Are you an Amazon FBA seller looking to track your competitors prices? Or a dropshipper looking for the best way to monitor your suppliers current inventory levels and pricing strategies? If so, then Keepa Amazon price tracker is an absolute must have. It’s one of the most popular tools among Amazon sellers for monitoring product prices on Amazon. In this blog post we will cover everything you need to know about this powerful tool including how it works, what features are available and where you can go from here if you need more help. So let’s get started!

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What is Keepa used for?

All right, you’ve started to crack into the world of Amazon retail selling; or shopping. And unless you make the better judgment— increasing your profit margin or personal consumer satisfaction may as well be off the table. Millions of retail businesses are established per year, but only those who know a thing or two about strategies to overcome the retail saturation have been successful. Hence, the success rate from eCommerce stores is recorded to be only about 10% each year. That’s why as an Amazon seller or buyer, you have to keep an eye out for marketing strategies and tools. Maybe you have heard of Keepa, one of the leading Amazon trackers that are hot in the world of Amazon FBA selling.

Keepa is an excellent tool for tracking the history of every amazon item’s price and sales rank. Thus, letting users efficiently compare the price trajectory points of different products in the Amazon selling space.

Keepa Features

Import Export Huge Product List The Product finder feature in Keepa makes it so that a single query matches with the strings of filters included. From here, you can export a variation list per ASIN on your designated table row and pagination settings; with the higher row setting allowing users to process in high loads of ASIN directly.

View Amazon Best-Selling Products Frequent users attest to the strength of Keepa features. As such, this improves their buying decisions and confidence in making great price deals simply by determining through the actual numbers like units marketed, inventory levels, comparing millions of Amazon product prices internationally, and estimating the sales rank.

View Amazon Top Merchants Be informed of which sellers are securing the best deals. Knowing who is making the biggest volume of units sold is an advantage in how the best seller rank comes to win the buy box, you’ll know whose selling strategy is bulletproof and working in the market.

Category Tree Browsing Linked to Best Sellers Use this feature to efficiently browse listings by category. A category tree enables the user to view all of the rule-based types in a collection. If done right, Amazon can showcase all the products to specific branches or, perhaps, be automatically updated by the system. Therefore increasing the rotating chance of a seller winning the buy box.

Price Increase Tracking and Alerts Do you have a product in mind that you want to purchase at the best price, or perhaps track the price history of a unit? If so, put a price tracker with Keepa. Automatically keep tabs on the item’s price variations with the alert feature that notifies you of any shift in the item’s price standing.

Price Drop Deals Based on Product Criteria Get notified almost immediately of any price drop alerts and item availability. You just select Track Product, slide your ideal threshold amount and set up your desired product with the additional filters and the category tree. When you configure Keepa to check the price on the product page, you can turn on the price drop alarms and receive an email the second the item drops its price.

How do I activate Keepa?

One great thing about Keepa is, there are many ways around how to access it. Whether you choose the website or extension. The long list of available features will never fail to accommodate its end-users with remarkable ASIN list building and tracking, plus the historical data graphing experience.

Other than its features, is the convenience. The moment you tour the website or install the website extension, their service to you immediately starts. The activation process isn’t really an obligation to follow through, so it is up to you to create an account or not. This is just a gentle reminder—all business-related transactions, reputedly the premium subscription, are always made upfront, and Keepa would never include any hidden charges.

Do I have to create an account to use Keepa?

There is no binding regulation to create a user account. In fact, users can opt to stay anonymous while using the service and still get the same interface as registered users. Still, if you want to be notified of any changes in your wishlist or save your data— it is best to make one— more importantly, if you are looking for the business side of things. To register your account is quite an easy task, and you’ll be done before you know it: Simply click on the Log-in/Register button on the top right corner, fill in your desired username, password, and email.

Do I need to have an Amazon Prime subscription before I could use Keepa?

Amazon Prime Day Deals is a two-day annual sale event exclusively on the Amazon website and app. That’s definitely one way of making lucrative sales in two days’ time. So the big question is, do you need the Amazon Prime subscription to activate Keepa? Absolutely not. You don’t need it. I repeat— You don’t need to shell out money for that prime membership. You can perfectly monitor the real-time statistics, set up price deal alerts, and track an item by Amazon Regular. The only purchase you will ever make is if you plan to upgrade your basic plan to premium. Other than that? Not a chance.

How much does Keepa Premium Data Access cost per month?

Although the best parts of Keepa are not available anymore, users can still access some of the basic features—free of any charge.

If you want to give a feel for their service. Keepa offers an entry-level starting plan that can be accessed regularly, at no cost, but comes with limited features and allows tracking per user’s only 5000 ASIN. If you are satisfied and want to unlock the advanced features of Keepa, there are two different payment plan options: $17.50/month or a billed one-year payment of $210.

How do I install Keepa Browser Extension?

Extensions are software programs, built on websites that enable users to personalize their browsing experience. Keepa offers a browser extension to the following search engine:

Google Chrome

  1. Open the Chrome Web Store.
  2. In the left column, click Extensions.
  3. Browse Keepa, then click Add to Chrome.
  4. Select Add Keepa.
  5. Click Add extension.

Success! you’ll be then notified that Keepa has been added to your chrome, and once it does, you’re good to go!

Firefox Mozilla

Here are the steps to install Keepa extension to Mozilla Firefox:

  1. Click the Mozilla Firefox browser.
  2. Go to Firefox Add-on Store, and on the top-right corner, type in Keepa.
  3. Tap Add to Firefox button.
  4. Confirm the installation by pressing Add.

Apple Safari

Good news, for Apple device users— you can now run Keepa’s features on both macOS and IOS.

For Mac users

  1. Open Safari and choose Safari Extensions.
  2. Browse Keepa.
  3. Click the Get button.
  4. Confirm the installation.

After the extension is installed, to activate an extension, go to Safari > Preferences > Extensions, then click Turn on.

Alternatively, For IOS users

  1. Open your App Store and search Keepadot tracker.
  2. Tap on the Get icon.

Important note: As Keepa integration for iOS is still a work in progress. iOS users may experience limited access to several of Keepa’s features and incidents of screen greying out.


Downloading the extension to opera can be a bit tricky. So follow these methods:

  1. Go to the Opera Addons.
  2. Next, download Opera’s Install Chrome Extensions Addon.
  3. Go to Google Web Store > Keepa.
  4. Click Add to Opera.
  5. Now head to and type Keepa in the search box.
  6. Select the Add to Opera.
  7. Confirm the installation by clicking Install.

Microsoft Edge

On the Microsoft edge. Click the three dots on the right corner.

  1. Drag down and click Extensions.
  2. Click Get extensions for Microsoft Edge, and you will be redirected to the Microsoft Edge Add-ons Beta.
  3. Type Keepa on the Search Bar.
  4. Press Get to install the add-ons.
  5. Once you’ve installed the extension, it should appear in the top-right corner.

How does Keepa extension work?

The Keepa search engine extension is one of the most detailed small software that offers powerful insights into Amazon products. But, well, what can you expect from it? For one, You’ll have plenty of access to price and review count history, the ability to track a product, or if you want to compare the price to other brands, then— simply click on the related product deals. That’s why when doing product research, using Keepa in the browser has a slight edge—in that the graph is automatically populated with the listing page.

How do you use Keepa deals?

Keepa’s tracking and statistical features are available when you visit their site. There you can source price drop deals in the direction that you like. And you’ll also be sure that your deal is placed in the current rank and performs a high metric score— making this one of the best features to find online sourcing deals.

Not only that, search filters and criteria of listings are arranged from a granular perspective— in this way, after the search query pulls out bands of results for you. The deals will match how you design it to be according to criteria and filters

How do I read Keepa data?

Say, for instance, we cleared out all the markings and started fresh with a blank keepa chart. On the right side, there are many available features. With respect to data statistics and graphical illustration, nothing gets done without first understanding what’s the chart and its legend demonstrations. We’ll list them all out and define each by their function:

  • Green Line display how the product does in terms of sales rank, and how fast the item is selling
  • Blue Line counts the merchant-fulfilled seller or Amazon’s lowest price.
  • Amazon is in stock when the orange shaded area is present; otherwise, the white areas in between imply the dates when Amazon ran out of stock.

Does keepa show sales per month?

The statistics division gives the user an overview of average ranks and prices. There’s another way you can look at the supposed sales rank as sales per month are not explicitly indicated: each spike in the green line from a higher number to a lower figure usually indicates at least one sale. Most sellers count each spike or drop on the Keepa chart as indicating a sale.

What are the triangles on keepa?

The Close-In view allows users to click and drag a specific chunk of the timeline in the graph and closely inspect it. By and large, Keepa has a very user-friendly interface that FBA sellers can better stand out from their competition. As such, all the data you need can be analyzed in simple, geometric shape identifiers.

  • Yellow Blocks – Amazon in-stock status
  • Pink Diamonds – Buy Box price
  • Orange Triangles – 3rd Party FBA people pricing vs Amazon price point

What is the new offer count on keepa?

Based on recent updates, there’s a lot of features included in the More Historical Data section. As you expand this section, you’ll notice the new seller count option, and when you click it, another set of a graph can be found beneath the existing first historical price graph.

This shows how many sellers are on that listing page. A lot of times and as soon as Amazon is out of stock, we see the blue line go either soaring or plummeting. That’s the time we know that a huge wave of FBA sellers is pulling the strings to win the price war.


Today’s online sellers frequently rely on third-party services to win the buy box effectively in the FBA selling route: In theory, the Amazon Effect closes in on the powerful force that eCommerce has made on the retail market. For that reason, online sellers must boost their visibility, significance, and digital market impact. And the best way to have a competitive edge in Amazon is with Keepa’s powerful and versatile tools.