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What is Helium 10 and what is it used for?

The 21st-century businesses and marketplace have transformed into a very complex and competitive hub. The eCommerce businesses are increasing at an unprecedented pace, creating more and fierce competition every day. For businesses to survive and stay competitive in the long run, they need to do more than provide quality products and meet customer demands. Therefore, businesses need to find ways and means to source their products and analyze the market competition. It will enable managers to make informed decisions regarding the business’ future actions. Product research tools like helium 10 chrome extension can help businesses meet their sale goals, enabling them to gain higher profits.

Suppose you are not equipped with product research tools or other related tools. In that case, your business is likely missing out on the latest global business trends. Especially if you run an online retail business on Amazon, online software tools like Helium 10 chrome extension can be of great help. It can prevent predictable business capital losses and provide valuable insights to managers.

What is Helium 10

Helium 10 facilitates the identification of beneficial products that businesses can undertake for better results. It helps your business website rank higher on Google or eBay search result pages. It is instrumental in increasing traffic to your website. Helium 10 extensions can promote effortless functioning of business, convert visitors into customers, enable better decision making, and so much more.

Based on the Gross Merchandise Value (GMV), Amazon is the most popular online marketplace in the world. With millions of sellers available on the eCommerce platform, it is essential to stay ahead of the competition. Helium 10 uncovers the loopholes in the daily functioning of businesses and helps them take corrective measures for better sustainability of market conditions. Thus, top sellers and experts in the field recommend beginners to go for Helium 10 extension for a streamlined user experience.

Which Amazon Marketplaces are supported by Helium 10?

Before commencing a venture at a new destination, it is crucial to gather important information regarding the marketplace. It helps owners to avoid ill-utilization of resources. Similarly, in the case of an online marketplace, vendors must collect information regarding the reach, usability, and applicability of the product research tools.

Helium 10 extension supports numerous marketplaces across the globe with standardized procedures and efficiency. For example, in North American markets (United States of America, Canada, Mexico), Helium 10 tools, namely Black Box, Trendster, and Chrome Extension, are the active product research tools. The keyword research and operations tools in the region are Cerebro and Magnet, and Alerts, Follow-Up, Inventory, etc., respectively.

Which Amazon Marketplaces are supported by Helium 10?

Not only the North American continent, but Helium 10 extension tools are also available to vendors in the Middle East, South America, Asia, Europe, Eastern marketplaces, etc. Though one tool may or may not be available across different regions worldwide, a similar or related Helium 10 tool can solve your problem.

For example, Helium’s Portals tool (Marketing) is available in the United States, Germany, India, Australia, etc., but it is not yet available in Japan, The Netherlands, United Emirates, and others.

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Helium 10 Features and Tools

Helium 10 offers numerous tools for different functions. Helium 10 has specified tools for specific roles and use, unlike other providers. It consists of a powerful suite of tools that enhance the overall user experience. It also builds a credible structure for the successful functioning of business operations. Below listed are the top features and tools of Helium 10:

Product Research

Product research tools help users to find and identify the right set of tools. The tools can fetch higher revenues and profits. It enables managers to decide on whether to sell the new product or not without taking risks. Below listed are the Helium 10 tools for product research and development.

1.) Chrome Extension

Helium 10 chrome extension is a streamlined platform that enables businesses to analyze marketplace data. It also helps businesses gain valuable insights while browsing Amazon’s website. It provides an extensive range of data on similar Amazon products that include vital information regarding the sale, revenue, inventory levels, etc.

2.) Black Box

Helium 10’s Black Box quickly segregates unimportant products by using a robust algorithm. The algorithm scans Amazon with multiple filters. The filters allow the tool to deliver a list of profitable FBA products to the users. The tool is well-known for data accuracy, filter options, and convenient usability.

Black Box

3.) Trends

Trendster is a top-rated tool to analyze data about sales trends. The tool enables users to get detailed insights on products that people prefer at a particular time. It also provides users with the sales rank of the product with its price.

4.) Profitability Calculator

Helium 10’s profitability calculator tool projects the accurate data and financial health report of products that are listed on Amazon or Walmart. It allows businesses to ascertain the profitability, revenue, and net loss levels.

Keyword Research

Accurate keywords can have a significant impact on the accessibility and traffic of the product. The Keyword Research tools by Helium 10 help users get explicit keywords for product details and descriptions. The tools help in keeping your product-relevant to the nature of the article. Following are the top tools that promote unmatched keyword research:

1.) Cerebro

Cerebro by Helium 10 is an effective tool that allows users to fetch hundreds of keywords. The users can access keywords by simply pasting the product URL of the selected product. The keywords can help businesses attract more views and traffic, leading to more sales.

Keyword Research

2.) Magnet

Like a natural magnet, Helium 10’s Magnet tool attracts all the high-volume keywords. The tool helps businesses attract organic traffic and skyrocket revenues. Magnet offers two keyword searches free every day!

3.) Mispellinator

A misspelled keyword product is only as good as a product with no keyword. Mispellinator identifies all the misspelled keywords. The tool edits them for users to invite higher traffic on the product display page. It saves users the trouble of recording the correct spellings of the keyword.

Listing Optimization

After finding the best and most profitable products to sell on Amazon, it is crucial to enhance product details. It is one of the most important parts of the Amazon selling process. The listing optimization process includes increasing keyword density, improving conversion rate, attracting traffic, etc. Learn more about Helium 10 Listing Optimization tools below.

1.) Frankenstein

Frankenstein helps users to shorten the huge keyword junk. It converts the selected keywords into manageable actions. The Listing Optimization tool saves time, money, and effort and helps the product to climb higher in the A9 search engine ranking rankings.

2.) Scribbles

The higher frequency of quality keywords ensures the better reachability of the product. Scribbles tool by Helium 10 optimizes the content of product description by ensuring the relevant keyword density. It also retrieves previous listing drafts whenever required.

3.) Index Checker

Index checker identifies any wrong keywords that might affect the product’s ranking on Amazon. It makes sure that the product is displayed on the search page. Index Checker saves a great deal of time by automatically indexing the Amazon product description.

4.) Listing Analyzer

Get your hands on the top-selling strategies to improve your sales techniques and methods. Scrutinize and compare details such as pricing, material, offers, and much more. It also provides Listing Quality Score after evaluating the listing.

Listing Analyzer


As the business continues to expand and grow, the business’s operations become more and more complex. Helium 10 provides powerful and handy tools that organize and manage the daily operations of the business. The tasks include quality management of the products, process designing, capacity enhancement, sales strategies, supply chain management, etc. Following are the best tools that streamline daily organizational activities:

1.) Inventory Management

The inventory management tool by Helium 10 facilitates easy and streamlined management of inventory and stock. It handles all the logistical details of the business, The tool allows businesses to update the quantity of the product automatically. It helps the business in predicting the business inventory smartly and keeping tabs on the inventory-related updates.

2.) Refund Genie

In case your money is stuck due to FBA inventory reimbursement, Helium 10’s Refund Genie will refund the money to the bank account. The tools make the refund look like child’s play and are pretty easy to use and navigate.

3.) Alerts

Online businesses are at an increased risk of getting attacked by viruses and malware. Therefore, the Alerts tool is an indispensable business tool for businesses. Helium 10’s Alerts tool prevents any attempts of hijacking and protects your product listing on Amazon. It promotes 24/7 monitoring of the product listing and allows you to immediately respond to malicious threats.

4.) Inventory Protector

When you list a product on Amazon, you are automatically exposed to external threats. The Inventory Protector tool safeguards your inventory from cheat tricks and dangerous shoppers. It prevents clean-sweep of the inventory by using discount codes during promotions.

5.) Follow-Up

Customer follow-up is one of the most important strategies to stay connected with the customer and build long-term credibility. Helium 10’s Follow-Up tool is an email supporting platform that establishes contact with customers regularly. Follow-Up aims to enhance customer experience and stay connected with customers.

6.) Mobile App

Mobile phone applications are much more convenient than web and desktop applications. Helium 10’s Mobile App tools allow users to access critical data and insights on the go, anytime and anywhere. It enables managers and bosses to take prompt actions, and analyze profit & loss reports.

Helium 10 Mobile App

7.) Seller Assistant

Users can quickly request multiple reviews by selecting the one-button request with Helium 10’s Seller Assistant. Ratings and reviews help attract more customers, build credibility, goodwill, and reputation amongst people. Seller Assistant reviews the requests with the help of pre-recorded templates.


Analytics is another very vital aspect of an online business. Helium 10’s Amazon Analytics tool offers users data-driven insights. The insights are needed by businesses to measure and grade business requirements on the eCommerce platform. It helps businesses to identify profitable ventures, stay ahead of the competition, and track keyword ranking. Know more about Helium 10 Analytics tools and their functions here:

1.) Profits

The Profits tool helps businesses to gain crucial reports & analytics of top sellers listed on Walmart and Amazon. By gaining insights into the positive and negative financial data, the managers can ascertain the financial viability of the venture. This helps businesses to make sound decisions in the future.

2.) Market Tracker

By focusing on the catering demands of a targeted marketplace, a business can simplify its work processes, reduce costs, and increase profits. The Market Tracker tool suggests high-earning marketplaces to the business. It offers unique market metrics that help you stay ahead of the market competition.

3.) Keyword Tracker

Like the title suggests, the Keyword Tracker tool tracks keyword ranking and Amazon’s product ranking. It helps managers to pin down the current standing of the product in comparison to its competitors. The managers can view the instant history of the keyword ranking. It also allows the managers to make changes to the product description for profitable results.


Online marketing helps businesses to create new relationships in a specified way. It may lead to a more extensive reach of the business products to potential customers. Helium 10’s Amazon Marketing strategies help businesses to interact with their potential customers. It also allows them to create brand awareness, which leads to higher qualified traffic and sales. Listed below are the top-rated marketing tools that simplify PPC and brand awareness campaigns.

1.) Automatic

Helium 10’s Atomic tool is an AI-powered platform. It facilitates online advertisement, which leads to greater efficiency and better return on investment. The tool initiates ad campaigns after researching & studying the market PPC data and Total Advertising Cost of Sales (TACoS). The tool is instrumental in saving businesses time, money, and resources.

Helium 10 Marketing and Analysis Tool

2.) Portals

The Portals tool creates backend links on third-party websites. It allows potential customers to directly redirect to the product page. It helps businesses become more data-driven and generate new, organic traffic of interested customers. The tool creates modern-day tools like QR scanner codes that can be accessed by any smartphone. The code leads the customer directly to the product landing page.


Finance is a practical approach in any business setup. It is vital to understand the viable use of finance. Also, how to reduce overhead, transactional costs. It helps businesses boost sales, increase average order value, attract new potential customers, and earn recurring business from old customers. Finance tools also keep track of daily cash flow. It also facilitates quick credit line approvals. Learn details of Finance tool Alta below:

1.) Alta

Alta by Helium 10 is a comprehensive Finance tool. It allows owners to take complete control over their capital. It is a one-stop financial solution that promotes convenient receiving of daily payments on Amazon. The tool converts the currency (in case of international payments), pays business expenses online, easily file for tax returns, etc., with great ease.

Can we use Helium 10 for free?

Helium 10 offers one of the best sets of tools for online businesses and Amazon vendors. Although Helium 10 is not accessible, there is a free plan that allows users to test and use the tools before taking a paid subscription. The free plan can only be claimed once. The free plan consists of an identical model of the paid plan. It consists of essential tools and features such as Cerebro, Magnet, Atomic, etc.

When does the Free Trial account expire?

The free trial continues for as long as you want it to, but it comes with certain limitations. The free trial aims to give users a gist of Helium 10 features. The tools also help users to ascertain how Helium 10 chrome extension tools can help Amazon vendors increase sales and profit. However, the option to switch between a free plan and paid plan is always open.

Free Tools

Even if you do not have a paid Helium 10 subscription, you can still enjoy using Helium 10 features and tools that are available to users for free. However, the free tools are only available after signing up for the free plan. Though the tools that are included in the free plan may differ from the ones in the paid plan, you get an idea of the benefits of the tools. Below listed are the features that Helium 10’s free tools can access.

1.) Amazon Keyword Research

Helium 10 tools such as Cerebro, Magnet, and Misspellinator are very effective in discovering product-relevant keywords. They are useful for higher ranking in the search results. The high-intensity keywords help your product get better visibility and organic traffic. It leads to higher revenue and profits.

2.) PPC Audit

Helium 10 tools facilitate a powerful PPC audit of the product listing on Amazon. They also identify discrepancies, if any. Helium 10 tools like Adtonic and Portals track the reasons why the product is not getting favorable results. They also help business managers ascertain the opportunities that a PPC campaign can include.

Helium 10 Amazon PPC Audit Tool

3.) Chrome Extension

Helium 10 chrome extension helps businesses gain insights on selling opportunities, beneficial products, and reviews of the product listing. Business managers can also ascertain sales estimates with Helium 10 chrome extension for the listed products.

4.) URL Builder

Helium 10 offers promotional product URLs that promote the online marketing process on Amazon and Walmart. It allows users to create different types of URLs. For example, canonical URL, targeted ASIN search URL, add to cart URL, and so much more.

5.) QR Code Generator

Helium 10 allows users to create QR codes that smartphones can scan to reach the desired landing page for free! Tools like Portals and Adtonic promote the creation of unmatched marketing strategies like QR code scanners, media campaigns, etc. The tools are instrumental in building brand awareness and goodwill.

How much does the Helium 10 monthly subscription cost?

Helium 10’s subscription is available at different prices, with different features, tools, and usability. Apart from the free trial, it offers five paid plans, namely Starter plan, Platinum plan, Diamond plan, Enterprise plan, and Elite plan. The Helium 10 price structure is genuine and pocket-friendly compared to other service providers. The details of the five paid subscriptions are listed below:

  • Starter

The Started plan of Helium 10 is available at $ 39 per month. It consists of almost all the tools that you need for training and learning purposes. It comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, meaning that if you don’t like the starter plan tools and features in the initial 30 days of buying the subscription. Then Helium 10 will refund the entire amount paid by the user. The plan includes an X-Ray tool, Freedom Ticket Amazon Training, and limited access to the remaining Helium 10 suite of tools.

  • Platinum

Starting at $ 99 per month, Helium 10’s Platinum plan is the most popular and highest selling plan. It includes all the set of solutions that are needed by a business to grow on Amazon. The Platinum plan is also backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee like the Starter plan. The features and tools of the Platinum plan include an Index checker with 150 uses per month and Keyword Tracker with 2500 uses per month. Additionally, the Alerts tool comes with 100 ASINs per month, and a Follow-Up tool with 2000 emails per month.

  • Diamond

Helium 10’s Diamond subscription plan is for expert Amazon vendors, sellers, and big business houses. The tools benefit people looking to scale new opportunities. The plan is available for $ 199 per month and comes with a 30 days money-back guarantee. The Platinum plan includes free access to Atomic for up to $ 20,000 per month spent on ads, multi-user login from remote locations, and an Index checker tool with 300 uses per month. Additionally, it also includes the Keyword Tracker tool with 5000 uses per month, the Alerts tool with up to 300 ASINs per month, Follow Up tool with up to 10,000 emails per month, and unlimited access to Walmart Marketplace tools.

  • Enterprise

The Enterprise plan allows users to customize the tools they need to streamline their online business activities. For example, if a customer wants the Platinum subscription plan but requires more than 2500 keywords uses per month, instead of settling for the plan, the user can get the subscription customized. The plan includes APIs, bulk & custom reporting, and the increased limit for connected accounts. It also includes increased keyword trackers, multi/single user login, management of multiple clients from a single subscription, etc. The Helium 10 sales team can help businesses find plans that fit their needs.

  • Elite

The Elite plan is designed for sellers who look to scale their business rapidly. It includes advanced features and tools. The plan includes everything that is included in the Diamond plan and some other features. Among the extra features, there are quarterly in-person Workshops, Live online training, access to elite social media groups. The Elite plan is available to users at $ 399 per month.

How to Get Started with Helium 10?

Getting started with Helium 10 is pretty convenient and easy. Existing users have to login into their Helium 10 account to use the software. New users have to sign up with the software to commence working with Helium 10 tools. On hitting the “Sign Up for Free” button, you will be asked to enter your name, email id, and a new password. After successfully registering themselves with Helium 10, users can begin their journey with Helium 10.

Start selling in Amazon with Helium 10

To install the Helium 10 chrome extension, the users need to download the Helium 10 chrome extension. After downloading Helium 10, the software extension needs to be added to chrome. After adding the chrome extension to the browser, the extension icon will start appearing on the top right corner of the browser. It is advised to click on the extension icon to activate its full functionality. The extension activates automatically while using the Amazon website. In other cases, it is generally inactive.

While using Amazon or Walmart websites, one can see several ways to use and access the software and tools. Helium 10’s tools can be easily navigated with the help of a centralized platform. Helium 10 tools are located at the left and right toolbar and on the top menu of the dashboard. The top menu bar consists of tools such as Profits, Follow-Up, Freedom Ticket training, etc.

To access the side toolbars, you can move the cursor on the side toolbar. And to return to the home tools page, you can click on the Tools icon in the top menu of the dashboard. The arrangement of the tools in the dashboard section can also be customized. To do so, you need to drag & drop the tool tile to the place you want it to be.

After commencing with the Helium 10 extension, additional information regarding the tools will appear on the dashboard. For instance, if a third party hijacks any product or tool, then the Alerts toolbox will display the information about the threat. Moreover, you can also view the direct link to your product listing in the Black Box section available on the top menu.

To sign out of the Helium 10 account, users can access the drop-down menu located on the top-right toolbar and click on the log out button. Helium 10 chrome extension offers a wide variety of strategies to gain insights from the dashboard. The unified dashboard is pretty easy to learn, use, and navigate. It allows you to access Helium 10 PRO Training videos. The videos help users learn about the basics and lesser-known features of the software.


Helium 10 software is an integrated suite of tools. The tools help businesses to grow on an online commerce platform like Amazon. Helium 10 tools help online businesses to succeed in multidimensional ways. It helps them to increase brand awareness, meet sales targets, manage marketing campaigns, track and monitor keywords, and get valuable insights. Today, the importance and value of such tools are more than ever. With the increasing competition, the margin of error in an online business setup is negligible. Therefore Helium 10 chrome extension tools assist businesses to minimize errors. This enables the business to stay ahead of its competition.

With Helium 10 chrome extension tools, businesses and hybrid teams can push their goals and targets to the next level. We at Helium 10, aim to strive for excellence in providing valuable business promotional services online. For streamlined experience and results, get your hands on Helium 10 chrome extension TODAY!

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