What is Amazon Jungle Scout?

Almost 2,000 new sellers are joining Amazon each day. Reaching an average of 9.7 million sellers worldwide, with about 1.9 million actively selling across all Amazon selling spaces. Those impressive figures mark Amazon’s lasting success in the industry, but the same cannot be said for its sellers and merchants. That’s one more direct competitor lowering the chances of landing their product to potential buyers.

Well, you can save your troubles and start your successful FBA selling on Amazon with a trustworthy Jungle Scout by your side! Effortlessly navigate Amazon, soar through the ranks with a vast arsenal of Amazon tools, product and sales tracking maps on your hand, then pair it up with unmatched product insights. There’s nothing to stop your business growth when you made a deal with the Jungle Scout, of course— strictly business in all forms, that is.

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How so? Read on and learn to crush the selling game as a young business or old-timers in the Amazon Marketplace.

Jungle Scout Now, where has Jungle Scout been? Jungle Scout started its journey as a company marketing its optimization tools for Amazon sellers in February of 2015. And from there is the start of something great.

Product Research has changed forever as the company remains to their mission—improving their service up a notch each year with new features and updates to their old ones. Making their service known to many as being the best Amazon business management and product researching platform.

And that is how trusting your business with Jungle Scout will all work out in the end. It’s a great platform that presents actual data with real-time insights to ordinary people and medium-sized enterprises—helping them grow their Amazon business. While the suite of tools, features, and access to over 70 million product databases improve their control over keyword research, sales estimate, trends, and overview of their sales report—all in one place.

Jungle Scout Cobalt For entrepreneurs, brands, and agencies extending their services and planning to reach their influence in the Amazon platform, requesting the Cobalt version of JungleScout is the best solution for you. It directly channels unparalleled intelligence, including market shares, trend analysis, competitive insights, and content optimization.

You can regularly consult a dedicated success manager by your side to spot the current trends and competitor’s data. They will develop a plan tailored to raise your rank in the competitive landscape of Amazon.

Within the cobalt is Downstream, an Amazon analytics and advertising software company recently acquired by JungleScout. Heavily influenced the objective of providing services uprooted in contextual advertising. Making it easy for agencies and brands to optimize ad-related business processes, measure their advertising performance, marketing investments, and formulate campaign promotions; based on ROI and budget target metrics.

Besides Downstream, you can wield deep insights over the friction points of your customer’s needs to help brands enhance their selling strategy to win on Amazon, dominate their verticals and push the limits on their margins.

Jungle Scout API API-based tools bridge the exchange of data integrations to be relatively secure and easy. Jungle Scout made the Integration of API to their service. However, accessing this feature requires its user to get in touch with the Jungle Scout to utilize it on their service. And much more experience is needed in handling the API gateway as this essentially covers a set of rules that dictate the dialogue patterns between two dedicated systems.

Jungle Scout API is structured according to the REST standard, following the JSON API Format 1.0 specification as closely as possible to collect product information and order it through sets of dedicated dashboards and other visual tools.

Alternatively, in some cases, machines can react automatically to data fetched by APIs such as price changes or market share changes. These Jungle Scout APIs are often used by online sellers and brands for historical sales, product matching, ASINs, UPCs, & EANs, product keyword matching, and other key values that must be validated before assessing product performance.

What is Jungle Scout used for?

Growing your Amazon business requires a perfect tool that hooks you to a vast array of marketing insights. Jungle Scout has everything from over 70 million product databases with tools that help you with your business management, sales overview, product research, and your sourcing needs all in one place.

As a leading platform for online market research, it’s a great tool to scope out the competition in your chosen product group. Knowing your keywords and prices is only part of the equation — another is calculating an item’s profit margin based on a given raw data and variables.

Here’s the list of the uses and benefits of JungleScout:

  • Jungle Scout uses AccuSales, an estimation algorithm constantly being updated for accuracy.
  • Analyze the behavior and trends within the search activity of the marketplace to identify brand performance in those spaces.
  • Easily share and interpret custom reports, interims, shipments, inventory status, and download snapshots.
  • Filter your data based on labels, performance thresholds, marketplaces, campaign types, keywords, and others.
  • Automate your alerts, promotions, and process of sending out review invitations.
  • Track your rank in the market, gain insight into the competitive landscape.
  • Utilize a customizable and shareable dashboard with your team with ease.
  • Jungle Scout’s intuitive surface suits beginner and experienced users.

What are the features of Jungle Scout?

No matter the size of your business, be a one-man seller, mid-level business, or enterprise-level. The Jungle Scout features will be an instrumental service in helping you find the perfect and profitable product you can sell from and track all in from Jungle Scout’s features. The jungle scout team always makes sure to spice up their service on their rollout of new features to complement their already successful functionality on both the WebApp and the Chrome extension version. This way, you can be successful in managing your business growth on Amazon.

Jungle Scout Browser Extension Made to function together with the JungleScout WebApp version. The extension runs on Amazon and features hands-on convenience, thus making product researching quick and easy. After you’ve run your search, the Jungle Scout chrome extension will provide users a snapshot of all the profit metrics to give you the marketing insight you need to ascertain if the product is cut to your interest that can match your product.

Get the Jungle Scout Browser extension by following these simple steps:

  1. Search Jungle Scout: Extension on Google
  2. Click on Add to Chrome> Add Extension to Chrome.
  3. You’ll be redirected to Amazon. After that, click on the JungleScout extension and fill in your login details.
  4. Search for a product on Amazon.
  5. When the results are in, select the JungleScout extension on the upper right part of your web engine.

Product Tracker Record the competitive performance of a product over some time with the Product Tracker. This feature closely tracks a product’s rank, sales, average price, and revenue as a way to understand the product’s competitive landscape in the market space as you follow the product groups in the roll-up interface. Make informed decisions for your Amazon business with the historical data group bundled with scaling metrics like average daily sales, cost, rank, inventory, and units sold.

**To get started, click the (+) sign found below the search bar. **

  1. Select the Create Group > Marketplace/Country from the drop-down menu.
  2. The next thing to do is name your group.

Be sure to structure your group name in an orderly manner— the more accurate your search term is, means the list will be a better fit to your initial query.

  1. Check on the item you’d like or select all.
  2. Choose the Create and Add Product.
  3. Within seconds, the product tracker will display the numerical statistics of all the products you have added right after the following correspondence: *Average daily units sold, Average daily revenue, Bestseller rank, Average Listing, Price, Fees, ratings, review count, and the net amount. Right down below shows the qualitative structure of the metrics you had included in the customization. * Keyword Scout Get the most comprehensive data and analytics exactly to know what the buyers are searching for in Amazon. The keyword scout generates multiple results based on many customers’ search terms in Amazon to purchase an item. And thus, helping you discover high traffic and suitable keywords you can work in your listings. You can begin by heading on the navigation bar. Under the Keywords, select the Keyword Scout and type in your search terms.

Suppose you want to sell books, and once you search for that keyword. The keyword scout will show you a set of a column with respective grids:

  1. The 30-day search volume (Exact) is the number of times people search for that keyword only, without other inclusion.
  2. And its counterpart— 30-day search volume (Broad) is the number of times a keyword is searched with additional words before, after, or between the keywords.
  3. And how long you will get your listings into the top results can be seen in the recommended promotions and the ease to rank option.

Rank Tracker Amazon sales rank or BSR — is the number that represents the item’s popularity in a main category or sub-category. Look for the top searched keywords to add to your listing by using the Rank Tracker. By entering your keyword, product, or ASIN. JungleScout will pull in results from the up-to-date product on the Amazon database, where you can view the top competitors of that selection and their keywords.

You can track a product by ASIN or Group lists. Find the Rank Tracker within the Keyword section.

  1. Use the group option to monitor products in an organized manner. Select the ellipsis menu for the default New Group option to give it a customized name, or click the + tab to create a new one.
  2. Next, go on the Add Product to initiate the Rank Configuration view.
  3. Enter the product you want from the drop-down. You can utilize the My Products list or enter New ASIN
  4. Choose the relevant marketplace and enter the ASIN, which can be your product or a competitor’s.
  5. Decide whether you want to operate a reverse ASIN search (this will pull the top 50 keywords this product is ranking for).
  6. Click Next to continue.
  7. Select a list from the drop-down if you choose to add keywords from Keyword List, or type in a keyword directly.
  8. The rank tracker will load up keywords fulfilling your query
  9. Click Save to add the keyword details directly to your Keyword Bank.

Opportunity Finder Stop looking for products the wrong way or do the guesswork in finding new products to sell. The new Opportunity Finder tool can filter keywords for more targeted results that meet your criteria in the latest update. You can save countless hours and find profitable opportunities in a matter of seconds and review your results drawn from your customized filters to find profitable niche product ideas.

Find your perfect product from the many possibilities using the opportunity finder by the Opportunity Finder within the Product Research feature set:

  1. From the left-hand navigation panel, click Product Research> Opportunity Finder.
  2. Choose your target region from the supported marketplaces.
  3. Next, you can choose one or multiple categories.
  4. Customize your filters by entering the minimum and maximum values in the corresponding box or move the slider buttons accordingly.
  5. Enter your keywords in the Include Keywords search box
  6. If you’d rather leave out niches linked with specific keywords from appearing in your results, enter in the Exclude Keywords your terms.
  7. You also have the option of preventing top brands from being displayed among your results. Just tick the Exclude Top Brands box to enable this. Reminder: Use a comma to separate the keywords/key terms.
  8. After you are done configuring the presents. Hit Search
  9. Sort the columns of keywords by ascending or descending order
  10. On the pull-down arrow on the top of the column is the historical data graphs for each attribute. Which is labeled: Average Units Sold, Seasonality, Average Price, and Search Volume.

This information may help you better understand how well a niche has performed in the past.

Listing Builder Easily create an amazon listing or optimize an existing listing you had to rank in the Amazon search results. This feature works collectively with the data-driven keywords sponsored by the Keyword Scout, helping your listing achieve the SEO-friendly keywords that can attract buyers directly searching in Amazon and those searching in their corresponding web engine. This real-time grade measures product title, description, key features, keywords, images, and more, so you have instant live feedback to adjust your listing. Making your listing optimized and readable as well as attractive to the buyer

You need to ensure your Amazon seller central account is in sync with the Jungle Scout. If you have that already, then you can proceed to the following steps:

  1. Make sure you have all the relevant keywords in your list. Fall back to the Keyword Scout if you have not done that yet.
  2. Right on the Jungle Scout homepage> Keyword>Listing Builder.
  3. The page information should look empty unless you did some listing before. If not, head over to the create a new listing button on the right-hand corner of the page.
  4. Select the listing you created
  5. Check the box of keyword lists, then you can click apply.
  6. Process your keywords before Jungle Scout starts optimizing your listings:
    • Remove duplicate words
    • Convert listing to lowercase
    • Protect numbers
    • Exclude special characters
    • Maintain phrases for keyword uniformity
  7. Review the summary of your customization on the right side and if all seems to be perfect. Go ahead and process the listing.
  8. Go ahead and preview the changes and how they would look on the Amazon page. Don’t forget to load the sync to amazon to save your changes directly into your Amazon listing.

Product Database Have no idea of what to sell on Amazon? Then the Product Database is the perfect guide tool for you. In a sense, this tool gives users the ability to generate possible product ideas that will help develop a winning approach and give you an edge over the competitors. Start from scratch and build your idea into a convincing product with a definite selling point.

A way to navigate through the Product Database is to:

  1. Set your filters. Select your desired Amazon Marketplace region to look in, then tick in the categories you want to search.
  2. After setting your categories, head on checking more filters on the right side of the page
  3. Have a go with the available size or tier of the product.
  4. Fill in the following price fields: Item price, Net amount, Best Seller Rank, Sales, Reviews, Item weight, LQS, and rating.
  5. Filter products in terms of their history of selling and include or exclude several keywords into your product characteristics.
  6. Save the filters or load the presets you had already narrowed down into your list.
  7. Hit search and estimate the total number of results you’d like to display per page or download the results as CSV files for later viewing
  8. Once you find the product that you like, have it added for product tracking. All at once or by one main item can do.

Supplier Database Find your potential item supplier with Jungle Scout’s new update, the Supplier Database, which makes sourcing and betting for suppliers much easier than it used to be. The colossal supplier database gives you access to active product suppliers from factories worldwide. The supplier database operates from the registries of US import trade-in data. That way, you can be sure you are putting your money on licensed suppliers and not on illegal and suspicious providers.

Find your reliable and trustworthy supplier with the help of the Jungle Scout Supplier Database.

  1. Go to the Find Suppliers > Supplier database.
  2. There are a lot of ways to source your product. Consider the following arrangement: keep in track with all the supplier’s contact information at one spot.

For ASIN search

  1. Copy a seller’s ASIN list and then paste directly on the search bar. Just make sure the ASIN is selected in your tab.
  2. Scroll below, and you’ll see the product’s supplier name, latest shipment, and their shipment history, along with their customer.

For product/ category

  1. Type in a product/ category you have in mind and click the search button.
  2. Defaults are pulled from all countries. You can unselect a region to exclude from the estimation.
  3. Look into different sellers of the product and their total shipments for reference.
  4. After you are satisfied with their statistics and would like for them to be your supplier

Get connected with the supplier by clicking Search for Contact ID information. Save their information by clicking on the add contact number to piece it all together in one place.

Review Automation JungleScout had priorly released the review request button where the user manually has to click on the button to send out a review request for eligible buyers. And somewhat, JungleScout improved and automated the whole process of sending out the review request. Activate it one time, and jungle scout will send review requests for any eligible orders from your account. So now that is all it takes to use the review automation of JungleScout. And in no time, you can increase your visibility, which improves your performance metrics and thus increases your chance in the rotation of the buy box.

Sales Analytics Check how your product is doing with the sales analytics that stores your selling data and helps business owners track down their sales. View metrics over a defined time and gain the insights you need to improve your company plan for profit generation. You’ll be able to see individual product performance revealed in an extensive data set of either a numerically continuous variable or a data illustration.

Create your own sales analytics: get the complete financial picture.

  1. On the navigation bar, load the Sales Analytics feature of Jungle Scout.
  2. Go to the Profit overview.
  3. Choose your date range to build from
  4. There you can opt to compare the previous profits from your desired date range.
  5. Choose from a Company or Multi-Product view.
  6. Upon selecting a product, the analysis feature will create the statistics for you. Included here are: Units sold, Net Margin and Profit (ultimately the revenue you will gain minus the Amazon fees), Return of Investment, Revenue Summary, Cost Breakdown, and Units Sold Breakdown.

Inventory Manager The last thing you want is either run out of inventory or overstock your product. Doing this will result in having a reduced inventory limit. On the other hand, you can avoid this happening with Jungle Scout’s Inventory Manager behind your back. Have real-time access to your Amazon FBA inventory. With this tool, you’ll be able to forecast the estimated amount of stocks you will need and remind you if your inventory is running out of supplies, when is the ideal time to order it, and how much it will require.

To activate the Inventory Manager feature, you need to link your AmazonSeller central account to Jungle Scout. After that, complete the process of setting up your inventory manager:

  1. On the left-hand navigation panel, select Inventory> Inventory Manager.
  2. Expand the sales history and select between 15-120 days in between of your past sales.
  3. Ten columns will show up as default. At the same time, go to the Product settings menu and log in the costs, lead times, and re-order days of supply to get an accurate summary of your inventory performance.
  4. The summary section would appear right after setting up your sales history and product settings with the status: Re-order now, Re-order Soon, Overstock, and In Stock.

Promotions Run a promotional campaign, create discounts and coupon codes, and set strings of conditions to an individual buyer to prevent promotion abuse within the Jungle Scout Promotion feature. Once the setup is complete, promotions will help Amazon categorize your listing into discounted selling spaces where you can advertise your discounted items.

A discounted product attracts attention to your listing. Therefore, increasing customer engagement and accumulating positive reviews.

How to run amazon promotion with Jungle Scout promotion

  1. After your Jungle Scout login process, click the Launch button.
  2. Select Marketplace and choose a region.
  3. Connect your Amazon account with JungleScout by clicking on the MWS webpage.
  4. Click on the Next button, then fill in your Amazon account credentials.
  5. Product settings will appear below the Launch after linking Jungle Scout to Amazon. Click that and make sure your products are active by turning the slider UI green.
  6. Return to the home screen and click promotions. Choose the product and edit your listing:
    • Inventory Protection: Yes
    • Maximum quantity per order: set your quantity and limit per order
    • Set the start and end dates of your promotion
    • Create coupon codes and set discounts, as well as setting the promotion end dates.
  7. Now for the Amazon part: load your amazon Seller Central>Advertising>Manage Promotions>Manage Product Selection.
  8. For the product selection type, drag down and select the ASIN list.
  9. Click the product selection> product selection name> left click on the box and select jungle scout diffuser promo. Fill in the ASIN list and internal description.
  10. For the last step, click on the percentage off, set your desired conditions and tiers of the applicable discount> Scheduling, and log your general descriptions.
  11. After reviewing the promotions, your promotion has now been created.

Category Trends Expand your list of products across the many niches of the Amazon marketplace with performance metrics such as price, review, rating, and rank that can help you monitor the product categories gaining momentum or high-ranking products dropping in popularity.

The category trends will help better understand fast-rising topics or discover geographic patterns and the directionality of products in the market.

Look for the Top 100 products each to their respective categories by the following actions:

  1. Find the category trends at the very bottom of the Product research option.
  2. In the category trends, select the category you’d like to explore.
  3. By doing so, Jungle Scout will generate 100 products currently the most searched and gather a lot of traffic.
  4. You can use the arrows next to the first and last day to see the comparison for other dates or use the date picker to select a date for Day 1 of the 3-day view.
  5. Click on the product to Expand the Historical Rank graph gives you some additional options: Price information, Add to product tracker, and look up its keywords using Keyword Scout.

Academy Learn as you go with the educational content inside the Academy launched by JungleScout that features a collection of video tutorials created by the JungleScout team and Amazon experts. Inside this feature, you can discover everything you need to know to become an Amazon FBA seller and how you can use Jungle Scout. Each course is divided into videos that are at most 10 minutes.

Start learning more about the art of FBA selling and the twist and turns of Jungle Scout:

  1. Click on the Academy, and it will take a moment to populate the whole page with academy tutorials.
  2. Then have a go with the video courses without annoying ads and instances of YouTube redirection.

Alerts Take the lead and be the first on the updates. See the newest notifications with Alerts—one of Jungle Scout’s recent improvements in their service. Other than serving the purpose of sending you an update in case there are any changes in the product. Alerts also are used in these different ways:

  1. Monitor all of your competitors, not only for the products you are currently selling but the potential competitors of the said niche.
  2. Track any changes in the competitor’s or your listing.
  3. Get notified if a third-party seller is taking advantage of your ASIN and product listing, passing it on as their own that is enough to funnel customers directly to their products.
  4. Other sellers are sharing the buy box with your listing.
  5. Amazon has suppressed your listing in the algorithm.

Jungle Scout Alerts is a new method to keep track of Amazon items you’re tracking or selling, including pricing, ratings, and more.

  1. Come over to the product tracker button.
  2. Below is the list of products you are tracking. Head on and select the box and click the bell button.
  3. If changes or updates happen in products labeled with alerts, Jungle Scout will immediately notify you.

How much is the monthly subscription for Jungle Scout?

Is a JungleScout trial available for users who want to try out their service with all those commendable features? Unfortunately, Jungle Scout’s free trial does not exist. Instead, once you subscribe to any of their plans and along the way realize Jungle Scout is not for you—which rarely does occur— under the 7-day money-back guarantee, you can cancel and issue a refund.

JungleScout has three pricing structures you can pay for. Besides them, there are some inclusive purchases too. To help you find a suitable program that fits your needs and budget. Here is the breakdown of the subscription-based pricing model and its covered functionalities:

Basic A starting plan best for product research and idea sourcing in mind. At the price of $29 per month and a yearly payment of $349, you can enjoy the following inclusions for the basic plan on top of tracking 20 products:

  • 500 sales estimate and revenue data report.
  • Access to Academy’s training materials
  • Sales Analytics
  • Jungle Scout chrome browser extension.
  • Opportunity Score and Finder
  • Search for 10 marketplaces
  • Tap into the new AccuSales™ Estimates
  • Maximum of 3 relevant and profitable keyword searches per day
  • Also, search 3 times a day for suppliers
  • 3 attempts of searching for suppliers
  • View over a month of keyword and product data history.
  • Manual review request


  • Advanced seller features: Review Automation, Inventory Manager, Alerts and Promotions
  • Research features: Rank and Supplier Tracker
  • Listing Builder
  • Priority Onboarding


  • Beginner-friendly features, with a dynamic and less complicated user interface
  • Affordable price range for novice sellers
  • Cancel anytime
  • Ad-free experience
  • Best for new Amazon sellers with occasional sales


  • Single-user capacity
  • Not eligible for additional seats
  • Features with a limited number of hits per day.
  • For the remaining time, you don’t have access to most features.

Suite The mid-tier subscription plan. And by far, the user favorite of the three. Some users say this is the best for Amazon sellers as they can emphasize the middle option and enjoy some features they like without breaking away much from their budget.

For only $49 a month and a one-year payment of $589. Below is the list of features available for the Suite Plan.

  • Scale about 1000 sales estimates and revenue data reports per month.
  • Access to Academy’s training materials
  • Access the Jungle Scout chrome browser extension.
  • Opportunity Score and Finder
  • Search for 10 marketplaces
  • Track and organize 150 products
  • Tap into the new AccuSales™ Estimates
  • Unlimited access to Review Automation
  • Track 3,500 keyword rank history
  • Test 200 listings per month
  • Access to supplier and product database
  • Supplier Tracker
  • Access to historical product(3 months) and keyword performance(1 year)
  • Advanced seller features: Promotions, Inventory Manager, Manual Review Request, Review Automation, and Alerts.
  • Optimization tools: Listing Grader and Builder
  • Sales Analytics
  • Keyword Scout


  • Priority Onboarding


  • The amount of features fits perfectly for beginner to mid-level business scale
  • Cancel anytime
  • License to add seats
  • Ad-free experience


  • An additional charge of $459 / yr to your suite plan to add in 1 number of user

Professional The most established Jungle Scout plan increases benefits by removing features’ limits or the chance to top-up for additional numbers of users. Here’s a quick look at the professional plan features valued at $999 and the billed price of $84 per month:

  • Pull out 1000 selection of top-selling products in Amazon and put a tracker on for updates
  • Access to the Jungle Scout chrome browser extension.
  • Opportunity Score and Finder
  • Multiple user license
  • 1,500 sales estimated per month
  • 2 years worth of historical performance of keywords
  • 6 months worth of product tracking data
  • View rank history of 5,000 keywords
  • Optimization tools: Listing Builder and Grader
  • Advanced seller features: Promotions, Inventory Manager, Manual Review Request, Review Automation, and Alerts.
  • Sales Analytics
  • Search over 10 marketplaces
  • Product and Supplier Database
  • Keyword Scout
  • Access to Academy’s training materials
  • AccuSales™ Estimates
  • Priority Onboarding


  • Other than features of Cobalt Version. The professional plan offers all the existing features to its subscribers.


  • Comprehensive level of marketing insights for large-scale business.
  • Professional plan users can purchase a seat license
  • Ad-free experience
  • Cancel anytime
  • Designed for larger companies and offers additional and enterprise-grade administrative controls.
  • Best for scaling businesses that require advanced reporting
  • Access to the Priority Onboarding


  • For a professional plan, you need to pay an additional $459 / yr to your professional plan to add in 1 number of users.

JungleScout works with thousands of affiliate networks, brands, and promotion submissions to aggregate sales with coupon and discount codes. You can save some cash on some plans! Simply type in or click a discount code, and Jungle scout will instantly give you different discounts of up to 50% for different plans on your purchase.

How to use Jungle Scout

More than a tracker, Jungle Scout provides ease of access to its features with the menu on the left-hand side of the website. Each section accounts for a specific part you can access, all in one place, which proves beneficial whether you are using the private level method of selling, wholesaling, or FBA selling.

Start your Amazon selling journey with the following steps:

  1. Visit Jungle Scout> Sign Up
  2. Toggle between to pay monthly and yearly.
  3. Click “Buy now” under the plan of choice.
  4. Enter your email address and password
  5. Select Next
  6. Type in your card information to complete your purchase.

Now that is out of the way, the first important step is to find a profitable product with Jungle Scout’s features such as the Keyword Scout, Category trends, and more—with these tools, you can be sure you are not just deciding on what you think is the best. But you’re ultimately making a product decision based on data-driven analytics of the historical statistics of customers with Amazon. Jungle Scout gives you accurate, live data that shows you hot-selling merchandise on Amazon. You can, in turn, use this information to appraise the profitability of your item correctly, and if registering this kind of product is even worth your pennies.

Remember, the goal of Jungle Scout isn’t just for beginners. It can also be veteran sellers looking for ways to improve their strategies or maintain their ranking.

Apart from that, you can analyze the entire market of that product: See the demand and competition level. Verify the sales by adding your top listing into the product tracker, set alerts when updates and changes happen in that product.

Once you are ready to build your listing and optimize it, you can go ahead with the listing builder and check the listing quality score of your listing. Customers mostly buy based on what they see in the reviews. You can make full use of the reviews by using the review automation and setting promotions for your product that will attract buyers and likely land you a positive product review by the end of the process.

Is Jungle Scout accurate?

You may wonder if the aggregated data passes as an accurate means of setting your insights and strategies. As a reference, Jungle Scout makes full use of AccuSales, which processes over 500 million points of data each day, allowing Jungle Scout to funnel business owners with reliable sales estimates. Compared to its competitors, Jungle Scout has a higher margin of success with around an 84.1% success rate. Their service’s over 80% success rate leads all other Amazon business management platforms in data accuracy.

Even still, since online data statistics is a tool. The processing of data is retrieved without statistical treatment by an experienced and dedicated analyst. Although it is useful, Jungle Scout cannot make predictions with 100% accuracy.

Final Verdict. Jungle Scout is a “precise” and not an “accurate” means. It has the longest-running archives of data aggregation and is consistently leading other tools in measures of data accuracy. Yet, it is crucial to consider the margin of error or the percentage chance of inaccurate data. Since Jungle Scout has an 84.1% accuracy rate, it has a 15.9% margin of error. On the flip side, you can use an average weekly Jungle Scout report to figure out a good baseline.

Key Takeaways

The majority of the Amazon sellers have ways up in their sleeves that can potentially raise their performance enough to land on the ranks.

*Picture this: Amazon shoppers purchase 4,000 products per minute. *

Everyone wants to be in those numbers, which is why Jungle Scout is not a secret to everyone. What will become of your business will entirely depend on your decision. Jungle Scout, as a tool, offers a means to an end so you can find the perfect product to sell and grow your business from there. And, as a seller in modern times, the principle goes: a product’s potential will remain a possibility unless acted upon with radical business-like thinking.

Get the Amazon tools for success. Only at Jungle Scout can you scout the competition like a PRO!