM allows businesses to access the recorded communication with users. The record can be used for learning more about client prospects and history.
  • Streamline Data Entry: Finance professionals can simplify their daily activities. Activities such as data entry and updating daily records are simplified with CRM tools. The tools are equipped with automation templates, configurable settings, action-based criteria, etc.
  • Ensure Data Security: All the business data is saved on a cloud-based application. It prevents loss of data in case of an accident.
  • Integrate Third-Party Tools: Redtail CRM facilitates effortless integrations with various third-party integrations. Some of the top integrations are Morningstar, Albridge, Advicent, money, and others. The integrations make financial planning more stable and effective.

How Much Does Redtail CRM Cost?


The pricing plan of Redtail CRM is pretty straightforward. Users can avail of Redtail CRM for only $99 per month. It allows 15 users in the plan. At the given price, Redtail CRM comes with the following specifications:

  • Users can generate unlimited contacts, reminders, and tasks.
  • With Redtail CRM, users can avail complimentary database conversions.
  • The platform comes with free Android and iOS mobile applications.
  • Redtail’s cloud-based CRM facilitates custom reporting for managers. Thus, increased flexibility.
  • All the CRM data is saved on a cloud platform. Therefore, Redtail CRM prevents the loss of data in case of a disaster.
  • With Redtail CRM, users can conveniently manage documents. Document management helps businesses to simplify their business operations.
  • Redtail CRM helps automate employee workflow processes. The automation of workflows delivers better results. It is instrumental in saving business operating costs.
  • At $99 per month, users can benefit from the detailed reporting tools. The tools provide invaluable insights into the business products. The information includes details of consumers’ spending behavior, estimated budget, etc.
  • Business Managers can plan and host events such as seminars and meetings. It can help you organize long-term projects frequently and conduct employee training sessions.
  • In the plan, Redtail offers top-quality support to customers. The support offered is meaningful to customers before and after the sale.

What are Redtail CRM’s features?

Redtail CRM is loaded with features that enable teams to operate more efficiently. The features help in the timely completion of projects. It also helps businesses to stay ahead of their competition.

Following listed are the Redtail CRM features:

Simple Dashboard

The simple and intuitive dashboard allows users to access important modules centrally. Users can access everything that is scheduled for them. The dashboard contains everything important for users, from upcoming appointments to overdue tasks.


The Calendar feature is a game-changing module in the Redtail CRM suite of tools. Users can change the view from monthly to weekly, as per their requirements. For enhancing the user experience, the tool contains complete information of contacts and events.


The contacts list can be customized as per alphabetical order, status, and group. It is supported by advanced search options to track contacts. It includes birthdays, nicknames, etc., of the contact.


Redtail CRM software hosts a lot of reports. The reports are very helpful to businesses for improving their products and services. Users can avail various valuable reports under one umbrella.

Mobile App

Redtail CRM hosts data on a cloud platform. Because of this, the importance of mobile applications has become immense. The mobile applications allow remote access to the CRM features.

Workflow Processes

Workflow processes allow users to contact employees instantly. It also provides a snapshot of pending and overdue tasks. The snapshots also include the due date, target, etc.

Users have numerous functionalities while creating a workflow process. Some of them include:

  • I am creating a workflow by using an already prepared template. The template can be customized or created as per user needs.
  • Assigning project tasks to individuals or groups.
  • Including important project information such as the due date and task outline. The information is attached with each step and task of the project.
  • Editing a workflow process by editing or updating descriptions. The contact name, category, group, or due date may require editing.
  • Viewing overdue schedule of projects and tasks. It also displays the name of the employee who was assigned the task.
  • Viewing the current task and the task due for the day. The current task is viewed with the name of individuals associated with the task.
  • Viewing the active workflow processes of the business.
  • Filtering and segregating the workflow processes. The workflow processes may be displayed on the page under different categories.
  • Conveniently picking additional contacts that are to be linked to the workflow process.
  • The ability to download the workflows in a required format such as PDF, Microsoft Word, etc.
  • Redtail CRM facilitates quick deleting of workflow processes. The workflow processes can be deleted after completing the task.

Other Features

Redtail CRM software also includes other features that salespersons can use. For example, the software alerts the users by indicating a red sign at the bottom of the page. The red signal indicates an upcoming scheduled appointment. The red signal pops before 30 mins of the scheduled time.

Also, the platform archives client email communications. It is required to meet Securities and Exchange Commission compliance standards.

Eight Reasons Why CRM Is Beneficial to Your Ecommerce Business

  • Identifying Cross-Channel Trends: Redtail CRM helps businesses narrow product result pages. Redtail CRM collects analytical data from the cross-channels. It enables managers to centrally access the broader picture of the sales trends. Marketing trends and customer spending patterns can also be optimized.
  • Expanded, More Robust Analytics: Redtail CRM equips online businesses and marketplaces with essential information. The CRM tools acquire information such as customer interests, behavior, and online customer demands. The information allows the management to make important decisions. Decisions can be made regarding increasing organic traffic and lowering the rate of return.
  • Team Communications: Effective communication can play an important role in the success of business operations. Redtail CRM facilitates smooth communication between the parties. It is possible with advanced tools such as chatting, tagging, file sharing, etc.
  • Improved Task Management: Project management is one of the most crucial aspects of a business. Redtail CRM solutions support robust tagging functions for assigning tasks to employees. It also enables managers to keep tabs on the task status of the project.
  • Nurturing Leads: Redtail CRM enables eCommerce businesses to generate leads from several sources. The leads can be generated from social media platforms, online platforms, or newsletter signups. The leads focus on attracting organic and potential clients. The leads are generated by using advanced technology and CRM tools.
  • Sales Based on Customer Trends: Businesses can amass big data that conveys information. The information conveys vital insights on the customer’s choice of product or preferred channel of purchase. With this data, businesses can undertake new dimensions. For example, businesses can ascertain the choice of cart and delivery method opted by customers. Accordingly, businesses can introduce similar cart options and delivery methods.
  • Collecting Data: Redtail CRM helps businesses collect data from sales channels. The information is usually collected through an effective cloud-hosting platform. The data tells volume regarding the customer’s social strategies and spending habits. Unfiltered access to vital data helps businesses stay ahead of the competition. It also equips the managers to make wise decisions.
  • Dealing with Returns: How a business handles its returns is very important. It helps in building customer loyalty and gaining long-term customers. Redtail CRM collects, configures, and optimizes data to deal with the return products. It analyzes which products are being returned more. It also analyzes the problem associated with the product. And accordingly, suggest solutions to the problem. Redtail tries to reduce the return rate of the product and improve business products.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Redtail CRM’s top benefits?

The top Redtail CRM benefits are unlimited leads, contacts, and sending bulk emails. Apart from these, it also allows businesses to access free mobile applications, document management, and custom exporting.

What are Redtail CRM’s drawbacks?

The major drawbacks of Redtail CRM are the lack of third-party integrations. The calendar app is also incapable of scheduling events. The weak & dull mobile application may also require improvement.

Is Redtail CRM Worth the Money?

Redtail CRM offers loads of quality features at just $99 per month. The usability and applicability of Redtail CRM are pretty decent. It helps eCommerce businesses to crush their sales and marketing goals. It increases employee productivity rate and reduces business costs in the long run. Therefore, Redtail CRM seems to be worth the money.

Does Redtail CRM have a Mobile App?

Yes, Redtail CRM has a robust mobile application for multiple operating systems. It is compatible with Android OS, iOS, etc.

Bottom Line

Redtail CRM is a cloud-based application that helps online businesses get valuable insights. The insights help businesses gather facts about the line of business. The insights help businesses to mend their sales and marketing strategies. Businesses can stay ahead of their competition with the latest online business trends.

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