Amazon has become the most profitable marketplace for sellers in the eCommerce era. There are more than 7 million sellers available on the Amazon marketplace. But unfortunately, only about 2 million sellers are successfully selling their products there. The rest of them have tried, failed and given up due to the lack of the right tools. {: #introduction}

To actively sell goods on this marketplace, you need better Amazon Product Finder Tools. These tools keep you ahead of your competition. Using them, you can find best-performing products, collect metrics and suitable keywords. Two such viral tools are AMZScout and Jungle Scout. Millions of Amazon sellers use these tools to grow their Amazon sales. Both tools have unique product research features. But which one is right for your business? Let’s understand it with our detailed AMZScout vs JungleScout comparison guide.

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Why Are Amazon Product Finder Tools Important?

Amazon Product Finder Tools are crucial to fighting the Amazon supremacy fight. You need a market research tool to find better products and suitable keywords. They offer better product visibility among this fierce competition. These tools give you a detailed insight into the Amazon marketplace. You can track the growth of winning products. So, using them, you can stay ahead of your competition and rank better in search queries.

AMZScout vs JungleScout – Main Differences

Both AMZScout and JungleScout tools offer product research features and chrome extensions. Both tools work with datasets to let you find and track the winning products. You can analyze their growth metrics. Both AMZScout and JungleScout have quite similar features. But, there are some critical differences between these tools, like:

  • AMZScout lets you access more product listings than JungleScout. It focuses primarily on product research and is easy to use.
  • AMZScout offers a free plan to explore all the tools, unlike JungleScout. It offers three great free tools, whereas Junglescout doesn’t provide any free tools.
  • JungleScout offers better features for existing sellers as compared to AMZScout. These features include Competitors’ tracking, Keyword Research, Listings optimization, etc.
  • Inventory management is one of the crucial tools offered by Junglescout, unlike AMZScout.
  • JungleScout offers Sales Analytics Dashboard to track your sales growth, while AMZScout doesn’t.
  • JungleScout Price Plans are more sorted and straightforward than AMZScout.
  • AMZScout features only Chrome Extension, while JungleScout offers both Chrome and Firefox extensions.

In Short, AMZSCout offers a free trial plan and tools but limited features. This makes it ideal for those who need an easy-to-use tool at a lower price. JungleScout provides better features for existing sellers. But you won’t get free tools or trial plans with it. It is a better-time saving tool for those who want to automate their business on Amazon.

The Similarities

Both tools have lots of similar features, like:

  • Both AMZScout and Jungle Scout offer on-demand video guides and tutorials for beginners.
  • Both tools feature chrome extensions.
  • Both tools provide Product Discovery tools and a Product Opportunity tracker.
  • Both have excellent keyword discovery tools. Some of them are Keyword rank tracker, Reverse ASIN search, etc.
  • Both have excellent customer support.
  • You can access millions of product listings to track and track growth with both tools.
  • With both tools, you can export the listings data in PDF or CSV formats.

What is AMZScout?

AMZScout is a professional suite of tools designed for amazon sellers. This includes Amazon Product Discovery Tools, Keyword Research Tools and Chrome extensions. These tools help you to do the following tasks:

  • Find high-profit products
  • Optimize your listings
  • Competitor spying
  • Track ranking keywords, etc.

Using AMZScout tools, you can access Amazon’s entire catalog, analyze sales data, etc. Many famous brands like Dell, HP, Casio, RedBull, etc., are already using it for online sales and growth.

AMZScout offers some great free tools to grow your Amazon account. You can also take help using their guided video tutorials.

What is Jungle Scout?

Jungle Scout is a renowned American-based company. It offers reliable SAAS-based product discovery tools for Amazon. From product research to product launch, Jungle Scout covers everything. It features a complete set of tools and browser extensions to grow your Amazon sales.

These tools help you to do the following tasks:

  • Find winning amazon products,
  • Estimate sales,
  • Track competitors’ growth,
  • Product Discovery and Launch
  • Listings Optimization, etc.

These tools are designed for new sellers, existing sellers, brands and agencies. Jungle Scout tools are time-saving and rich in resources. The brand also offers tutorials and video guides for new sellers and beginners. The company already has a rich community of more than 500,000 active sellers.

How To Get Started


Starting with AMZScout is pretty quick and effortless. The tool allows you to sign up using your Google accounts, email address or Facebook account. If you have its Free trial plan, you can start immediately without connecting your Amazon account.

The tool also provides AMZSCout Chrome Extension if you don’t want to use its web app. Install the chrome extension to start with a free trial. Once you have signed up, you can connect your Amazon account to discover the latest products.

Both the web app and a chrome extension are pretty easy for beginners and new sellers. You can use any one of them to get started. Once your free trial plan expires, you can upgrade to its Pro plans using the “Buy Now” button.

Jungle Scout

To start with Jungle Scout, you must register with an email id and password. Unlike AMZScout, Jungle Scout doesn’t offer a free trial plan. But it lets you explore the tool with a seven-day money-back guarantee. Before opting for a plan, you have to enter your payment details, and then you can use it for free for 7-days.

Unlike AMZScout, Jungle Scout doesn’t offer its browser extension separately. Also, it is advisable to connect your Amazon account while signing up to access the complete features. You will only get access to limited features if you don’t connect your account. Also, the browser extension is accessible only after paying for a subscription.


It is easier to create an account on AMZScout than Jungle Scout. AMZScout doesn’t ask for payment details while signing up. You can use the tool by signing up via your Google or Facebook account. Also, the tool offers browser extensions separately, without any subscription.

Product Database


AMZScout has a massive database of up to 550 million listings of amazon products. You can access this database using their web app only and not the browser extension. There is a “Tools menu” under their web app to find this product database.

AMZScout lets you filter high-profit products based on 16 different parameters. These parameters include shipping cost, product size, profit margins, FBA costs, etc. You can break down product searches by week, month or any special holiday to gain insights.

Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout also offers you a detailed database of around 475 million amazon products. You can find the best-performing products for your store from this database.

All the products in the database can be sorted based on low and high competition. Other sorting factors include:

  • Sales revenue
  • Sales rank
  • Estimated sales
  • FBA charges
  • Seller details, etc.

The tool also lets you save your preset filters. This way, you don’t have to set filters every time you search for products.


Compared to Jungle Scout, AMZScout has a vast product database with more filter options. So, you can access more Amazon products using the AMZScout product database than Jungle Scout.

Keyword Research


AMZScout keyword research tool is one of the best tools you will find online for amazon. The tool searches the relevant and best-performing keywords related to your products. Finding profitable keywords for your products listing is simple with this tool. You can access this tool under the “Tools Menu”.

In the search bar, type the Keyword Phrase related to your products. Set the least and greatest limit of words you want in keywords. The tool will generate all the related keyword ideas with estimated monthly search volume.

Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout also offers a comprehensive keyword research tool for Amazon products. But, this keyword research tool provides millions of data points along with generating keyword ideas. These data points give you better insights into the high-performing keywords. These data points include:

  • Relevancy Score
  • Easy to Rank
  • Search Volume
  • PPC Bid
  • Dominant Category
  • Trend Volume in the last 30 days, etc.

You can generate new keyword ideas using Amazon products’ ASINs or keyword phrases. The tool gives you relevant and high-performing keywords based on the latest trends.


As compared to AMZScout, the Jungle Scout Keyword research tool is better. It offers you plenty of data points and insights to identify profitable keywords. AMZScout lacks this feature.

Product Tracker


Using AMZScout’s Product Tracker, you can monitor the growth of all your listing products. As you click on the Product tracker tool, it will show you the tracking of all your listed products. If you want to track a specific product, you can enter its ASIN or URL. The details provided by the AMZScout Product tracker include:

  • Average Rank
  • Average Daily Sales
  • Inventory Count
  • Average Price
  • Product Category
  • ASIN
  • Average Daily Revenue

The tool provides all these data in graphical format for a better understanding.

Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout Product Tracker lets you track the performance of your or your competitor’s products over time. The best thing about this tracker is its organization. You can organize the data provided by the tool through simple drag and drop according to your preferences.

Using this tool, you can track real-time sales. This data includes:

  • Average Daily revenue
  • Best-seller ranks
  • Average Sales
  • Average Daily Rank, etc.

These are some of the valuable insights provided by the tool. As you click on the product, you get more key metrics.


Both tools have excellent Product trackers with lots of valuable insights. The only difference is Jungle Scout Product tracker is more organized than the AMZScout.

Listing Optimization


AMZScout offers a chrome extension with the Listing Quality Score (LQS) feature to optimize your listings. LQS tells you how optimized your listings are. The more high the LQS score you get, the more optimized your listings are. LQS rates your product between 0-100 based on various criteria, like:

  • Product name length
  • Description length
  • Image Counts
  • Number of Reviews
  • Rating
  • Brand
  • Seller Type
  • Bullets

When you optimize your listings well according to these nine criteria, you get good LQS. The tool also instructs you on how to improve your listings.

Jungle Scout

Like AMZScout, Jungle Scout also offers a listing builder tool to optimize your listings. Instead of LQS, the tool provides you with a rank based on your listing’s optimization. The tool optimizes your listings with ideal keywords and improves their ranking.

The tool analyzes your listings based on:

  • Product Title
  • Product Description
  • Keywords
  • Key features
  • Images, etc.

Based on these factors, the tool gives ranking to your listings and tells how much sales it will bring. The tool also instructs how to improve your listings.


Both tools have similar listing optimization features, and thus you can use any one of them. One offers LQS, and the other provides ranks to improve your listings using various criteria.

Inventory Management


As of now, AMZScout doesn’t have a dedicated inventory management tool. Currently, its product tracker tool takes care of inventory management. Through this tool, you can track the performance and growth of all your listing products.

By growth tracking, you can decide which product should be in your inventory in future. Also, the tool tracks the growth of your competitors’ products. This lets you add profitable products to inventory and remove the irrelevant ones.

Jungle Scout

Unlike AMZScout, Jungle Scout has a dedicated inventory management tool. This tool automates your inventory by working with your Amazon Seller Central account. Automation saves your time and effort in predicting the stock you will need in the future.

The tool also tracks inbound inventory, prevents stockouts, predicts FBA sales and profits. This way, you can plan which products should be in your stock for future growth and which should not. The tool uses Advanced Demand Forecasting Technology to provide valuable insights.


Clearly, Jungle Scout is better for inventory management than AMZScout as it offers a dedicated tool for that. Using this tool, you can automate your inventory management process. It also provides insights to predict future sales of a particular product.

Analytics & Reports


AMZScout doesn’t feature an exclusive analytics and report dashboard. But, it provides product analytics and reports in its browser extension. Using these analytics, you can analyze the growth of your business and account.

Use the Quick View feature available in its browser extension for these analytics. You can also export product metrics in CSV format through the export button for offline usage.

Jungle Scout

Unlike AMZScout, Jungle Scout features a native sales analytics dashboard. Here you can track your account’s income and expenses. The best thing about this dashboard is that you can access all valuable metrics in one place. Using this tool, you can also analyze the following metrics using this dashboard:

  • Track real-time Amazon Sales data
  • Track PPC-related sales
  • Profit and Loss Statement
  • Revenue over time, etc.


Indeed, Jungle Scout offers you better sales and analytics tools than AMZScout. This is because it comes with a dedicated dashboard.

Customer Support


AMZScout is a Pennsylvania-based company having a support office in Dubai. You can reach out to their customer support directly by email. For your queries, write them at Alternatively, you can take help from their helpdesk/FAQ section on the website.

The FAQ section has a limited 20 topics to answer your queries. If your questions are not related to these FAQs, you can contact the support team through HelpDesk. To access HelpDesk, you have to log in and enter a subject, description and attachments.

Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout has its support offices in Canada, China and the US. You can access their support team via the live chat option. Alternatively, you can write them an email at

The company also features a valuable Help Desk regarding various topics on its website. You can log into the account to access the Helpdesk and submit the contact form. The support team is prompt and will solve your concern as soon as possible.


Both the companies offer excellent customer support. But Jungle Scout has better and more prompt support options than AMZScout.



AMZScout Pricing Plans are straightforward and affordable for beginners. It offers a free trial plan with limited features to explore the platform. Later, you can opt for one of its two paid plans, i.e.:

1) Pro Extension Plan: This plan starts with $16.49/month and costs $197.99 when billed annually. Under this plan, you get a Chrome Professional Extension to find profitable products. You can track the competition of these products and optimize your listings. However, the plan doesn’t offer keywords and product tracking tools.

2) Amazon’s seller Bundle: This plan starts with $29/month and costs $349.99 when billed annually. Under this plan, you get:

  • Pro Extension
  • Access to 1000+ exclusive products
  • Keyword tracker
  • Product Tracker
  • Amazon Keyword Research and Reverse ASIN search tool
  • Product database
  • 12 months trend report

Both plans come with a ten-day money-back guarantee if you don’t like the services.

Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout doesn’t offer you a free plan like AMZScout, but you can try its paid plans with a seven-day money-back guarantee. It has three standard price packages, i.e.:

Basic Plan: Starting with $29/month, this plan is for a single user only. Under this plan, you get full access to the Chrome and Firefox browser extensions. Suite: Starting with $49/month, this plan comes with the ability to add more users. Under this plan, you get all the basic plan features along with some additional features. These additional features include Product & Keyword data, Advanced Seller features, etc. Professional: Starting with $69/month, this plan is for six users. In this plan, you get all suite plan features along with some advanced features. This includes access to 6 months of historical product data and 2 years of historical keyword data.


Both tools are worth your money. But, if you want a free trial plan to explore the services, AMZScout can offer you that but not Jungle Scout.

Final Thoughts

So, after this detailed AMZScout vs Jungle Scout comparison, we can say that both tools have their Pros and Cons. While AMZScout offers you affordable price plans with ease to use, Jungle Scout provides more detailed features. Both are reliable and renowned Amazon product discovery tools. You can choose any one of them depending upon your requirements, budget and features.

We can assure you that you will witness a positive growth change after opting for any of these tools. These Amazon Product Finder tools will let you stand out in the crowd with winning products. So, give it a try and don’t forget to share your experience and growth results with us!