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What Is Snagshout?

Online consumers always check reviews when buying products from an online store. Product reviews are an essential part of an online store’s branding and marketing. They help build trust and loyalty and help Shoppers get a clear idea of your product through positive experience reviews. Reviews help build consumer trust, thus setting you apart from your competitor.

Social deals platforms like Snagshout connect brand owners to shoppers for great deals. It operates like a cashback or rebate site, but for a much more direct purpose—gaining legitimate and honest product reviews. The immediate benefit of Snagshout is an increase in online presence through your channels. Along with a rewarding experience from your customers.

Snagshout for Customers

A customer is encouraged to post a review of each purchase after they receive and test it. Then Snagshout will notify you when reviews are published on Amazon.

Regular Amazon customers get to enjoy the privilege of saving high pricing costs on product deals from the site. As well as gaining incentives or cashback offers on a wide range of items. Through your account, you can shop for a discounted item, and once you’ve paid for the total price. Then the cashback will then be funded to your Paypal account.

Snagshout for Sellers

Sales promotions are a vital component for many e-commerce and retail sellers. In particular, discounts continue to help young businesses grow year on year. If you’re an Amazon seller, this incentive is an excellent opportunity to increase sales revenue. Snagshout has been of great help for sellers to rack up more consumer reviews. All while improving their conversion rate on Amazon!

Here are some of Snagshout’s fantastic features:


Everything in Snagshout is fully automated. This handy campaign instrument does most of the creation for you. And let thousands of shoppers looking to snag such great deals hear your products.

Create a campaign and watch orders start to roll in. You can watch everything from your dashboard. Campaigns generate qualified conversions to your listings, thus improving your sales rank.


Snagshout’s keyword boost tool helps sellers optimize their product listings. Not only does it help boost your sales, but it also gives your Google ranking its attention. SEO Tools assist in harvesting higher volume traffic towards your official Amazon store. You can then add these suggested terms to your own listing. With the use of SEO tools, you can see which new and current keywords your competitors are vouching to rank for.


Customer reviews make a huge difference in your business growth. Most shoppers browsing an online store stay for a long time to check user reviews. This can lead to reducing customer doubts, and a progressive sales conversion rate.

Landing Pages

Marketing statistics show that landing pages direct shoppers effectively to your products. Snagshout, luckily allows its users to build detailed and professional landing pages.


Sellers can send emails and messages to their customers as well as send out handy reminders. Besides the smart promotional notifications. Sellers can also configure mail-in rebates detailing other great product deals you offer.

The Pros and Cons of Snagshout

There are many reasons Snagshout has exploded its growth in recent years. While there are amazing features, there are some aspects in the program that can use an upgrade:


For Merchants

  • Snagshout does not restrict the publishing frequency of product listings. This is a huge plus for merchants with extensive inventories to sell.
  • There is no need to put up with the tiresome process of editing your Amazon listing. Shop owners can add more images and shots to their campaigns via the Advanced editor.
  • You can put up as many units as you can afford in your campaign.
  • Amazon merchants can launch their products without higher costs related to PPC.

For Shoppers

  • Affiliate marketing program. This allows a shopper to earn more extra cash by referring customers to sign up.
  • Integrated HTTPS encryption on the website. With this, the payments made via Snagshout are safe and protected.
  • Different online payment methods for buyers to access shopping smoothly.
  • Customers can earn different site badges as they advance and continue buying more products with coupons attached.


For Merchants

  • If a merchant offers less than a 20% discount, their promotion campaign will not be approved.
  • It’s not free for merchants to use this service, with the cost starting at $100 per month like most of these sites. This points us to why Snagshout is not that preferred by small shop owners. And would instead, rather go for the alternatives with a low entry barrier.
  • Store integration is only available to Amazon.
  • There are reported cases from merchants where the said shipping fee is more costly than the actual item.
  • Only merchants and shoppers based on Amazon US can create and access deals from Snagshout.

For Shoppers

  • Non-Prime members might need to pay the shipping fees for their snagged deals.
  • There isn’t an enormous amount of products. That said, the best products are always snagged within hours, so you have to buy the product as soon as possible.
  • Reselling products bought from Snagshout are not subject to other marketplace distribution

How Does Snagshout Work For Your Business?

While the buy box competition has increased over the past couple of years. And how you advertise your price deals can be your means to make your business known to many shoppers. Discounts are difficult to resist. Suppose you want to be successful in achieving the goal of making a profit with your business. So by selling more products through distribution networks like Snagshout. There is a huge likelihood that this will bring in more people to give your product a try or to get rid of old inventory.

The buy box competition has increased over the past couple of years. In that case, you need to find a way to increase conversion rates and positive reviews by selling more products through distribution networks like Snagshout. Coupons and rebate offers are proven ways to increase your sales velocity. So there’s a good chance that cashback marketing is the right strategy for your business.

For Customers: how to snag discounted deals?

The sign-up process for customers is relatively straightforward, as revealed by many. To take advantage of the fantastic deals promotions, you’ll need an Amazon account to do this.

  • Enter domain into your Chrome browser
  • Follow the sign-up button in the top right-hand corner
  • You have the option to sign up using your Facebook account or type in the details (name, email, and password)
  • Verify the confirmation code sent to your email address
  • Once you have your account details ready, here’s how you can snag appealing deals:
  • Browse live discounted products. Then search for products on your customer dashboard, or by the category section.
  • When you have a product in mind, click on the ‘Snag It’ button on the product page.
  • On Snagshout’s product page, You’ll then be presented with a discount code. Note that you have to complete the purchase at one hour’s notice only. Else, the vouch for the deal is to be void.
  • When you reach the checkout on, enter the Snagshout code and pay the full price for your product.
  • As soon as you’ve completed your order on Amazon, scroll into Orders> ‘Manage Order / Confirm Order’. And send the Amazon confirmation email to Snagshout to process your cashback.
  • After you finish all the steps listed above. Take note that the cashback will be credited into your Paypal account within a 30 days time frame.

For Sellers: how to launch product promotion

One of the redeeming features of Snagshout is the promotion campaign. This helps different sellers earn increased sales and customer feedback on their products. Promotional tactics available in Snagshout include discounts, free gifts, cashback, or special offers. To launch a promotion and ensure its success, the seller’s Snagshout process looks like this:

  • On your Snagshout dashboard, click the New Campaign. This button can be found at the top-right corner of your screen or your campaigns tab.
  • Mouse over the Get Started under the campaigns.
  • From here, you can choose a listing you have before choosing, or you can create a new product listing that you want to be in your product campaign
  • Go ahead and select mainly the closest category your product is associated with. While you are at it, add some candid images of what you are selling.
  • Type in, or paste in the Amazon full description of your product.
  • Decide on your best-preferred discount rate: Percentage off or Money off.
  • Select your coupon code type: Multi Single- Use codes or General Use coupons
  • Select the daily limit of how many of your products can be snagged per day
  • Click the ‘Save & Publish’ to reflect the listing into the buyer’s dashboard.

How Can You Sell More on Amazon Using Snagshout’s Features?

To profit as a seller, you have to stand out against other Amazon merchants. The average conversion rate in the marketplace is roughly 15%. While the competition has increased over the past couple of years. Don’t worry; we have managed to find the complete selection of best practices for increasing sales on Amazon through Snagshout. Below we have compiled our top five Snagshout tips for maximizing the visibility of your products on the marketplace.

  • First, navigate to the Snagshout campaign. Click on the product listing that you want to promote.
  • Enter all the necessary product details. A good product description will help your online shop rank higher. As well as supplying potential customers with essential pieces of information about your product.
  • Make sure to write a captivating description packed with relevant SEO keywords. Apply the results of the Keyword Boost tool for your campaign.
  • Feel free to add more images to your campaign. Don’t skimp on putting a creative touch and sourcing a high-quality image of your product. A photo works holistically to enhance product description, which makes it appealing for your store’s visitors. A buyer closely reviews the product images by zooming in every viable part, and these images give them an idea of how it would suit their utility.
  • Strategically decide how much discount you’re willing to give. Because discounts naturally attract more people, chances are they may pull in new clients and bring back previous customers. Discounting products and services, particularly in-demand ones, is an excellent way to get attention.

How Much Does Snagshout Cost?

Snagshout offers you the flexibility to campaign one item or thousands even more with three available selling plans. Before you begin registration, you can see which of the three plans is a better fit for your business:

Pro Plan- Costs $99 per month and is billed as a monthly payment. With the Pro Plan, you need to consider the following features you’ll get:

  • Five campaigns
  • Unlimited landing page
  • Live chat support
  • Included feature of Keyword Boost
  • Five videos per month

Elite Plan- Costs $199 per month and is billed as a monthly payment. With the Elite Plan, you need to consider the following features you’ll get:

  • 25 campaigns
  • Unlimited landing page
  • Live chat support
  • Included feature of Keyword Boost
  • 25 videos per month

Ultra Plan- Costs $499 per month and is billed as a monthly payment. With the Ultra Plan, you need to consider the following features you’ll get:

  • 100 campaigns
  • Unlimited landing page
  • Live chat support
  • Included feature of Keyword Boost
  • 100 videos per month

How Snagshout Deals Work?

Snagshout is a social deals platform that offers you cashback, coupons, rebates, and deals on various products sold on Amazon, therefore allowing users to earn money back on any online purchases they completed. While some price deals offer 100% of the item’s price back, others give back a percentage only. That aside, all you have to do is make sure you click on the website link through Snagshout first. Then you can continue your purchase as you normally would on other cashback/rebate sites.

Most people start with five snags. This gives the shoppers the chance to snag deals. Once you use your snags, you must wait for them to replenish. Snags refill every two days. Note that every deal expires at different times. So make sure you consistently check out presently available deals on the website.

Why Do Snagshout Reviews Benefit Your Business?

Reviews aren’t just helpful for shoppers attempting to find the perfect product. They are undeniably one of the most effective ways for sellers to boost their brand’s credibility, conversions, and overall eCommerce presence.

It’s worth noting here that the number of reviews you have, and the keywords present in your reviews help your product fare better in Amazon rankings, ultimately Google search results. And while deals made in Snagshout in exchange for Amazon reviews may not be the most critical factor in Amazon rankings. They greatly influence the sales conversion rate and organic user interaction. Reviews not only can influence consumer decisions, they can also strengthen your store’s credibility. And eventually encourage people to interact with your businesses.

Things to consider in making a Snagshout campaign

In setting up your business around the concept of cashback, there is one important thing to know. A discount coupon or a rebate has the capacity to reduce your profitability in exchange for a sale. Social deals marketing moves customers to buy. Thus, planning a solid Snagshout promotion campaign is a vital step to have your store meet the objectives and budget you’ve set on time. Here is how Snagshout marketing works follows these four core steps:

1. Setting your product’s quantity.

Start with the quantity of product you are going to market. Then take into consideration everything you spend money on. The costs will generally fit into two categories: fixed and variable costs. Fixed costs are the same no matter how many products you sell. While the variable costs change with the number of products, you sell. They can include the cost of goods sold (COGS), packaging, shipping, and the value of your time. With that in mind, you can tread carefully with setting a goal to the following product-related factors:

  • Quantity availability of the product in your inventory
  • Replenish rate of the item after an initial sold-out phase.
  • The average number of products offered by your competitors
  • The number of products that you are willing to sell and offer at a specific price point

2. Determining what kind of product to market.

Every small business will have to perform in-depth market research. This starting action is to handpick familiar products that you will sell to a target group. Make sure to take extra time if necessary. After all, this part of the process is the most critical that can help you identify if your idea can meet the market demands. We advise you to choose the ones worth marketing for with many customer demands as this can get you on with high expected returns from your investment that funds your campaigns.

3. Thinking about what kind of discount to offer.

It is essential to follow your business and marketing goals when thinking of your pricing objectives. In Snagshout, there is a specific promotion policy where campaigns offering discounts below 20% are not accepted. It is advised to set the product discounts beginning at 50%. Before calculating your price, do not forget to factor in the customer appeal and other relevant taxes in your cashback regulation. Consider the following objectives when pricing your products:

  • The start-end manufacturing cost of a product
  • Current situation of the business’s marketplace
  • Your marketplace competitors
  • The business progress of your online store
  • Product branding and its appeal
  • Quality of the product or service.
  • Ranking or position of your store in the market
  • The competitors’ positioning
  • The ability to supply to or increase demand.

4. Duration setting of your Snagshout campaign.

Generally speaking, the most important thing to do is to know how to properly use Snagshout to help your business grow further and increase your sales conversion rate. The ideal product campaign runs only at an average of how long your product supply will last. Snagshout is dynamic. You can change the course of your campaign duration to whichever extent you wish it to go.

Is Snagshout a Legit Site For Getting Reviews?

Unlike some scam review sites, there are some regulations to continue using Snagshout. Customers are encouraged to post an honest review of each item after receiving and testing. But this is not mandatory, so reviews are sure not to violate the Amazon TOS. If you’re doubting the legitimacy of Snagshout, then let me just start by saying yes, they are legit. Snagshout is considered one of the popular platforms to get discounts, and they do payout like they say they do in their claims. And on the genuine user reviews provided online. After a buyer is able to provide their proof of purchase, Snagshout needs the following:

  • Amazon orders ID every time a customer successfully receives the purchased product; sellers can trust the site.

In the event of any internal conflicts, their 24/7 chat support is ready to resolve the conflict as possible.

Snagshout Alternatives

If Snagshout is not your cup of tea. Or that you want to try another online deal site like it. If so, we will point you to six of our favorite alternatives to help you with your Amazon sales promotion. And for savvy buyers to search for more ways to find amazing price deals worth their hard-earned cash:


The best thing about Cashbackbase is that their buyers can find products at 100% cashback and great discount coupons. Part of its appeal is great for a wide range of products, including electronics, toys, accessories, and more. With Cashbackbase, subscribed sellers are promised to get reviews and more sales to boost your product ranking and scores on Amazon. Cashbackbase is available in several territories, including Italy, the USA, and the UK.

Home Tester Club

Home tester club is another site filled with discounts or freebies on almost every item. This site also has a fantastic selection of offers that vary from 20% to 90% off. But as its users say, most of the offers available tend to range around 40% – 50% discounts. Like Snagshout, you can search or browse the available offers by category, price, or size of the discount. And when you find the right item, you can purchase it on Amazon using the provided coupon code.


Nicknamed the “home of huge discounts’. ExtremeRebate is another famous site for sellers to boost their products with reviews. It has a pretty nice category selection of available rebate deals, including many that are free after the rebate. Available deals at Extreme Rebate are mostly rebate offers, not coupons. Instead of paying an upfront monthly fee, Extremerebate operates on a pay-per-order basis.


RebateKey allows you to offer free or discounted products across a vast range of categories. This site has a unique interface featuring a dedicated section for rebates and coupons only. And you can also browse listings of available offers and sort them in a few different ways (such as the lowest price first or highest discount first) in either section. Once the purchase is verified to be performed correctly, buyers will receive their rebates via checks.


Vipon is a one-stop-shop site where you will find many authentic deals and discount codes. This is a suitable method of fetching reviews fast - perfect for a new seller’s need. Its users can browse and explore a large number of Amazon products at cheaper deal rates. After you present a detailed and explained product review, you will get more offers with discounts. At which point you complete the transaction and get their product out to them.


Like Snagshout, Rebaid allows customers to buy product deals online and receive rebate checks within the 5-6 weeks allotted period. If you need the cashback pronto, you can settle a $1 fee to get the rebate by immediate deposit within about five days. This is the ideal platform for putting in to view all the amazing deals and gaining authentic user reviews for sellers. As explained before, Rebaid is very like Snagshout. Only that Rebaid focuses on rebates, while Snagshout also offers some deals by way of coupons.

Frequently Asked Questions About Snagshout:

What Products are Available On Snagshout?

There are many items available that will appeal to just about every shopper’s needs. So what sort of deals can you find and sell on the Snagshout site? Snagshout has a lot of product categories available for various niches. The products ought to follow quality checks and validation. Plus, the company ensures that it comes from high-quality suppliers. The products you can find on Snagshout are in the following categories:

  • Beauty & Heath
  • Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry
  • Electronics & Computers
  • Grocery
  • Home, Garden & Tools
  • Kids & Baby
  • Media
  • Pet Supplies
  • Sports & Outdoors
  • Toys
  • Vitamins & Supplements

When Can I Get My Snagshout Cashback Funds?

Once your order is processed, forward it to Snagshout in your dashboard. You have only one hour to complete your purchase. Go to Amazon, buy the product, and send your order ID receipt through Snagshot’s email address. Snagshout pays cashback within 30 days from the time you file for the rebate. And the cashback funds are reflected in your PayPal account. The only reason Snagshout won’t pay you is either you haven’t submitted an order ID, or you don’t follow the proper action steps.

Is Snagshout Legit Or A Scam?

If you’re doubting the legitimacy of Snagshout, let me just start by saying yes, they are legit. They do payout as they have advertised on top of that. So, to answer that question, Snagshout is most definitely not a scam. Whether you are a shopper or a seller, there are some things you must know to make sure that you’re getting the best out of the site. but, I can assure you that Snagshout is absolutely legit.

Is Snagshout worth it?

With so many social deals sites available, it can be tricky to narrow it down to a few to get started with. But at the end of the day, spending your time on Snagshout is rightfully worth every penny. It’s free to sign up for the website, and there’s no imposed penalty if you don’t actively use it. As far as price deals sites go, it’s the best I’ve found so far.

Rebates established on Snagshout are proven to be a convenient tool for boosting visibility, moving products, and developing brand loyalty. Using Snagshout discounts and rebates in Amazon applications can attract new buyers. Convincing them to try your product and incentivizing current accounts to increase their orders. For the Amazon seller, posting product offers on these sites is an excellent way of getting your product tested, and reviewed. This method leads to improved sales, ranking, and merchant profile on the Amazon marketplace.


Overall, the above mentioned alternatives are great platforms. But we feel that Snagshout is a step above the others about the monthly subscription plans. Still, with as many helpful features as it offers, that is apart from what features you get for free, no matter what plan you prefer. We believe that even if you are new to selling on the Amazon landscape, you can quickly learn the ropes. And that it can strengthen your sales velocity at a rapid rate than plainly doing the advertisement on Amazon. Even as a well-known site popular for reviews-in exchange for discounts. Spending a dime is totally worth it as it quickly can fulfill all your launching and traffic boosting needs within one trusted platform.

If you want to try an active customer service with an excellent range of product deals, unique bargains with a reasonable cashback rate, and free gifts from eligible items. You can definitely enjoy Snagshout.