The rising trend of eCommerce platforms inspiring entrepreneurs to invest in the dropshipping model. It is a cost-effective business option with no inventory to stock or logistics to manage.

To start a dropshipping business, you need to find the right dropshipping suppliers. Someone who can provide excellent quality products at an affordable price. Also offers long-term collaboration.

While there are plenty of dropshipping firms in the market, not all are reliable & genuine. To make it simple, we have designed the ultimate list of top dropshipping companies of 2021. You can choose the best based on market requirements and your niche.

Check out our in-depth review and details of these best dropshipping companies. This may help to find the right one for you based on your needs.

Table of Contents

What is Dropshipping?

What is Dropshipping and How it Works

Dropshipping is the latest retail fulfillment method. In Dropshipping, a store doesn’t stock inventory. The store sells the product to the customer through a third-party vendor. This vendor could be a dropshipping supplier or company. By this you would be selling without stocking the inventory, handling the logistics.

The Dropshipping Model works in a simple manner:

  • First, you research and find the latest trending products as per your niche and audience.
  • Then you find reliable suppliers who can provide you the quality product at a low price.
  • Once you find the right dropshipping supplier, you advertise the product by keeping margin. You don’t need to buy products first.
  • After the customer purchases the product, you have to pass the order details to the supplier’s website. The supplier will dispatch the product to your customer by keeping your margin aside.

In this way, dropshipping is a successful business model where you don’t need cash. Also, you don’t need inventory stock to sell products and earn money.

What is a Dropshipping Company?

Dropshipping companies provide a huge list of dropshipping suppliers, merchants, and manufacturers. This list allows you to see who sells quality products from various niches online. There are two primary types of dropshipping companies you can find online:

  1. Basic dropshipping directories consisting of a list of information. The list is about third-party suppliers, manufacturers, and companies.
  2. Dropshipping services integrated with an automated back-end inventory system. Also having a complete supplier directory of authentic suppliers. You can import products in your eCommerce store and fulfill orders.

While the first type of directories is common to find on the internet, they need extra effort from your end. You have to find details of the supplier and then contact them for price and other information.

The second type of dropshipping service is generally paid. But it saves your time and effort. As you get the complete list of genuine dropshipping suppliers on a single portal.

You can sign up and integrate their products into your store. You don’t need to manage the back-end part. Some of such popular & reliable dropshipping service portals we will cover in-detail today. These include Spocket, Doba, Salehoo, and Dropified.

How Do I Find Suppliers For Dropshipping?

Find Dropshipping Supplier

Finding the right dropshipping supplier is the most important task. To start your dropshipping business as a wrong supplier can ruin your brand image.

As we have mentioned above, you can find the list of genuine suppliers from the directories. It is available online, but the task doesn’t end here.

A directory only briefs you about products and suppliers. But to find the right dropshipping supplier or company for the long-term, you need to dig a bit deeper. Look for the following qualities as well:

  1. Niche: Look for suppliers who offer quality products for your niche. Not every supplier is peculiar in every niche. For example, if you want to sell clothes, look for ‘dropshipping suppliers clothing’. This should help to find the right one.

  2. Product Quality: Don’t partner with companies or suppliers who offer low-quality products. Only partner with those who have a good reputation in the market. Look for high-quality products and good prices.

  3. Fast Shipping Time: Your store’s success also depends upon shipping time. Never partner with dropshipping companies with inadequate or delayed shipping time. You won’t be able to keep customers with low shipping time.

  4. Deep Inventory: Don’t partner with those companies that cannot fulfill your inventory requirements. While partnering with dropshipping suppliers/companies, ensure that they have enough stock. Otherwise, they won’t be able to fulfill orders on demand.

  5. Technical Integrations: While partnering with the right dropshipping company/supplier, look for technical integrations. It must be compatible with the eCommerce platform you are using. For example, if you have a Shopify store, you should consider Oberlo. It is compatible with the Shopify interface and process.

After finding the right dropshipping supplier based on these criteria. First thing is to legitimize the process before you start doing business with them. Genuine dropshipping suppliers will only be able to partner with you. Sometimes, they sell you their products only if you have a registered business.

The legalization process depends upon the type of dropshipping company you are partnering with. For example, if you use Oberlo, you have to sign up with your personal details. You can process without any legal issues to avail the services.

Most of the wholesalers reveal the product pricing to the legal business owners only. Don’t forget to make a contract consisting of all the necessary details. Such as commission, payment period, shipping, compensation, etc., before partnering.

Here is our list of the best dropshipping suppliers and companies in 2021:

Spocket - Best Easy to Use Platform for the US and Europe Dropshipping Suppliers

Spocket Review

Spocket is one of the leading dropshipping apps. It connects you to thousands of reliable US and Europe dropshipping suppliers. It is a platform where manufacturers & wholesalers list their products. Very useful for aspiring entrepreneurs and retailers.

The best thing about Spocket is that it is completely automated. It is compatible to integrate with all the major e-commerce platforms. Such as Shopify, Woocommerce, BigCommerce, or Wix store in a single click.

Best features of Spocket:

  • Fast Shipping & Returns: Offers speedy shipping (5-7 days) as most of the suppliers are from the US and Europe. You can also offer your customer an easy return option if selling in the US or UK. You can order a sample product for a quality check.

  • High Discounts & Margin: Offers a significant discount of 30-60% of the retail price. This is almost on every product so you can earn a high margin on each sale.

  • Can customize every invoice using their Branded Invoice feature in the paid plan.

  • Dedicated 24*7 chat support

  • Easy to Integrate and Use - with Shopify, Woocommerce, or Wix. You have to download the Spocket app or plugin in your eCommerce store and link it with your store. Then you can import your favorite products into your store. After that edit their price using the Price Ruling feature.

How much does it cost to use?

To test the platform and products, you can start with their Starter 14-Days free-trial Plan. In that, you can list up to 25 Spocket Products. Along-with you get email support, real-time inventory updates, and unlimited product order features.

After using the trial plan, if you wish to list more than 25 products, then you can opt for any of these plans:

  • Pro: $49/month after a 14-day free trial, in which you can list up to 250 unique products and 25 premium products. It also has features like branded invoices, exclusive deals. Also offers premium 24*7 chat support, unlimited orders. Many other features are included in the Starter plan.

  • Empire: $99/month after a 14-day free trial. It allows listing up to 10,000 unique & premium products. Along with all other features included in Pro Plan.

  • Unicorn: $299/month after a 14-day free trial. It includes some unique features like bulk checkout, product requests, dedicated support executive. Along with all other features listed in Empire Plan.

Type of Products available on Spocket:

  • Electronics
  • Tech and Gaming
  • Clothing and Fashion
  • Home and Garden
  • Computing
  • Automotive

For those looking for fast dropshipping suppliers in the USA or Europe, Spocket is the best. You don’t need a business license or reseller license to use the platform. You have to integrate your eCommerce store with the app to import and sell products.

Oberlo - Best for AliExpress Dropshipping on Shopify

Oberlo Review

Oberlo is an automated and convenient dropshipping app made for Shopify. Whether you have a new Shopify store or an old one and you are looking for trending products to dropship.

Oberlo provides you with the best dropshipping products in various niches. They offer Electronics, Toys, homes, etc. to import into your Shopify store. You can customize them by changing the title, description, and pricing. After making changes you can sell them to customers.

Oberlo is an aggregator network to find millions of trending dropshipping products. You can find Aliexpress suppliers on Oberlo as well.

Since AliExpress has suppliers from all over the world. You can select shipping location & preferences to find dropshipping suppliers. USA, Europe, China, etc. The supplier will then ship the product from his location to the customer.

How much does it cost to use?

Oberlo Pricing

Oberlo offers three types of plans to its users based on their requirements:

Starter Plan- Free

If you are new to Oberlo, you can begin with the Starter plan. It allows you to import up to 500 products from Oberlo to your Shopify Store with features like:

  • Unlimited Orders
  • Automatic Order Fulfillment
  • Product Import from AliExpress with the auto-import of AliExpress Tracking numbers
  • Sales Report
  • Auto Inventory Update
  • Dispute Management Feature

Basic Plan - $29.90 Per Month

The basic plan offers you all the features, including in the starter plan. It has unique features like Bulk Orders, Live Order Tracking, Order Fulfillment Monitoring. Variant Mapping and Product Import of up to 10,000 products is a plus to them.

Pro Plan- $79.90 Per Month

Includes all the basic plan features, along with unique features. You can manage many staff accounts together. Also allows Product Import of up to 30,000 products.

CJ Dropshipping - Top AliExpress Dropshipping Alternative

CJ Dropshipping Review

CJ Dropshipping is a Chinese dropshipping company like AliExpress. It has better Quality Products, Support, Pricing, and Delivery.

Compatible with Shopify & WooCommerce, it allows you to import products into the Store. You can Track Orders, Update Orders and Manage them using CJ Dashboard.

Unlike AliExpress, CJ Dropshipping has its own warehouse in China and the US. From there the suppliers ship the products. Thus, it takes less delivery and processing time compared to AliExpress.

Also, they offer better prices and quality than AliExpress. Especially if you are ordering in bulk. CJ dropshipping has all the winning products to dropship. From fashion to home decor, electronics, gadgets, etc.

Some Unique Features of CJ Dropshipping:

  • Free to Use - You don’t need fees or plan to access CJ dropshipping features
  • Can add your Custom Packaging
  • Print on Demand Available
  • Product Videos Available
  • 24*7 customer support with an agent assigned to you
  • Automated & Convenient to Use
  • You don’t need a business license or reseller license to use the service.

Modalyst - Best to Find US Dropshipping Suppliers For Clothing

Modalyst review

For those looking for high-end quality products, Modalyst is the best dropshipping service. Modalyst is peculiar in the fashion niche. It is an aggregator network of UK and US dropshipping suppliers.

Modalyst offers you hard-to-find quality products at an affordable price. Offering a fast shipping rate and reliable service. Most of the products ship from US or UK marketplace/warehouse. Thus it only takes around 7-10 days in worldwide shipping.

How much does it cost to use?

Compatible with Wix, Shopify, and Bigcommerce. Modalyst offers three economic plans to build your store:

Hobby Plan - Free

This plan is for beginners. You can add up to 25 Modalyst products (with 5% transaction fees) to your store. They offer features like product automation, automatic order processing, unlimited orders. Chat support and order tracking are also available.

Startup Plan - $35/month

Includes sourcing of 250 Modalyst products along with 5% transaction fees. Along-with all other features available in the hobby plan.

Pro Plan - $90/month

Best for High-Volume Stores, Includes sourcing of unlimited products. Along with 5% transaction fees and all other features available in the startup plan.

To use Modalyst, you don’t need a business or reseller license. But if you wish to be a supplier on Modalyst, you have to grant your business license to them for verification.

Dropified - Great Alternative to Oberlo

Dropified Review

Like Oberlo, Dropified is an alternative dropshipping app compatible with your Shopify store. It lets you import products from AliExpress with some unique features like:

  • Product Image Customisation
  • Auto Price and Inventory Update from supplier’s end and Sync
  • Effortless Integration with Zapier
  • Automatic Price Margin Addition & reports
  • Shipping via ePacket

Since the products ship from China, you can expect a longer delivery time and a low return rate.

How much does it cost to use?

Expensive compared to Oberlo, Dropified offers two plans:

Builder Plan - $39/month after a 14-day free trial. It includes online support for one store, product upload up to 15,000. Also 50 product boards, and 1000 orders per month.

Premier Plan - $97/month after a 14-day free trial. It includes online support for five stores, product uploads up to 50,000. Also 250 product boards, and 100,000 orders per month.

Inventory Source - Integrated Supplier Network & Best Automation Software for Dropshipping

Inventory Source for Dropshipping

If you wish to automate the process of dropshipping completely. Inventory Source is the answer for you. It allows you to automate and integrate inventory from hundreds of dropshipping suppliers.

Compatible with any virtual online store or marketplace in a few minutes. Inventory Source only acts as an intermediary between you and its suppliers. Inventory source only provides you with the data of its 230+ reliable merchants.

You need to reach out to a supplier and set up a reseller account.

You can also get instant access to winning dropship products from their top sellers. For that, you have to integrate with their own “US Direct” as a supplier within Inventory Source. It allows you to start selling products by partnering with top dropshipping suppliers.


  • Connect you with a reliable and authentic network of 230+ suppliers.
  • Upload and sync product data and inventory
  • Send order updates to supplier and sync order tracking details
  • Provides a complete list of suppliers’ data, their catalog, and other details. It helps to filter the best as per your needs.
  • Ships products from all over the world. Most of the products ship from the US and UK marketplace. Thus shipping takes less time.
  • Offers products from various categories like Electronics, Beauty, fashion, Home Appliances, etc

How much does it cost to use?

Inventory Source offers both Inventory Automation and Full Automation plans:

Inventory Automation Plan: Starts with $99/month for Basic Plan. In this plan, only single integration (you can only add one supplier/sale channel) is allowed. Also has features like Bulk feed management tools, auto inventory updates. Having automatic product data upload, 25+ eCommerce integrations, and access to 230+ suppliers. For 2 or more sales channel integration, you can upgrade to their Plus Plan, starting with $125/month.

Full Automation Plan: Starts with $150/month for Basic Plan. It allows only a single sales channel or supplier integration. Also has other features like inventory automation, one-click order processing, multi-supplier order routing. Also automatic shipment tracking & sync, order management, etc.

If you wish to add more sales channels, you can upgrade to their Plan plan, starting with $225/month.

To use Inventory Source, you don’t need a business or reseller license. You can buy any of the above plans, to begin with, your listing and automation.

Wholesale2B - Best to Find Top Dropshipping Suppliers at One Place

Wholesale2B Dropshipping Suppliers Directory

Wholesale2B is an aggregator platform. It allows connecting with the best dropshipping suppliers worldwide. You don’t need to contact any supplier.

From automating the dropshipping process to handling orders and returns. Wholesale2B is best for unlimited order processing. You can find the winning products from various US, UK, Europe, and China suppliers. This helps to ship with low shipping times.

Wholesale2b provides you various apps that are compatible with Shopify, Amazon, Bigcommerce, eBay. You can find products from various categories like electronics, clothing, pet supplies, & more. That too at a competitive price.

How much does it cost to use?

All the plans of Wholesale2b allow unlimited order processing with no order caps. Apart from the free account in which you can browse unlimited products for a lifetime. The pricing of other plans depends upon the platform you use:

  • Amazon and eBay- $37.99/month

  • Dropship Website- $39.99/month. It includes website building, customizing, and hosting. Also has other features like choosing a domain name, 3 suppliers, store customization. Besides that, product upload, inventory update, processing, and tracking orders. All that with one-time extra fees of $47.

  • Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Ecwid- $29.99/month

Doba - Biggest Dropshipping Service

Doba for Dropshipping

Doba is the biggest dropshipping service based in the USA. It has more than 2 million products and 200 suppliers aggregated at a single platform. Quite expensive, the platform is suitable for experienced dropshippers. As it has the most comprehensive backend management system.

Compatible with almost all eCommerce platforms like Shopify, Woocommerce, Magento, BigCommerce. Doba allows you to discover trending products from the biggest dropshipping catalog. Once can manage and track orders as well. You can earn high profits on various niche items like beauty, baby items, clothing, etc.

Doba has verified suppliers, based in the US and Europe. So you can expect a short shipping period and flexible returns.

How much does it cost to use?

Doba is expensive and offers three major plans:

  • Startup: $24.99/month for one storefront. It includes 500 product listing and export, Price change alert, inventory update alert. Manual order placement, order invoicing, and chat support also available.

  • Business: $49.99/month for five storefronts. It includes startup plan features along with bulk order upload, curated product list. It offers inventory sync with Shopify integration.

  • Enterprise: $299.99/month for unlimited storefronts and listings. All this with other features, including the Business plan.

SaleHoo - Wholesale Dropshipping Supplier Directory

Salehoo Dropshipping

Based in New Zealand, Salehoo is the biggest wholesale dropshipping supplier directory. It has more than 8000 vetted suppliers and 1.6 million products listing in one place.

Salehoo has almost 75% of verified suppliers. From their vast catalog, you can choose trending products in various niches. Such as- Beauty, Clothing, Electronics, Furniture, Office Supplies, etc.

You can sell on your eCommerce platform or Amazon or eBay.


  • Offers specific tools to find quality wholesalers of your niche with low or no MOQ.
  • Salehoo’s market research lab allows you to discover the winning product based on your niche.
  • Salehoo directories offer insider pricing deals only for Salehoo members.
  • Excellent 24*7 chat & email support.
  • Compatible with almost all eCommerce platforms. It also has an option for a pre-built eCommerce store with an extra $27/month fee.
  • 60-days moneyback guarantee.

How much does it cost to use?

The pricing of Salehoo is very straightforward:

  • $67 for One Year Access
  • $127 for Lifetime Access

Sunrise Wholesale - Best to Sell Wholesale Dropshipping Products Online

Sunrise Wholesale for Dropshipping

Sunrise Wholesale is a reliable dropshipping wholesale network based in California. For the past 18 years, it allows users to browse more than 30,000 products from 20+ niche categories. Major categories are Home, Garden, Electronics. They also offer some popular brands like Apple, Versace, Armani, Gucci, etc.


  • Offers Amazon Research Tool to analyze selling trends on Amazon. This may help to find the winning product to sell on Amazon.
  • Can connect five eBay accounts and fulfill orders with a single click.
  • After listing products on the store, you can fulfill orders on their website. Buy the item at a low wholesale price, and the Sunrise Wholesale team will handle the rest.
  • Same or next-day fulfillment.
  • Daily product update alert.
  • Automation with all major marketplaces.

How much does it cost to use?

Sunrise Wholesale membership starts with a 7-day free trial. After which you can take a monthly subscription of $49 or an annual subscription of $199.

Buy2Bee- Best to Dropship Branded Fashion Items

Buy2Bee dropshipping Platform

Buy2Bee is ideal if you are looking to dropship best-branded fashion items. Sell by keeping a decent profit margin. Based in California, it has an extensive catalog of clothing brands. Some huge brands like Hugo Boss, Michael Kors, and more to dropship worldwide. Products available on Buy2bee are ranging from branded shoes to wallets, apparel, etc.

Buy2Bee offers convenient automation and integration with your Shopify. Also compatible with other eCommerce stores in a few steps. After integration, all the product information will be sync and updated to your store. Buy2bee fulfills the order within 24-48 hours. As most of the product ships from their US warehouse.

How much does it cost to use?

Buy2Bee offers two types of plan to integrate and automate the process:

  • Shopify Module: $249/month. It allows you to import products on the Shopify store. Manage listings and quantity, and forward orders to Buy2Bee.

  • Dropshipping API: $199/month. It allows you to access web services with an API feature. This helps you to download real-time inventory, pictures, and forward orders to Buy2Bee.

Wholesale Central- Oldest Directory of Dropshipping Suppliers

Wholesale Central Directory

Wholesale Central is the oldest and most reliable directory of dropshipping suppliers. Based in the USA and Europe. It includes wholesalers of various niches like electronics, fashion, home, office supplies, etc.

All the products are “Made in the USA.” It has extensive product categories and catalog. The directory is free to find genuine suppliers for dropshipping and contact them.

You can access the database available on Wholesale Central for free without registration. But if you create an account on the website, you can access their list of trusted suppliers. Product locator service is also included with a free account.

MegaGoods - Hub of Electronics Dropshipping Items

Megagoods for Electronic Items Dropshipping

Based in the USA. Megagoods is a dropshipping hub for those who sell electronics items and video games. Although you can export its products to your eCommerce store. You have to sort the items as it exports files in Zip format.


  • Blind-Ship goods with your brand name (optional) to customers to maintain brand reputation.
  • Delivers items in 1-2 days. Ships items from the USA using various shipping facilities like FedEx, USPS, or UPS.
  • Excellent return policy with a 30-day guarantee against manufacturing defects.

How much does it cost to use?

The membership fees of MegaGoods are as low as $14.99/month. But there is also a surcharge of $1.50 on each item and 20% restocking fees on unwanted returns.

National Dropshippers

National Dropshipper for Dropshipping

National Dropshippers is a wholesale product directory. Important for those who want to sell top-quality made in USA products. The platform has more than 250,000 products. Goods ranging from kitchen appliances to pet supplies.


  • Offers excellent margin on products at prices such as 33-60% below MSRP.
  • Generates tracking code of each order to track order status.
  • Ships products within 2-3 days with a full refund policy on defective or damaged items.
  • Simple user interface with excellent customer support and products.

How much does it cost to use?

  • Monthly Plan - $19.99
  • Lifetime Plan - $199 Review is the best platform to dropship jewelry and beauty products. With over 100 million products listed from 800+ suppliers of Aliexpress. The platform offers excellent SEO and automation tools to boost your eCommerce platform.


  • Offers an email marketing tool to boost reach.
  • Ship products with your brand name.
  • Provides a Live Chat feature to enhance the customer experience.
  • Provides full automation and order management to all eCommerce marketplaces

How much does it cost to use?

Monthly Plan- $29 per month. Including features like free domain name, inventory update, automated product pricing, SSL certificate. Providing three staff-accounts, order-tracking and shipping methods sync, gift cards, and discount codes.

Suppliersdata- Best Dropshipping Directory of US-Based Suppliers

If you are struggling to find winning products from dropshipping suppliers. If we talk about based in the USA then Suppliersdata is the best place for you.


  • Provides unique supplier data of US-based suppliers whom you can contact or email.
  • Search niche-wise winning products using an advanced filter system.
  • Save suppliers list in watchlist to contact later.
  • Get complementary eCommerce resources to grow your site.

How much does it cost to use?

The platform requires only one-time fees. Costs around $29.95 for unlimited access to suppliers’ data and resources.

CROV Dropshipping

CROV Dropshipping Platform

A reliable dropshipping network of US-based vetted dropshipping suppliers. It helps you earn more profit margin on winning dropshipping products.

The platform has products from various niches like beauty, pet supplies, and more. CROV Dropshipping provides full automation & compatible with Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Amazon, and eBay.


  • Competitive price with excellent margin and product quality.
  • Customized Product Description.
  • Automated inventory update, synchronization, and product fulfillment
  • Real-Time Tracking with faster shipping.
  • Dedicated 24*7 customer support.

How much does it cost to use?

  • Starter: Forever Free for one storefront integration. Allows 500 product listings and downloads per month along with other automated features.

  • Basic: $15/month for five storefronts integration. Allows 2000 product listings, and downloads per month. Along with all starter plan features.

  • Premium: $39.16/month for unlimited storefronts. Allows 5000 product listings & download with all other basic plan features.

Dropshipping Supplier FAQs

What are the best dropshipping suppliers in 2021?

Oberlo, Salehoo, Doba, etc. are some of the best dropshipping suppliers in 2021. We have briefed in this article. It allows you to dropship products from the US and Aliexpress. You can sell on eCommerce platforms like Shopify, Wix, Woocommerce, etc.

Is dropshipping profitable?

Yes, Dropshipping is profitable if you can find reliable suppliers. Winning products at affordable prices is also important. You also need to take care of quick shipping rates and excellent product quality.

Can you dropship with no money?

You cannot dropship with no money but you can start with very little money. Because you don’t have to stock inventory or buy products to sell. You have to invest money to buy a domain, host, and build your eCommerce store to advertise your products. You can display products free of cost on your storefront. Later, pay the third-party supplier after making a sale.

Who is the best dropshipping company?

There are many best dropshipping companies to start with. It depends on your requirements and niche. Some of them are Spocket, Salehoo, Oberlo, Wholesale2b, Wholesale Central, Dropified. The answer also depends on the eCommerce platform that you use. As not all companies integrate with every platform.

What should I dropship in 2021?

Electronics & Gadgets are best to earn high profit in 2021 through dropshipping. Some of the other profitable items to dropship in 2021 are:

  • Smart Watches
  • Bluetooth Speaker
  • Fitness Tracker
  • Organic Tea
  • Smoothie Blenders
  • Baby carrier
  • Bluetooth Headphones
  • Insulated Bottles
  • Massager
  • Waterproof Bags


Dropshipping is a profitable business model in 2021 only if you do it in the right way. We have provided you with a complete list of the best dropshipping suppliers of 2021. It includes both US-UK-based suppliers and Aliexpress Suppliers.

Based on your requirements, niche and audience. Choose a suitable dropshipping company to start with. If you are a small business owner, try to start with the one that offers the greatest automation at a low cost. It will save you time.

Before making sales, do your product research. Look for good Product quality and shipping time. Also, do the legal requirements for a smooth process.

If you have any other doubts about dropshipping suppliers or processes. Tell us in the comment section. We would love to help you out in your dropshipping journey!