Dropshipping these days is quite a trend where people are making eCommerce stores on platforms like Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, etc. But do you know the most important thing that makes any dropshipping business successful? Yes, it is the selection of winning products to sell on your website.

But how to find such winning dropshipping products? One way could be to spend hours researching and finding the trending products manually from scratch. Or the other smarter and easier way could be to use reliable dropshipping product research tools like Ecomhunt.

Used by millions of dropshippers online, Ecomhunt can boost your dropshipping business. So those who are not aware of this tool’s power and features, here is everything you have been missing out on till now.

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What is Ecomhunt?

Let’s start with the basic question first. For those who don’t know, Ecomhunt is the popular dropshipping product research tool of Aliexpress. Based on the recent trends, this tool lets you find the winning dropshipping products by suggesting all the best-selling products online.

The team of Ecomhunt curates all the interesting dropshipping products every day and provides you with all the in-depth data related to those products. This tool is excellent for beginners who don’t know what products to choose and sell for dropshipping.

Ecomhunt Curate Products

Here are some of its noteworthy features that make this tool unique and valuable for dropshippers:

Features & Benefits

Exclusively designed for eCommerce business owners, EcomHunt is packed with lots of valuable features and benefits, including performance analytics, total sales and estimated profit margins, etc. Some of its highlighted features and benefits are:

Suggest you thousands of winning dropshipping products according to your niche or product category

The platform has various product categories like Fashion, Beauty, Electronics, etc. You can find the most popular and winning dropshipping products to sell on your website in each category. You can find some winning products in less popular categories as well.

Daily update the new products which dropshipping experts exclusively handpick

Using the Ecomhunt Live feature, you can discover the hottest products selling on the platform in the last 24 hours, along with additional valuable metrics. This data refreshes every day so you can update your product listing based on recent trends.

Detailed performance metrics and analytics report, including total orders, reviews, and ratings

Ecomhunt provides you with product analytics by generating it from the supplier’s website on Aliexpress. These analytics includes a short summary of the stats recommended by the Aliexpress sellers. Also, you can check the product’s reviews and ratings to understand its quality.

Links to top AliExpress suppliers, competitors, and social ad campaigns

It is one of the most beneficial features of Ecomhunt. Links to suppliers take you to the actual product from that supplier or competitor. Similarly, Links to ad campaigns like Facebook ads allow you to find the link to the Facebook Ad to check its engagement and statistics.

Profit and Cost Indicator to recommend selling prices with estimated costs and profit margins

As the name indicates, the Profit and Cost Indicator feature calculates how much the product will cost you from the supplier and what selling price you should keep to get a good profit margin.

Find the best opportunities with the Proprietary market saturation inspector

Saturation Inspector is a cool tool that tells you how many stores are selling that particular product. This gives you an insight into the popularity and trend of that product.

Provides detailed social media engagement statistics like total likes and comments on paid ads

The platform shows you the engagement of Facebook ads without taking you to the social media platform to see the ad there. But these engagements can sometimes be not updated after the product is placed. So there can be chances that the Facebook ad is performing better than the stats you are getting on Ecomhunt.

One-Click product import from the database to your Shopify store

Using the Oberlo button, you can automatically import the products directly to the Shopify store to save time, effort, and resources.


  • Ecomhunt is the most popular and reliable dropshipping product research platform, used by millions of dropshippers.
  • Offers thousands of handpicked and winning products with detailed analytics and metrics.
  • Modern platform with clean and Easy-to-Use interface even for beginners.
  • Let the sellers quickly find suitable, winning, and profitable products for their stores based on their niche and product categories.
  • Includes links to sellers/competitors’ product listing and successful ad campaigns.
  • Offers plenty of features and performance metrics in its Free plan.
  • Pricing structure is very straightforward and economical, with a premium membership plan only at $20/month.


  • A Limited number of features are available in the Free plan.
  • Those who are serious about the dropshipping business need to take its Pro plan to access all the valuable features, analytics, and resources.
  • Trending products are limited on the platform, so you have to choose the right ones.


The platform offers you two economical and straightforward price plans according to the features and services; these are:

Free Version

If you are a beginner and want to try your hand on the platform, the free version has quite enough features to offer. These features include:

  • Access to 2 products per day but with limited data. The rest of the daily updated products you will get in the Free plan after the third day.
  • Access to 5 saved products
  • Product links
  • Access to stores that are already selling that product
  • Ads and Engagements
  • No access to community

Premium Plan ($29/month)

The premium plan offers you all the features you lack in the free plan at a simple cost of $29/month. However, in the offer price, you can get it at $20/month, which is a limited-time deal. These features include:

  • Access to unlimited products per day with full product data
  • Unlimited product saves
  • No 3-day delay in accessing updated products
  • Access to the community
  • Detailed analytics and engagement tracking on ads videos and FB ads
  • Links to stores already selling those products

The best part is that Ecomhunt offers you 30-days money back guarantee to let you effectively try all the features before buying the plan. In case you are not happy with the plan or services, the company will give you a complete refund.

Ecomhunt Pricing

How does Ecomhunt work?

In simple words, Ecomhunt saves you from the stress of searching trending and winning products based on recent trends manually. It curates and suggests unique and hot-selling products daily so you can virtually sell them on any eCommerce platform, be it Shopify, Amazon, or so on. This is how Ecomhunt works simply like this:

The team of experts at Ecomhunt chooses and lists new products every day with all these valuable details

  • Expected Profit margin and Cost Price Details
  • Product description with images
  • Product Analytics and Metrics including reviews, ratings
  • Links to sellers’ stores currently selling that product
  • Social Media Engagement details
  • Product videos
  • Real-Life examples and engagement data of Facebook ads
  • Facebook Targeting tools and ideas

With all this valuable data, you can easily pick the right and winning dropshipping products for your store and see which one is working for you and which one is not.

What Has Included In Ecomhunt Winning Products?

Ecomhunt not only provides you with access to winning products daily but also gives you quite insightful information regarding those products which you can add to your store. Here is the complete bifurcation of the information provided by Ecomhunt with every winning product:

1. Keyword Product Title

It is the actual product name and the SEO title with the product keyword used by the seller to list the product. Your product appears in the search results when someone looks for the product based on your keyword product title. That is why it must contain the necessary and proper product keywords to better rank your listing.

2. Product Image

Ecomhunt provides you with high-quality product images with every product listing so that you can download and reuse them on your store for reselling.

3. Product Description

The platform also gives you a well-written and SEO optimized product description with every listing. You can take inspiration from that description to modify a bit and use it for your store. Don’t copy-paste the entire product description as it won’t work right for you. It is better to take inspiration from the provided description and write it in your words with suitable keywords.

4. Oberlo Button

For automatic order processing, Ecomhunt uses the Oberlo button. This button automatically imports the products to your Shopify or other eCommerce stores to save time and effort.

5. Product Save Button

As the name indicates, this button lets you save all those products you like on Ecomhunt as your favorite. By saving these products, you can access them later whenever you want for the listing and other purposes.

6. Ecomhunt Expert Consultant (Jack Kaching)

Jack Kaching is an Ecomhunt Expert Consultant and point of contact for all the platform and dropshipping related queries. You can connect this expert on Facebook messenger as well to ask all your product related questions. This makes Ecomhunt one of the responsive and active product research tools.

7. Product Saturation Inspector

It is an indicator of a particular product’s virality among other sellers. It shows you how many stores are already selling that particular product so you can choose the right one. The more stores sell one product, the more saturated that product is. Don’t go for highly saturated products as the competition is already high.

8. Profit and Cost Indicator

This tool lets you estimate a particular product’s profit margin by telling you its actual cost from the supplier. Based on this actual cost, the tool suggests the ideal selling price for that product by keeping your profit margin aside.

9. Product Analytics

Product Analytics is generated from the Aliexpress listing of the seller by the platform. These analytics include all the crucial data about the product along with buyers’ reviews and ratings for your reference.

10. Product Engagement on Social Media

This tells you all the reactions that a particular product is getting on social media, such as likes, comments, etc.

These links lead you to the supplier listing of that product. From there, you can also check the other winning products sold by that particular supplier.

12. Facebook Ads & Targeting

It is a paid feature of Ecomhunt for those who have less experience with Facebook ads and targeting. This feature provides access to the already running Facebook ads of that particular product.

Also, you get a free product video to use for your product advertisement. Using this existing information, you can effectively experiment with Facebook ads to see which target audience and ad copy work for you.

13. Instagram Influencer

Ecomhunt also provides you with a list of potential Instagram influencers for the advertisement and marketing of your product. Using the right influencers, you can advertise your product at a better price than Facebook ads. Influencer marketing is an excellent option for beginners who don’t want to spend much on marketing.

14. Real Buyer Reviews From AliExpress

Ecomhunt fetches the past reviews of real buyers from Aliexpress that you can use for your store and other reference purposes.

Ecomhunt Chrome Extension: How to Use?

Ecomhunt Chrome Extension is a lifesaver for dropshippers. Using this extension, you can hunt down Facebook ads and competitors’ Shopify stores in a single click. The chrome extension offered by Ecomhunt is known as AdHunter. To use this Adhunter Chrome Extension tool, you must first create an account on Ecomhunt.

What are the 3 main features of the Ecomhunt chrome extension?

Ecomhunt Chrome Extension Main Features

This Ecomhunt Chrome extension is known for its three main functionalities, i.e.:

  1. Competitor Facebook Ads: Using this chrome extension, you can discover all the Facebook ads running by your competitors right on your Facebook page. Currently, they have added the “Viral ads” filter in the extension so you can discover only the most viral ads running now on Facebook using the filter.
  2. Shopify Store Inspector: The extension also allows you to thoroughly inspect your competitors’ Shopify stores to find out their best-selling products, apps used, Facebook ads insights, plugins and theme information, and much more.
  3. Aliexpress Tracker: This is the recent addition to the chrome extension. Using this product tracker button, you can add any product from Aliexpress to Ecomhunt tracker to check its growth, sales, and other valuable stats.

Five Tips to Improve Your Dropshipping Store Using EcomHunt Dropshipper App

To effectively run any dropshipping store and get good results, you need to follow these five tips while using the Ecomhunt Dropshipper app:

  1. Research and Observe Competitors’ Stores – Your competitor can be your biggest teacher, and there should be no shame in learning something from them. Using the Ecomhunt dropshipper app, you can easily find your competitors’ stores or other Shopify stores selling the same product but in a better way. By observing these stores, you can understand where you are lacking and what you can do differently & better from them. From there, you can find the most profitable products to dropship and other great ideas for dropshipping SKU’s.
  2. Don’t keep unrealistic expectations – Many dropshippers think of making instant money after starting a dropshipping business, which is practically stupid. Like any other business, dropshipping also requires time and effort to make good money and thus, one should not immediately leave their job to start it. It can be a sustainable way to earn passive income by acquiring valuable skills. But don’t depend on it solely unless you start making huge bucks through it.
  3. Don’t Be Afraid To Outsource – You can only make a good income with Dropshipping when you are ready to outsource a few operations to those who have expertise in it. Don’t try to handle everything by yourself. This will waste not only your money but also your time, efforts, and resources. Once you outsource a few crucial tasks to other people, things will become more manageable and profitable for your store.
  4. Build A Brand – Yes, you can dropship successfully without branding, but to gain customers’ trust and add a touch of personalization, building a brand is the smart way in the long run. People love to buy things from brands, and if you check the Shopify stores, big brands are performing well in dropshipping business. So, build a brand and grow it with winning products.
  5. Have Patience, Don’t Give Up Too Soon – The biggest mistake people make in dropshipping business or any startup is becoming impatient and demotivated quickly after a few failures. Like any other business, dropshipping also requires time and effort to show results in the long term. You have to experiment with different products and ads to get sales. Some will give you good results, while others will fail miserably. But with every experiment, you will learn something valuable. So don’t give up too soon. Have patience, and things will fall in place.

Ecomhunt Alternatives & Competitors

There is no doubt that Ecomhunt is one of the best dropshipping product research tools available in the market these days. But there are some other great alternatives and competitor tools available online that you can try to access a few more features. Let’s see which one will be the right pick for you.

Ecomhunt vs Dropship Spy

Like Ecomhunt, Dropship Spy is an interesting and straightforward tool for finding unique and winning dropshipping products. It also offers most of the similar features as Ecomhunt, like Product analytics, Profit calculator, Instagram Influencer research, etc. But here are a few aspects that make it different from Ecomhunt:

  1. Facebook Audience Builder Tool: It is one of the unique features offered by Dropship Spy. This tool is precious for those who have no experience with Facebook ad targeting and still want to create a niche-specific ad. This tool builds a potential audience for your Facebook ad based on your product’s niche and other details to give you targeted and quality leads.
  2. Amazon Review Downloader: Dropship Spy allows you to download and reuse amazon reviews for your store to build customers’ trust.
  3. Cheap Pricing Plan: The premium plan of Dropship Spy costs you $20/month, which is more economical than the premium plan of Ecomhunt ($29/month).
  4. Generic products than Ecomhunt: The only thing we don’t appreciate about Dropship Spy is its products’ variety. The products suggested by Dropship Spy are too generic compared to that of Ecomhunt. If you want winning and unique dropshipping products, Ecomhunt has more to offer.

Ecomhunt vs NicheScraper

Like Ecomhunt, NicheScraper is an excellent product research tool for beginners and experts with a clean and easy-to-use interface. It offers many similar features like Ecomhunt, including Product analytics, Facebook ad data, Store analysis, etc.

In terms of pricing, NicheScraper costs you more (The price plan starts at $69/month) than the Ecomhunt. However, here are a few things that NicheScraper offers you better than the Ecomhunt, like:

  • Better Product Description
  • Curated List of More Winning Products to try on your store
  • FB Video Ad Creation by mixing product pictures

Ecomhunt vs AliShark

AliShark also curates and suggests winning dropshipping products to the sellers from AliExpress. However, AliShark doesn’t offer you a free plan like Ecomhunt. But you can take its trial plan for two days at $1 to try all the features and products. Like Ecomhunt, AliShark also offers detailed product data, which includes:

  • Product Pricing
  • Epacket shipping option with products
  • Total number of orders of a particular product
  • Product reviews
  • Top Selling Countries
  • Top dropshippers who are selling that product
  • Sales history of past 2-6 months
  • Shopify and other eCommerce stores selling that product

Ecomhunt vs Intelligynce

Intelligynce is another popular product hunting tool. It lets you find niche-specific products by searching through thousands of Shopify and Aliexpress stores. Both Ecomhunt and Intelligynce have a simple and easy-to-use interface with lots of features to offer apart from suggesting winning products.

Here are some of the highlighted features of Intelligynce that makes it different from Ecomhunt:

  • Offers a large number of trending and winning products with a massive database than Ecomhunt. Their database has more than 2.5 million products that are constantly updated based on recent trends.
  • Offers you four filter categories to find niche-specific winning products from the massive product database. These four categories are Keywords, Sorting based on Monthly traffic and listing order, Social Filters, and Store Filters.
  • Recently added the Ali Inspector tool to let you find top-selling products on Aliexpress using its in-built tools.
  • Its monthly plan starts at $39/month. Going for the annual plan costs you $79, and the lifetime plan costs $99.

Ecomhunt vs Pexda

Pexda is also an economical product hunting tool that gives you access to winning dropshipping products on Aliexpress, Shopify stores, and Amazon. Like Ecomhunt, it also provides Facebook ads data to invest strategically in marketing campaigns. Both platforms are simple and easy to use by beginners and offer plenty of similar features like Google Chrome Extension, Facebook Ad data, Product data, Review Import feature, etc.

However, here are some of the noteworthy features offered by Pexda that makes it different from Econmhunt:

  • The price plan is more economical than Ecomhunt and costs $14.95/month.
  • Unlike Ecomhunt, it has product categorization that lets you select the niche-specific product quickly and easily by selecting category and sub-category.
  • The marketing experts of Pexda fetch all the ad copies of a particular product so you can access all the ad insights, including photos, videos, captions, audience selection, etc., for that individual product.

Ecomhunt vs ShopInspect

ShopInspect is an automated product finding tool that analyzes Shopify stores to handpick the winning products for your store. Like Ecomhunt, it is a simple tool with a clean interface to use by beginners.

However, the platform offers you a limited free trial to search a maximum of three products, unlike Ecomhunt lifetime free plan. After those three searches, you have to buy their paid plans starting at $16/month and $19/month.

Both tools have many similar features like access to Facebook ads targeting, Instagram Influencer list, filter options to choose the niche-specific products, Product data and metrics, etc. But here are some unique features of ShopInspect that makes it different from Ecomhunt:

  • Provides detailed report analytics of a product, including monthly page visits, product pricing, and how much that product is earning per month.
  • It shows the smart web score and average monthly searches of a product. The higher the smart web score is, the more popular and profitable the product is to sell.
  • Provide access to the top 100 Shopify stores’ traffic metrics.
  • Let you create videos related to your products for Facebook Ads and eCommerce stores.

Ecomhunt vs SaleSource

Like Ecomhunt, SaleSource is also popular product research and marketing tool. It browses through 100 million products online to find suitable products for your niche. The platform offers many similar features like Ecomhunt, including Product Import to Shopify, Sales Metrics, Estimated profit margin and selling price calculator, Product and sales tracker, Ads tracking, etc.

However, in terms of pricing, SaleSource is costlier than Ecomhunt. Its 7-day trial starts with $49/month, and then there are two other paid plans: Pro plan - $99/month and Elite Plan - $299/month.

Here are some of the noteworthy features of SaleSource that differentiates it from Ecomhunt:

  • It has more trending products to choose from its 100 million product database than Ecomhunt.
  • It has fewer filter options than Ecomhunt to sort and categorize the products. You will find a few categories in such filters: US Shipping, Trending Now, and Bestsellers.
  • It has a built-in store analyzer to analyze any Shopify store. This analyzer provides valuable information about that particular store. This includes its best-selling products, domain age, marketing channels, and recently added products.
  • Using SaleSource Video Finder Tool, you can find relevant videos for the marketing and advertisement of your products.
  • It also has a Google Chrome extension that gets turned ON whenever you browse products on Aliexpress. This extension provides complete information about the product. Also, It lets you download images and reviews without heading to the dashboard.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What makes Ecomhunt stand out?

Ecomhunt provides access to the winning dropshipping products and the valuable metrics related to those products. This makes it stand out as the top product research tool. It provides useful information about the best-selling and winning products. This information includes how many stores are selling them, how much profit sellers make with that product, etc.

Also, with its Pro plan, you get access and updates about new upcoming products which are unknown by other users. The tool also offers valuable Facebook ads insights with the right audience targeting. Using this information, you can take inspiration for your ads.

2. Is Ecomhunt free to use?

Yes, there is a lifetime free trial version of Ecomhunt available to use by beginners. But it comes with limited features. So if you just want to try the tool initially, you can go for it and later opt for its paid plan.

3. What payment methods does Ecomhunt accept?

Ecomhunt accepts Paypal as a payment method. When you click to upgrade your plan, it redirects you to the Paypal site to complete the transaction.

4. What is Ecomhunt Live?

Ecomhunt is a valuable feature to find the trending and best-selling dropshipping products from the list of 2300+ products. This feature provides you with a 30-days complete engagement history of the product and in which country it is trending. This data refreshes from time to time to stay up-to-date.

5. What is Ecomhunt Lucky?

Ecomhunt Lucky feature helps you find the next best-selling product that fits your criteria by using four filters. These filters are Trending products, High Margin Products, Top Score and Low Visits. All the products suggested by Ecomhunt Lucky come with valuable data such as Aliexpress Order growth, Ecomhunt 24-hour score, Monthly visits, etc.

6. What is Ecomhunt Tracker?

Ecomhunt tracker lets you track the performance and Aliexpress sales of a particular product so that you can choose the profitable products for your store. The tracker also tells you when a product is about to pick up so that you can import it quickly to your store to make a profit.

Final Words!

With Ecomhunt, you can easily find the winning dropshipping products to make a huge profit and grow your online store. But for that, you must access its Pro features and understand the working of the platform. After reading this detailed review guide on Ecomhunt, we hope that you must be aware of how to use this tool in the right way to grow your dropshipping business.

If you have any other queries regarding this topic, drop them in the comments. Keep checking our related and upcoming blogs for more dropshipping tips and hacks!